Shoeless not Loveless

This is another chance for me to capture a great shot featuring the Trunk Show. This little gazebo by Serenity Style I am standing in is perfect for that bride to slip in to get ready for the after party or to just touch up her look in privacy mixed with the lantern which gives you the options of how intense the light it emits is and your little private room is perfectly lit. I took a little stroll as well to N21 cause we all are addicted to the gacha rounds and I am so not disappointed. Dahlia came out with these pumpkins and flowers on pedestal holders. I chose to use the candles and red flower arrangement because I felt it was suiting to the look. Though I promise when you look closer you will fall in love with Dahlia's textures on their items. SO beautifully made. Thank you as always for viewing♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin:amara beauty -Anita 02 ~Thank You♥

Hair:Navy&Copper - Pineapple  @ Shiny Shabby ~Thank You♥

Eyes:-SU!-Delora Eyes Winter /COMMON/@ N21


Lashes:.ARISE. Miki Lashes @ Shiny Shabby ~Thank You♥

Eyeshadow:.ARISE. Uma Eyeshadow @ Limit8~Thank You♥


Dress:~Nerido~ Anetta Dress (White lace) @ The Trunk Show ~Thank You♥

On Set

Pose:Fashiowl - Bride Shoes -  2(shoes are a prop) @ The Trunk Show ~Thank You♥

Serenity Style-Bri Wedding Lamp@ The Trunk Show ~Thank You♥

Serenity Style- Bri Wedding Gazebo @ The Trunk Show ~Thank You♥

Dahlia - Parisian Pumpkins - Flower Arrangement - .08@ N21~Thank You♥

Dahlia - Parisian Pumpkins - Candles - .07 @ N21~Thank You♥

[ keke ] butterflies dancing - white

[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Moments Pillow~Thank You♥

[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Memory Box - RARE~Thank You♥

[ zerkalo ] Angelique - Ring Holder - RARE~Thank You♥

[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Rocking Chair~Thank You♥

[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Rug~Thank You♥

hive // gothic table . white @ Epiphany

NOMAD // Red Rose Petals 05

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Find it Gone

So much going on this week for me. In real life today is my daughters birthday and we are all so excited about that. I have so many awesome things to show you this week. Some great Accessories and Makeup at the Dark Style Fair which opened last week. Im telling you this round of the Dark Style Fair is fantastic. So many things for our ghouly minds. Then there is epiphany, an event that too needs no introduction, but this round people are thoroughly taking advantage to the fact it is Halloween and having tons to offer us. As always thank you for viewing♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beauty - Megan 02 @The Dark Style Fair ~Thank You♥

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Chai

Eyes:[CX] Soul Keeper Eyes@ Secret Hideout


Makeup:.ARISE. Rala Makeup @ The Dark Style Fair~Thank You♥

Tattoo:.Facade. :: Jilted @ The Dark Style Fair~Thank You♥

Septum:[CX] Crux Set @ The Dark Style Fair~Thank You♥

Rings:Velika Rituals - Day of dead Rings @ The Dark Style Fair~Thank You♥

Prostetic:A N E - La Muerte - BLACK- HAND @ Epiphany ~Thank You♥


Shirt:A N E - La Muerte - Skull Hood - Black @ Epiphany ~Thank You♥

Pants:Nana - Joah Black Pants @ Suicide Dollz

On Set

Pose:Signature Pose - Breakeven ~Thank You♥

Backdrop: [ isuka ] dogtown#limited backdrop @ Limit 8 This is the limited back drop, only 100 sold so get it fast! ~Thank You♥ (opens on the 18th)

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Just Toys in His Head

This set from 22769 is amazing. I myself am a massive Tim Burton Fan so when I got this to toy around with that is just what I did. I became a little toy of Tim's. If you look over all the pieces to this set you see all the little parts of Tim's mind. If you haven't already, head on over to Gacha Guardians and pull on this machine cause you are defiantly missing out . As always thank you for viewing♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin:*Birth* Willow Skin 01 ~Thank You♥

Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Loli @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

