Thank You For Being My Friend

A shopping day with a friend is the best therapy in the world, unfortunately, it seems Addy and I went a little overboard and as we loaded out packages on the subway car, there was so many we couldn’t possibly sit down. We grabbed, the pole and gave a show to the guy drinking coffee instead, I don’t think he was as amused as we were.

Lybra has this amazing new bodysuit with optional jacket available right now at FaMESHed and comes in 10 amazing colors. Grab the fatpack for even more customization and a total of 17 colors. I chose to go opposite of Adalynne with the color scheme but all the colors are stunning. This is made for Maitreya only.

Outfit *new*Lybra – Alex Bodysuit and Jacket – FaMESHed


Breathe is in PocketGacha with two fabulous types of shoes in this month’s amazing gacha set. What I love the most about Breathe is that you have the option of buying the fatpack without ever playing the gacha machine. These shoes are fit for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink and come with the fatpack HUD included.

Shoes *new*Breathe – Tani Heels Maitreya – PocketGacha


I love Adoness, have I said that before? I’m kind of late to the blogging game for Cruella and she’s not as active as she used to be in Second Life, I messaged her when we set this shot up because I knew it would be perfect to complete my look. This hair comes with a system tattoo hairbase which doesn’t work with mesh but you can use it with any compatible hairbase or purchase a compatible hairbase from Adoness.

HairAdoness – Iphito Blondes


Skin *new*7 Deadly Skins – Romie Freckled Cotton Candy – 4Mesh


For information regarding Adalynne’s styling and all the amazing decor please visit her blog at Grace Class and Elegant Sass.

For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics



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If I Can Dream

It is a brand new year, I stayed up so late last night with my friend I actually slept in for the first time in a very long time. I had a good NYE, spending time with my mom and daughter, playing Yahtzee and finally winning the final game of the night by a landslide. I finished off the night by ringing in the New Year with a very dear friend, playing greedy. I just want to wish everyone the best of 2018 and if I can dream, so can you.

When I saw Moda’s contribution for this rounds PocketGacha I just had to share it with everyone. In November she had created a male Elvis outfit and it was so popular the ladies wanted their own and she happily complied and offered this lovely jumpsuit. This set includes 10 commons, 3 rares and 3 ultra rares. They are fit for Maitreya, Hourglass, and Freya only and the mic common has 3 different animation options, although I used mine with a pose. I chose to showcase the ultra-rare which comes with the boots as well as the jumpsuit.

Adalynne posed with me but isn’t doing a blog, she chose the red and black Queen of Rock rare.

This fabulous hair is from one of the newest designers to allow me to blog for them. Again, it’s an older hair but I just LOVE the shaved sides that Adoness does with her hairs and I thought the fabulous blue/black color was great for my Elvis impersonation.

HairAdoness – Doris Blue & Green


The decor is mostly from a store called House of Wax, I love the mesh people they create because it helps fill in a scene without bothering people to come stand in. I am not going to list them all here but check out the House of Wax to see more that they offer.

This fun wheel made for a perfect addition to my set and can be grabbed at Uber from Kraftwork right now. This beautiful decor piece spins on touch.

Decor *new*KraftWork – Wheel of Fortune – Uber


I want to thank Adalynne Romano for standing in with me on this set, you’re a very dear friend and I don’t know what I’d do without you <3

For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics


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Too Much Time on My Hands

It’s creeping up to the new year, time to throw away the old and make way for the new. I’ve decided that isn’t only relevant in real life and it’s time to create a new year, new you in Second Life as well. I’ll start with creating a new style of photography and blogging. I won’t stop writing I enjoy that part far too much. It is my intention this year to improve my photography skills, learn new things to help me get those spots that I want so badly. It’s time for another growth of Danni’s Dream. I hope you will all join me on this journey and offer constructive criticism when needed in the comments.

I’ve decided to take some help and advice from my very dear friend Adalynne Romano, she’s bossy and demanding and usually absolutely right. She poked and prodded, suggested and demanded, and what you see here is the end result of that. I wanted to blog this lovely sweater and wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with it. I started searching through my blog groups to see what decor items were available and I found these amazing clocks from Plastik. Available right now at SaNaRae, which runs from 12/26 until 1/17, you can pick 5 individual packs of two clock colors or a fatpack that includes four special colors as well. I took my shot and wasn’t entirely happy with how little of the clock you could see, inspiration struck and I added some smaller clocks. These clocks are resizeable through the modify function to be able to fit them in your decor.

Clock *new*The Plastik – Waine Noir, Lyle, Bright, Emerald (fatpack exclusive) – SaNaRae


This sweater is from Lybra and is available in 11 individual colors or a fatpack with 17 colors. It is fit for Maitreya only.

SweaterLybra – Maya Baby Blue


The perfect shot requires the perfect pose. It doesn’t matter how good you look if the pose doesn’t do it justice. Foxcity is by far one of my favorite pose creators in Second Life. I feel that Satomi does a fabulous job at bringing my avatar to life.

