Heading To Happy Ever After

Its that time again! The trunk Show is open and filled with gorgeous gowns for all you ladies to wear during your happy ever after. There are dresses, shoes, decor, tons of things you can use to unite with your partner. I Loved the detail on Muse's dress thus why it was my first choice. It is gorgeous yet not overly complex so it wont lag people down and if you have ever been at a wedding on Secondlife then you know lag is a major issue. No one wants to crash in the middle of saying their vows. Thank you as always for viewing ♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin:amara beauty -Anita 02 ~Thank You♥

Hair:[RA] CindyHair @ We <3 Roleplay ~Thank You♥

Eyes:-SU!- Darcey Eyes Winter

Necklace:Bliensen + MaiTai - Clarity - necklace@ The Trunk Show ~Thank YOU♥

Earrings:Bliensen + MaiTai - Clarity - earrings@ The Trunk Show ~Thank YOU♥

Eye Shadow:Zibska ~ Alessa@ The Trunk Show ~Thank YOU♥

Lipstick:Zibska ~ Gabriella @ The Trunk Show ~Thank YOU♥

Dress:The Muses . Dentelle . Ivory@ The Trunk Show ~Thank YOU♥

On Set

Pose:an lar [poses] The Finnley Series - One (m)

Backdrop:Pseudo- The Greenhouse Scene ULTRA RARE@ Epiphany

Roses:-Garden- by anc "secret garden" ROSE

Butterflies:[ keke ] butterflies dancing - fatpack

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Keep Moving Forward

SkyBox Relax  1024.png

Soooo… this post gave me the biggest run around I have had in a while. I started out wanting to try something different and like I think we all do, I hated it. Nothing wanted to go my way. Nothing was adding up. The angle was off, the colors were blah. While I like the scene of one, I ended up hating where my brain took me in the end because I stared too long. *sighs…. *

Thus the thinking process begins, I started doubting myself and saying, “Maybe this isn’t  what I should be doing”. However, I am stubborn. I knew I wanted to do something with this item I loved so much. So…. I tore everything down and started fresh. I had a little pep talk from someone very dear to me and worked as I talked. Once I was done, I smiled. I knew I was hppy with where my new path lead me.

Just because one idea doesn’t go right, keep pushing until you are happy with the results you get. Not everything is going to go the way you want them to, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Try looking from a different prespective. While both views are lovely, there may be one you like just a little more. Now, I’m gonan go take a nice, longggg, relaxing bath. 😉 Keep smiling y’all.

Keep Moving Forward

~Walt Disney~

The first try… well, maybe try 3,  but the one I’m willing to share HAHA

Ministry skybox done1024.png


First Photo: 

Scarlet Creative Ministry Skybox ~ Luxe Box October 2017

Scarlet Creative  Sofia Candelbra

Scarlet Creative Cordelia Curtains Cream

Scarlet Creative Single Amelie Sofa, Towel Rack, Vintage Bath and Shower

Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug – Light

Scarlet Creative Grace Ceiling Antler Lamp

NewChurch Mission Bath Mirror and Sconce @ On9 

NewChurch  Cobb Rustic Side Table, Dark Pine @ The Chapter Four 

Apple Fall Huge Palm Fan

Half-Deer  Sakura Petals  White

GOOSE  Nordic floor lantern (small)


Second Photo:

Scarlet Creative Ministry Skybox ~ Luxe Box October 2017

 Scarlet Creative Nerites Clock and Plant

Scarlet Creative Cordelia Fireplace, Armchair Light, and Sofa Light


Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug – Light

Scarlet Creative  Venice Wardrobe Wood

Scarlet Creative Sofia Tall Candlebra

Scarlet Creative  Artist Desk and Plant

Scarlet Creative Grace Ceiling Antler Lamp

Scarlet Creative Amelie Lounger

{anc} flottante puppy. milk lay B and Sit B

Apple Fall Photgrapher’s easel and Huge Fan Palm

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Autumn Warmth


Autumn Room 1024.png



Zerkalo Autumn Warmth ( Daybed (Rare), Sideboard, rug, table, pumpkins, marble vases, Persion Vase, Lantern of pumpkins, and Lantern candle) @ The Epiphany ~ Starting Tonight Oct. 15 @ 10PM SLT – November 15th.