Eyes:[CX] Soul Keeper Eyes Set@ The Secret Hideout 


Eye Shadow: .ARISE. Cula Makeup @ 4 Mesh ~Thank You♥

*N*FaceFlower AccessoriesBlk @ The Dark Style Fair~Thank You♥ (Opens on the 14th)

Mouth Makeup: :Z.S: Sludge @ Ironwood Hills (reward for completing the Ironwood Hills Hunt

Strings: Curio Obscura - Marionette Control and Strings


Dress:::C'est la vie !:: Loes Gacha Dress (ribbon black) @ The Secret Hideout ~Thank You♥

On Set

Pose:::WetCat:: "Marionette" 6

22769 - Vortex Rug - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Snakepouf - RARE @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Limp Bookshelf Left - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Limp Bookshelf Right - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - This is Halloween - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tims Armchair - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tims Teddy Bear - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Twisted Candle Holder - Gift of the Guardians @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Jester Console - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Mad Hatter Hatstand - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tims Plant Black And Orange - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tea with Tim - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Sidetable - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

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The Darkness Can See You

So Halloween is not just my favorite holiday, but I love Day of The Dead as well and this round of the Dark Style Fair  has just that theme. I am super excited to show you this amazing set that you will be able to get there on the 14th.

The Dark Style Fair brings you the very best in dark fashion and decor with everything from goth, magic and witchy along with bright neon, ghosts, skulls and Day of the Dead celebrations!

Opening Hours:
October 14th @ 8AM SLT
November 4th @ 8AM SLT



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beauty -Rebecca 01~Thank You ♥

Hair:[RA] Britney Hair @ Hairology ~Thank You ♥

Eyes: [CX] Soul Keeper Eyes Set  @ The Secret Hideout


Brows:.ARISE. Kiki Eyebrows @ The Liaison Collaborative ~Thank You ♥

Eye Makeup: .ARISE. Roell Makeup  5 @ The Black Fair ~Thank You ♥

Lipstick: .ARISE. Kelly Lipstick Pack 3 @ Chapter Four ~Thank You♥

Markings on chest:the crone . heartache @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Palm Eyes: + Hands to See (Animated DW Eyes) + {aii} (reward for finishing the Nightmare hunt)


-Narcisse- Maxine Domme Dress @ October Bound Box  Currently available to purchase in the subscription box for L1500 until 12th October, then will go up to L2000 for the first 24 hours. ~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose:GingerFish Poses Black Love 1 @ The Darkness Event

Casa Diabolica: Ceremony Table Dark Casa Diabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Alchemy Palm Painting Casa Dabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:As Above Painting Casa Dabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:The Tool Painting Casa Dabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Magic Soul Painting Casa Dabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Neon Murte Mary Casa Diabolica white @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Occult books and balls Casa Diabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Ouija panel Casa Diabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Muerte Lovers Casa Diabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Other Side Mirror Casa Diabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

Casa Diabolica:Muerte House Casa Diabolica @The Dark Style Fair ~Opens October 14th @ 8AM SLT ~Thank You♥

SAYO - Seance Candle - Dark Magic

Wednesday[+] ~ Cursed Lady ~ Rituals COMMON @ The Secret Hideout

Wednesday[+] ~ Cursed Lady ~ Cursed Knowledge COMMON @ The Secret Hideout

ionic : 19th Century Bookcase @ Chapter Four

6 - DRD - MM1 - Wiccan Pentagram c/m

NOMAD // Abstract Sculpture

*HEXtraordinary* Scrying Crystal

:glutz: kitty rug @ Nightmare (reward for Nightmare Hunt)

:[P]:- Occulte Table - Silver

:[P]:- Burton Curio

:[P]:- Ghastly Gatcha:// Gothike Dining Set

L+R Emotional Black_rug

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Montoya Dreamin

So after buying these Cynefin projectors I wanted to play with it and see how much I loved them and I will say they are awesome. Giving you so many options for ways to light your photo. That being said I do hope you like this shot and thank you as always for viewing ♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beauty -Anita@ Industrie ~Thank You ♥