PoseFoxcity – On Point V2 3


Now we get to the part where I have to really re-think my photography. As you may know, I tend to do a full shot then zoom in on my face to provide a closeup of my face. Sometimes the number of pictures I do is overwhelming, not only to my readers but to myself as well. It’s all about the angle and the zoom factor in Second Life.

Adoness very graciously accepted my application to become a blogger for her. I have used her hairs for YEARS, I love the funky styles that she produces and this hair, although older is still completely relevant. I love the curly, a-line style of this hair and how it frames my face so fantastically.

HairAdoness – Toffsy Naturally


The 7 Deadly Skins Advent is still happening and today I chose to share with you the skin from day 28. This pack comes with a mesh skin pack with 8 skin tones for women as well as a skin pack and shape for men. It is 1000L to join the 7 Deadly Skin’s group for the duration of this event. This skin is Omega and is shown on LAQ Neve MoCap mesh head.

Skin7 Deadly Skins – Maria Cotton Candy


Mesange is at Men Only Monthly with Ollie, a fabulous 15 pack of eyes for Omega applier compatible eyes, it also includes mesh and standard eyes in the pack. These eyes are unisex and have four iris sizes built into the HUD.

Eyes *new*Mesange – Ollie 4 Large – Men Only Monthly


SlackGirl was at an event called The Great Give Back where she released this fabulous eyeshadow. Unfortunately, as of the writing of this blog, I could not locate it in the main store nor Marketplace, when I have details of release I will update this blog.

EyeshadowSlackGirl – Carla Omega


The Makeover Room opens again on January 1 and with it comes a brand new set of lipsticks from Jumo. This lipstick is made for Lelutka, Catwa, Vista, and Omega heads and include 6 stunning colors.

Lipstick *new*: Jumo – Satin Lips Omega – The Makeover Room


Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is at Yule Baazar with this fabulous new polish, available in the fatpack only this pack includes Maitreya, Slink, and Omega appliers with 6 colors. Get yours until January 1 when the event closes.

 Nails *new*Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Blessed Yule – Yule Baazar





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Winter Wonderland


I swore I was going to get this blog written today and I will. Sometimes I see items from designers and immediately the wheels start turning. Ideas float in my head aching to be brought to fruition. With this set of pictures today I had help from my good friend Adalynne Romano if you haven’t seen her blog before you really should check it out. She’s what I want to be when I grow up. Her decor blogging is just phenomenal. So when I was setting the scene for this post I asked for her help and what you see is the final product.

This scene was created by taking several amazing items from decor creators all over the grid. The trees, hill, and grass are all from the amazing The Little Branch. This funky tree, snow hill, and grass are all part of the brand new set from FaMESHed. This set also includes 2 other grass types, another hill, and a frozen deer. The big tree is animated and just looks absolutely gorgeous inworld.

The cute animals are from Half Deer and United InshCon. The Deer family comes with all three animals and are gacha, and the foxes are part of an old gacha that I was lucky enough to find on the MP. They all completed my scene so fantastically. The other trees pictured are also from The Little Branch available inworld and on the MP.


Little Branch – Cedar Tree v2, Cedar Tree v3, Giant Cedar animated, Red Elder

*new* Little Branch – Winter Brise animated, Buffalo Grass – FaMESHed


Deer: United InshCon – Deer Family


FoxesHalf Deer – Red Fox Running and Sleeping


The outfit is several pieces that came together to create a great winter look. MOoH! has this adorable puffer coat with attached shirt available at The Frozen Fair. This jacket comes with a HUD that includes 6 colors, the shirt is black and is not color change. This jacket is fit for all three Belleza bodies, Ebody, Maitreya, both Slink bodies, Ocacin, TMP, and both Tonic bodies, as well as standard fitmesh sizes. I paired it with some older leggings from Blueberry and voila my look was created.

I completed my look with a brand new hair from Limerence and super cute boot from Empire. Both are available right now at Winter Trend. The hair comes with a hat that you can wear with the hair or separately or not at all. This is my first experience with Limerence and I’m impressed, I’ll be checking more of these hairs out in the future. The boots are made for all 3 Belleza, Maitreya, and both Slink bodies. They come with a full-color change HUD including 20 colors for the boots and straps and 22 colors for the socks as well as 20 colors for the sole and 3 metal colors. I just love Empire.


Jacket *new*MOoH! – Jade Jacket Maitreya –


LeggingsBlueberry  – Denise Knee High Reign Sizes Maitreya


Hair *new*: Limerence – Gail Hair Natural – Marketplace

Boots *new*Empire – Luculia Maitreya – Marketplace

Part of my thought involved this pose. When I had thoughts swirling around my brain on how to make this picture come to life this pose was foremost in my thoughts. This is a couple pose and is bento, I feel bad asking people to collaborate with me and I didn’t feel like buying stuff for my alts since I am never on them anyway why would I want to spend more money on them? This pose is still fabulous for one person and you can grab it inworld and on the MP.

PoseImage Essentials – Snow Day V1


I really wish I had been able to get to blogging this head this weekend while it was still on sale, however real life comes first and taking care of my kids is the utmost importance to me. LAQ released Scarlet at a special price for this past weekend only, it is now full price of 5000L. It comes with the motion capture head, HUD, shape, three eye colors, 11 gestures, 3 voice animations, and an eyebrow shape.