Zerkalo Halloween Ornaments (Pumpkin with hat, Witch, and evil tree (Rare) @ The Season’s story

Dust Bunny  Jug of Sunflowers @ Collabor88 

Ariskea Corine Chrysanthemums @ Uber

Unkindness Toboggan Shelf Sets w/ Accessories @ Collabor88 

7 Mad Ravens Hocus pocus and pumpkin crate @ Salem 

Ariskea Harvest  (Group Gift)

Cube Republic Spider Plant

Half-Deer Metal Leaf Vines @ Collabor88 

ANC Florete Puppy layA milk


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Inhale Courage

Exhale Fear

Air_Rokuyou_white+gold (175L) @ We Love Role-Play till Oct. 31st
*Sweet Kajira* E l a white silks Maitreya (150L) @ We Love Role-Play
Poseidon Scythe L2 Pose and prop (225L) @ We Love Role-Play
CURELESS [+] Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Descending / WHITE (75L per play) @ Lootbox till Oct. 20th
Garden- by anc “big leaf”

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Salem has officially opened peeps!  All kinds of “boil, boil, toil and trouble” stuff to spook up your SL.  Start with this amazing cropped hooded jacket from Storybook … I looove how creeperly covering the hood is on the face….and the long sleeves over the hands… and the fact that you can so easily layer it over another top.  It fits perfectly over Schadenfreude’s Pentatank!  The landscaping is from the story collection by anc, which is in the gacha section right when you log in (and is cleverly called the gacha gallows for a good reason).  You have the month of October to get to to Salem, but make it over soon so you can get all decorated up for the spooky season ❤

Storybook – Enigma (199L) @ Salem till Oct 31st
Schadenfreude Pentatank  (200L) @ Salem
Just BECAUSE~Kaylah Jeans (tight) (199L) NEW!
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) poison 3Li (50L per play) @ Salem
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) pearl 3Li @ Salem
{anc} story. / mushroom (M) night 3Li @ Salem
{anc} story. /butterfly (down) magic 1Li @ Salem
{anc} story. / candle floor 2Li {yellow} @ Salem
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {goth/night}1Li MESH
Del May – Never pose (50L)

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Joys of the Deep

When we seen Limerence released this mermaid hair it was just a great excuse to plunge into the deep ocean and play on our Unkindness Deep Sea set.  For those who know my friend Sugar,aka Aquatic Arugula she love love loves mermaids and was super excited when I was like lets be merfolk together. I swear that woman would do the opposite of Ariel and wish for fins instead of feet. As always thank you for viewing. ♥



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:::Modish:: Kiara skin(f01) ~Thank You♥

Hair:{Limerence} Mermaid@ Lootbox~Thank You♥

Eyes:Izzie's - Demon Eyes FLF


Ring: [CX] Cvlt Ring ~Thank You ♥

Hand webbing:+ Webbed Hands + {aii}

Bracelet:Astralia - Aprodithe Arm harness

Headpiece:Astralia - Aprodithe Headpiece moon

Scales: ~ Cynefin ~ Body Scales (Shades)

Nails:*Merlific* Nova Nails


Tails:*GA* Clothes - Ligie Mermaid Outfit Maitreya

On set

My Pose: Musa Mermaid Pose 003m (edited slightly)

uK - Deep Seas Throne Set ~Thank You♥

uK - Deep Sea Floating Up ~Thank You♥

uK - Deep Sea Out of my Shell ~Thank You♥

uK - Deep Sea Collumns ~Thank You♥

uK - Deep Sea Ruins RARE ~Thank You♥

uK - Deep Sea Collumns v2 ~Thank You♥

uK - Deep Sea Trident Confined Cpls ~Thank You♥

FOXCITY. Tentacle Attack-4 - Common @ Pocket Gacha ~Thank You ♥

FOXCITY. Tentacle Attack-2 - Common @ Pocket Gacha ~Thank You ♥

*GALLI* - Plant Group A - Green Kelp B

{anc} bloom. orchid guppy / air [iruka blue] 2Li

{anc} bloom. orchid guppy / floor [iruka blue] 2Li

{anc} bloom. orchid guppy / air [milk white] 2Li RARE

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Rat Magic Woman

As we all know I love this time of year. All the fun and creepy comes out. These little rats are flipping adorable. They are a gacha item but they can be any of the color options. That paired with all my witchery style items and I am a happy lil witch. And dont worry my lil rats are my helpers not part of my magic formula. As always thank you for viewing ♥



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:amara beauty -Daisy CATWA  03@ 4Mesh~Thank You ♥