Hair:lock&tuft - liv @ Industrie

Eyes:-SU!- Darcey Eyes Winter


Lipstick: .ARISE. Josy Lipstick (colorfuls) @ Limit8~Thank You♥

Bracelets: Kibitz - Tara Silver

Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Short


Shirt: [[ Masoom ]] Jassica @ Black fair~Thank You ♥

Pants: *Just BECAUSE* Kaylah Jeans - LtWash @ Uber

On Set

Pose:FOXCITY. On Point-5 @ SaNaRae ~Thank You♥

::WetCat::&.:LEMON:.//Backdrop Scene #1

~Cynefin~ Projection Lighting Kit 1.0

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Thors Blessing

Hurry before you miss it, there is so many goodies for all your viking desires at The Fantasy Collective which is still open till the 22nd. The items there are just beautifully textured and cant be found elsewhere. As always thank you for viewing ♥



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:Insol: Yolo Gacha #RARE~Thank You ♥

Hair: .Shi : Bob Knot

Eyes: .ARISE. Beba Eyes / Cloud ~Thank You ♥


Makeup: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup

Necklace: OXIDE Wayfinder Necklace  @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

Crown: Violetility - Jottun Crown [Silver] @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥


Shirt: Blueberry - Luxe Box February - Cutietop <3

Fur Stole/skirt: Valentina E. Helga @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

On Set

an lar [poses] The Catherine Series - Five

LAGOM - Rune Tree@ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

*HEXtraordinary* Viking Standing Stone - Brir @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

*HEXtraordinary* Viking Standing Stone - Tvier @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

*HEXtraordinary* Viking Standing Stone - Einn @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

*Drot* Viking Age Warship - Copy @ Fantasy Collective~Thank you ♥

Del-ka Aedilis: Viking Boathouse Floki

:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten Summer


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Rosey Cheeks

For that final touch up, you know you need to check your reflection and make sure you are flawless. I am in love with this Made Up pose from Foxcity that will be available for you at Limit 8 which opens on the 18th. Thank you as always for viewing.♥



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:amara beauty -Daisy CATWA  03@ 4Mesh~Thank You ♥

Eyes: -SU!-  Darcey Eyes Forest



Shadow: .ARISE. Laura Eyeshadow / 5 Catwa Applier ~Thank You ♥

Lipstick: .ARISE. Lara Lips / 7 Catwa Applier ~Thank You ♥

Nails: *Merlific* Cora Nails With Jewels Maitreya/Vista @ 4Mesh

Choker: .::Supernatural::. Livy Choker Silver @ The Fantasy Collective ~Thank You ♥


Sweater: ::C'est la vie !:: Griet Tops (check gray) @ Ultra!~Thank You ♥

Pose and make-up prop: FOXCITY. Made Up-1m (Fatpack exclusive)@Limit 8 ~Thank You ♥ Opens on the 18th*

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Having a crush is something everyone goes through in their life, from childhood until death. Having a crush on the person you’re in a relationship with is even better, because you know the crush is more than that. Every day I find another reason to crush on my sweet boyfriend. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to land a relationship with the boy of my dreams but I did. It really sucks when you have plans for a night out with your crush and they fall through, nothing like doing laundry instead of making out with your crush huh?

This is honestly one of those times that I don’t know where to start, everything I’m sharing today is so amazing. So I guess I’ll start with the background. Minimal was at the last round of The Epiphany with another set of Illusions backdrops, there were 9 in the set, one rare and 8 commons and they are absolutely incredible. The colors pop, the lights shine and you won’t be sorry if you pick up these fabulous backdrops.

Backdrop: Minimal – Illusions 3 *7*


Foxcity does some wonderful bento poses, which means you do HAVE to have a bento enabled viewer and for absolutely best results you must also have bento hands. These poses are available at Limit8. It is a set of 6 poses +mirrors available as a fatpack or individually. The fatpack is the way to go because you get an extra exclusive pose in the fatpack that you can’t get anywhere else.

Pose (new): Foxcity – Sits V3 P6M – Limit8


This hair is brand new from Phoenix and is available at the brand new round of FaMESHed which opened on September 1. This hair includes the all new Phoenix style HUD and comes with a total of 4 hairstyles. It comes in all the standard colors as well as an exclusive VIP HUD, want those colors? Join the inworld Phoenix Hair Group  for only 99L and gain access to the exclusive HUD, 5% in store credit and frequent group gifts.