It is absolutely adorable right out of the box, I didn’t modify the face at all for this post and will play with my shape later on. I had tried LAQ when bento first came out and I couldn’t bring myself to spend the Lindens wanted for the mesh heads. Now I am collecting quite a few heads so hearing that this head was on sale I knew I had to try it and review it. Omega is already built into this head, no need for additional HUDs either, so you can wear your favorite skins. I do wish there were more options for animations but overall I am very happy with this head.

Head *new*: LAQ – Scarlet MoCap

The Makeover Room is still going on until December 26 and trust me you do not want to miss out on the amazing creations from our designers. Kosmetik is there with a brand new set of eyes and Dulce Secrets will make your lips shine.

Eyes *new*Kosmetik – Eyes Lux Omega – The Makeover Room


Lipstick *new*Dulce Secrets – Romance Lipstick – The Makeover Room


This skin is an upcoming release from 7 Deadly Skins and when I have event information I will update this post. Clarity comes in two skin box versions with 7 skin tones for each box. There is an optional shape for sale as well and this skin is based on the LAQ Nyx MoCap head.

Skin *new*7 Deadly Skins – Clarity Omega Dew – LM COMING SOON


This necklace from Vinyl is super cute and a new play on bestie necklaces, again I don’t like asking people to help me, I feel it’s an imposition. I really need to get over that… Anywho, this necklace is available at Pay It Forward and each pack comes with two necklaces in each pack. The necklaces and HUDs are no copy and transferable to give one to your best friend. but the pinecone and tag is such a cute idea. I don’t know how she comes up with these.

Necklace *new*:  – Pining with You Necklace / All I need is Cocoa –



For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics






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More Girls Like You

I have a bit of a different style today, but it’s one I absolutely love and I hope you will too!

Mesange is at Skin Fair 2017 with for exclusive shapes, each shape includes a set of eyes and a style card to get the look in the ad. Kwame is the African-inspired shape and the features are stunning. Kwame comes with Memories 14, a shiny gray toned eye, and it includes a pair of mesh eyes and an omega applier. Skin Fair opens at midnight on March 10.

Shape: Mesange – Kwame with Memories 14 eyes – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

I didn’t feel right using a pale skin on such a lovely African face so I dug into my pack from Lumae. Ella bare for Catwa is a gorgeous, makeup-free edition and is available in all 10 skin tones that Lumae makes. The skins come with a Catwa face applier, body HUD applier including Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega in both a plain and freckled tone and 3 cleavage options. Lumae Leevi ears and ear appliers are also included as well as the TMP body HUD. There are a variety of shapes for you to try out as well. You really get a complete package when you buy skins from Lumae.

Skin: Lumae – Ella Bare Catwa – Nutmeg T7 Freckled – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Finding the right hair to complete my look was actually the biggest challenge and my journey led me to EMO-tions. Honestly, I look at the dreaded hair more often than not and always talk myself out of it, but I found this one and it just looked so amazing with everything else I caved and bought it.

Hair: EMO-tions – Jocelyn Black/White

MirrorMirror is back with a brand new line of springy goodness, this dress is just one of many new items coming to the spring line. She’s also making mix and match outfits for those of us that love to mix it up. This dress comes in 6 mesh body sizes and is available in 5 ombre colors.

Dress: MirrorMirror – Wildest Dream Pink Ombre

This gorgeous tattoo from Isuka is a Skin Fair exclusive as well and the bright, vibrant colors seem ready to crawl off your skin and plant themselves to grow. The tattoo comes with system layers, TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Signature appliers and has a normal, fresh and faded option.

Tattoo: Isuka – Fuschia Omega Faded – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Glamistry makes some of the most amazing shoes and the HUD that comes with their shoes are to die for. You can individually change each piece and if you find a combination you love you can save it for later use.

Shoes: Glamistry – Amaryllis Heels

An older pose from Image Essentials but still beautiful is the Women’s Sit set. A 5 pose set with mirrors and it’s available on the Marketplace and main store for 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Women’s Sit 2M

Location: Nouvelles Aventures

There is a few days left to get over to Cosmopolitan and get your hands on these stunning nails from ZOZ. Available in two different color packs, one vibrant bright tones, the other soft polishes, they are absolutely gorgeous. They are available in Maitreya, Slink, Omega, ZOZ mesh and now Vista Bento.

Nails: ZOZ – Drops Polish shown on the all new Slink Bento Hands using Slink HUD – Cosmopolitan

This pose from Foxcity is a Bento compatible pose and for it to look right does require Bento hands. Bento poses are very specific and if they don’t look right immediately it may require you to adjust your shoulder, arm length and hands to make it fit. Bento is very precise.

Pose: Foxcity – Beauty 3

One of the four exclusive for Skin Fair 2017 are these awesome eyebrows from okkbye. Available in Catwa or Omega with 12 brow options including a white brow for those of you who prefer that, I know how hard it is to find pure white brows so this is exciting.

Eyebrows: okkbye – Adumbrate Eyebrows – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Body: Slink – Physique

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