Hair:{Limerence} Afelia hair(Common1)  @ Loot Box~Thank You♥


Piercing: [CX] Bitten

Tattoo: ISUKA Santal

Choker: [ bubble ] Triangle Ring Choker @ Limit8 ~Thank You ♥

Lipstick:.kosmetik - Matte Lipstick.dare @ Applique ~Thank You ♥

Eyes Shadow: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup


Dress:Foxes - Wednesday - Dress - Leather - Royal @ Loot Box

Shoes: Foxes - Wednesday - Boots - Royal (white socks) @ Loot Box

On Set

Pose: Signature Pose - Debbie_004 ~Thank You♥

.peaches. Mimble Wimble Potion Set - Book and Quill ~Thank You♥

.peaches. Mimble Wimble Potion Set - Scale ~Thank You♥

.peaches. Mimble Wimble Potion Set - Bottles ~Thank You♥

AsteroidBox. Runic Teller // Purple Candle @ Loot Box

AsteroidBox. Runic Teller // White Candle @ Loot Box

AsteroidBox. Runic Teller // Smudge Stick @ Loot Box

Little Llama - Kitchen Witch Cauldron @ Loot Box

Schadenfreude Plotting Rattie @ Kawaii Project

Schadenfreude Standing Tall Rattie @ Kawaii Project

Schadenfreude Running Rattie RARE @ Kawaii Project

Schadenfreude Perched Rattie @ Kawaii Project

Schadenfreude Leaning Rattie @ Kawaii Project

Schadenfreude Flopped Rattie @ Kawaii Project

Schadenfreude Turning Rattie @ Kawaii Project

myrrinee:2 Alchemists Gacha bookcase 1

myrrinee:Alchemists Gacha table RARE

myrrinee:Alchemists Gacha bookpiles w candles

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Shelf with Pots - COMMON

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Table - RARE

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Scrolls with Anatomy Paintings

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Voodoo Set

(Yummy) Ghastly Portrait Set

{anc} antique rug {black} 1Li

NOMAD // Gothic Candelabra

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Curiouser and curiouser

Well who doesn’t love anc!?  As soon as I saw the big leaf display at We ❤ RP I had to have at least 2 or 3 colors.  The shrimp tone is a gorgeous muted pinkish green and it will be allll over my forested area on my land.  I also bought the snow tone for the upcoming winter…whoot whooot! ❤

To add to the fantasy look, 22769 produced The Imaginarium….an armoire that doubles as a doorway to a magical land.  You can pick one up at this round of We Love Role-Play ❤

22769 – The Imaginarium (295L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Garden- by anc “big leaf” one/shrimp{field}2Li (199L) @ We Love Role-Play
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {pastels}
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [A]
.AiShA. Wood Pixie


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The Forest Fairy

.:EMO-tions:. * MERIDIA * hair, braids and beads (165L) @ We Love Role-Play till the end of the month
Yokai – Forest Fairy Horns ( 165L) @ We Love Role-Play
Yokai – Forest Fairy – Choker (Gold) @ We Love Role-Play
Moon Elixir – Fenris Dress (250L) @ We Love Role-Play
an lar – The Kindred Pose (150L for the set) @ We Love Role-Play
Glam Affair – Milu Asia applier for Catwa (288L) @ Collabor88
CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 (5,000L)
{anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly crystal

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Welcome to the Family

If you live anywhere near a Wal Mart and have entered one since the 1st of September, you are aware that Halloween is right around the corner.  Seriously…putting out the fake spider webs, tissue bats and cheap costumes two months ahead of time…like there’s going to be a rush or something.  Crazy.  So you think to yourself…..”self, why haven’t we started to get ready in SL…we’ve only got 6 weeks”!?!? (then runs around in circles waving hands in the air and screaming like a loon)  Not to worry ….. The Secret Affair is once again open!  This round the theme is Cult…Welcome to the Family.  So yep….dark, wicked occult-y goodies.  Good timing too…what with Halloween right around the corner 🙂

Letituier – Celine Hair (250L) @ The Secret Affair
– shanghai – Riske Earrings Black (15oL) @ The Secret Affair
The Little Bat – Katia head chains (150L) @ The Secret Affair
.:EC:. Ticia Body Black (160L) @ The Secret Affair
.:EC:. Ticia Skirt & Chain Black @ The Secret Affair
.:EC:. Ticia Sleeve Right Black @ The Secret Affair
*~ by Nacht ~ Book of Shadows (275L) @ The Secret Affair
Stonerella – Invocation Pose (199L) @ The Secret Affair

Glam Affair – Mily Bad Girl Polar tone applier for Catwa
CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12
+Half-Deer+ Raven – Witchy – Up

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