Hair (new): Phoenix – Carrie Ombres and Roots – FaMESHed


I love Blueberry and honestly, I don’t blog her stuff regularly, not because I don’t feel I can blog it well or that the stunning items she creates aren’t worth my time and effort, it’s completely the opposite to be perfectly honest. Blueberry is so popular EVERYONE wants to blog her, so for days after a release Facebook is inundated with blog posts featuring Blueberry, and although I love seeing them, I want to stand out from the crowd. Every once in a while though, the perfect item goes with my style and I must include it however. Today is no different, this top is out of this world. The HUD has so many colors including exclusive colors just for the fatpack, it comes with a top and dress option. If I could ask for one thing to be added to this outfit it would be a long skirt to wear to more formal location, because it truly is a stunning piece of work.

Top (new): Blueberry  – Penny Dress (top version)


I am finally to the item that inspired this entire look, these brand new jeans from RIOT.  Rcade created a set of men’s jeans for her debut round of FaMESHed, women loved them so much she went ahead and made a female version of the jeans as well. Winona comes in 2 fits, long line, jeans you can wear with your heels or skinny, which you can wear with any kind of shoes, or simply go barefoot. There are 20 denim colors available individually or as a fatpack, it also comes with an optional belt in 28 colors. She thinks of everything I swear.

Jeans (new): Riot – Winona Skinnies – FaMESHed


Lelutka Powder Pack released on September 1 and I’m showing it on my newly, redesigned Lelutka Cate bento mesh head. I cannot get enough of Powder Pack, whether it’s for Catwa or Lelutka. Some of the best skins, makeup, tattoo, etc designers include amazing items for you all in one convenient pack every month. The pre-release price of either of Powder Pack is 1500L, if you don’t get the subscription price and wait to see what’s coming for the month first then you will pay 3000L. All previous Powder Packs are available on the Marketplace or in world location.  First up from this month’s Powder Pack is this stunning skin from Pumec. This skin set comes in 7 skin tones with 3 brow options for each tone. There are face appliers, body appliers, and system body skins to help things blend perfectly.

Skin (new): Pumec – Irishka February No Brow Cleavage – Lelutka Powder Pack


I chose the no brow option of the lovely Pumec skin so that I could show off the brows included in the Izzie’s pack this month. I love these natural looking brows and come in 15 colors. You seriously can’t go wrong with these lovely brows. Izzie’s pack also includes eyes and lipglosses, which are not featured on this blog.

Eyebrows (new): Izzie’s – Lelutka Applier Brows – Lelutka Powder Pack


Mudskin released an eye pack for this round of Powder Pack, they will only work with Lelutka mesh eyes and include 15 colors to choose from, or get funky and mix and match your eyes. Each eye has a separate applier so if you feel like it, you can wear two different eye colors.

Eyes (new): MUDSKIN – Soul Eyes Collection – Lelutka Powder Pack

#adored included a brand new set of lashes that I couldn’t wait to share, these lashes are so much fun, they have cute little adornments attached to the end of the lashes. This particular lash has tiny stars, they are so much fun!

Lashes (new): #adored – Bijou Lashes – Lelutka Powder Pack


Arise is back with an all new makeup palette that includes eyeshadows and lipsticks (not pictured) The shadows are so much fun, 6 colors to choose from and bright and vibrant and ready for your fall looks. This set is made for Lelutka only.

Eyeshadow (new): Arise – Carol Makeup – Lelutka Powder Pack


Last but not least is this gorgeous lipstick from The Face. The makeup palette includes 12 lipsticks and 8 eyeshadows (not pictured). They are made only for Lelutka.

Lipstick (new): The Face – Autumn Vibe Lipstick – Lelutka Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplaced

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The Fight

So normally I would do one single photo even when it is a collab. But there is so much to be seen in what Kodeine and I were doing last night I just had to share! There is so much featured in this post because there is less than a week left of what is to be my favorite event this year, Thereafter. So if you haven't stopped by go do some as there is so much happening there and so many great things to see. As always thank you and please forgive the massive amount of photos in this post cause well I love taking these shots.♥

To see her details click here.

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:Insol: Yolo Gacha #RARE ~Thank You INSOL for giving this back to me Much Love!!♥

Hair: MINA - Myla  @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Shadow: .ARISE.Missa Makeup / 1 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Dirt: Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt


Gas Mask: [Cubic Cherry] - After gasmask @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Armwarmers:*katat0nik* (FEMALE / black) BENTO Armwarmers

Cuff: Wicca's Wardrobe - Keya Armguard [black] ~Thank You ♥

Pauldron: [The Forge] Apocalypse Set, Female


Skirt: Wicca's Wardrobe - Keya Skirt RARE Maitreya ~Thank You ♥

Shirt: N-Uno - Nicole Short Top // N 3

Pants: Addams // A Brand Cargo Pants for Women // Dark Grey

Boots: fri. - Ulu Boots (Muddy) @ Thereafter

On Set(its a HUGE list)

uK - Old Punk Hideout @ Rewind ~Thank You ♥

uK-SRS Box of Junk ~Thank You ♥

uK-SRS Cinderblock Table ~Thank You ♥

uK - Dystopia Commercial Build 5 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

uK - Dystopia Commercial Build 7 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1 ~Thank You ♥

DRD - San Mora - Apartment - D

DRD - San Mora - Building - A

DRD SC Crack House beer on table c/m

DRD SC Crack House broken chairs c/m

DRD SC Crack House Moldy chairs c/m

DRD SC Crack House drug bed c/m

DRD - Boho Princess - Bed - ADULT

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Dumpster

DRD - San Mora - Building - D

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Ground

-DRD- San Mora - Vehicle - Pack

DRD SC Crack House hanging clothes 1 c/m

DRD - San Mora - Boulder

floorplan. fire in a barrel / rusted @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[CIRCA] - "Graffiti Town" Crate Stack - Browns (6 pos)

[CIRCA] - "Graffiti Town" Oil Drum Duo

~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Trash Bag

~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Trashed Vending Machine

Soy. Papers - piled paper

Soy. Single Cartboard Box

Soy. Six Cartboard Boxs

Soy. Cardboard Box Cart

Seven Emporium 7 - Simple Cross

Seven Emporium 7 - Jesus Saves Neon

22769 ~ [bauwerk] 70ies Set Wall

22769 ~[bauwerk] Porn Lamp

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Brightener Stand

.random.Matter. - Librarium - Ladder

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I Know You Lie

So I was due for a neon shot as I haven't had time lately to play around with lights and materials and I will say it was fun playing with Foxcity and Anxiety's set pieces. As always Foxcity poses are awesome and beautiful helping me show off these sexy boots from Apple May Designs and my curves in this seductive little black dress from Masoom. I honestly hate picking favorites on my little blurbs as each piece I am wearing brought something to photo and was so enjoyable to use ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:Insol: Yolo Gacha #RARE ~Thank You INSOL for giving this back to me Much Love!!♥

Hair:.Atomic.. Hair // Liberty - Vixen @ N21

Lipstick: .ARISE. Anna Lipstick@ Shiny Shabby ~Thank You ♥

Shadow: .ARISE. Leila Eyeshadow 6 Catwa Applier @ Whimsical ~Thank You ♥


::NOIR:: Furiosa Choker @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Polish: .kosmetik - Print Gel Nails.jungle love @ ELITE! ~Thank You ♥

Bag: :::insanya::: LadyBag  ~Thank You ♥


Gloves: [[ Masoom ]] Sibyl Bento gloves @ Cosmopolitan~Thank You ♥

Dress: [[ Masoom ]] Raven dress @ Souled Out~Thank You ♥

Heels: (AMD) Runaway Booties @ Rewind~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose: FOXCITY. Sits VOL3-5 (Fatpack exclusive) @ Limit8

FOXCITY. Neon Lies@ Limit8 (sold out )

uK - Studded Wall Art

Backdrop: anxiety %ugh! @ N21

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