Ready for It?

Life is scary, it doesn’t always go as planned but you have to pull your big girl panties up and make the most out of each and every day. My life has drastically changed over the past 2 months and followers of my blog and my friends and family know exactly what I mean. I don’t go spreading drama for attention but I use this blog as a way to work through my thoughts. Right now I am taking each day, one day at a time and working towards my goals.

When I first saw this bubble coat from Sabotage I knew I had to blog it. It’s absolutely amazing and available right now at Tres Chic. You can purchase this coat in 9 individual colors for 400L each or grab the fatpack and get 4 additional colors all for the ultra low price of 2500L. Maitreya, Freya, and Slink Hourglass are included for women and Gianni for men.

Coat (new)Sabotage – Bubble Puffer Coat Black – Tres Chic

Blueberry never fails to amaze me, the stuff that she creates is stunning. This is an outfit but is sold separately. The top comes in the full bodysuit, top only and tucked version. The pants have cutiebootie and BlueberryBooty included. I almost NEVER buy anything other than the fatpacks of Blueberry because the color options are out of this world and you get so many options.

Top (new)Blueberry  – Serena Bodysuit

Pants (new)Blueberry  – Serena Jeans


While I was trying to decide on the pose that would work best to show off the coat, outfit, and shoes I went to Foxcity. I love Foxcity and own so many of her poses but was hoping something would jump out at me, well a pose didn’t but this backdrop sure did. Part of the KPOP gacha set, this white rare is just gorgeous. The fully mesh booth comes with a resize script built in. There are 7 commons, 2 rares and 1 ultrarare to win from this gacha. The pose is from Foxcity but it’s one I already had.

BackdropFoxcity – KPOP White Wolf Rare 1

PoseFoxcity – Stairs Standing 2


My resolve to stay away from gacha events never lasts long and even though I had already been to The Arcade once I needed to go back to see if I could get lucky enough to win the rare shoes from Breathe and I DID!  This particular gacha has one common in 18 colors and two rare fatpacks. I just love Breathe shoes.

Shoes (new)Breathe – Natsuko Wedges Rare – The Arcade


I started to take my pictures, everything was perfect and then I realized I had a hair I’d already blogged once and I very rarely do that. I like to bring my readers new things, not recycle the same thing over and over. Hairology to the rescue. This hair is not the exclusive at Hairology but you can grab it right now during this round. No.Match always has fantastic hairs.

 HairNo.Match – No_Glory – Hairology


I love blogging for Powder Pack, I get some of the most amazing creations every month and not just once a month, but two times. Catwa Powder Pack releases on the 17th of each month and the Lelutka version releases on the first. The designers go out of their way to bring you amazing skins, makeup, and more. Don’t forget to pre-order you Powder Pack for 1500L because if you wait until release the price jumps to 3000L. You will not be sorry to become part of the Powder Pack family.

Skin (new)Essences – Lyra Medium 02 – Lelutka Powder Pack


Makeup (new)Modish – Selena Makeup Pack – Lelutka Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace






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I’ve been a blogging whirlwind the last few days, I tend to blog when I’m stressed or depressed and some of my best pictures come out of this mood. I won’t go into details but some stuff has happened in the last few days and I’m really looking at myself and my life, for what it is. For the moment you get lots of blogs and photos.

I knew I wanted to do this prop and pose set from Something New, coming up with the location and outfit was another thing. This is a set of 3 poses with a fidget spinner included, well two spinners. It is available at the main store location for 50% off during the month of September.

Pose (new)Something New – This is Fidget


Next, I had to find an outfit and I remembered that MOoH! has a super cute group gift this month, it comes with the top with a 4 color HUD and the ripped jeans. Made for almost every mesh body and includes fitmesh standard sizes as well. Join the group for 100L and grab this outfit, a 150L gift card, access to the lucky chairs, exclusives and so much more.

Outfit (new)MOoH! – Laura Outfit


I had no intention of going to The Arcade, seriously that place is so bad on my wallet but I wanted these shoes from Breathe and off I went. Breathe has two machines at Arcade, each machine has shoes for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza and 2 rares and 1 common set. I say common set because every color that Breathe makes is available to win individually, the rares are fatpacks and all are absolutely amazing!

Shoes (new)Breathe – Chiyoko Heels Rare – The Arcade


I needed a good outdoor location, one that I didn’t HAVE to build myself so I headed over to the photo studios at Image Essentials. Kay has outdone herself and you should really go check out all the photo opportunities available at Image Essentials.

LocationImage Essentials Photo Studios

I have been so on top of things lately that I have literally blogged every item available from my two amazing hair designers I had to find a hair and so I headed over to the latest round of Hairology. Fabia is there with an exclusive but there are also two non-exclusive hairs available for purchase as well and I found Anisa. It is so pretty with its loose braid and 3 different texture HUDs available for purchase. I couldn’t not have this hair.

Hair: Fabia – Anisa – Hairology


Powder Pack releases two subscription boxes each month, Lelutka on the first of the month and Catwa on the 17th of the month. If you haven’t gone in and pre-ordered your Catwa Powder Pack you still have time. Pre-orders for either box is 1500L, if you wait until it’s released then you have to pay 3000L. Today I chose to wear my Lelutka Cate bento mesh head to share a few more items from the September Powder Pack, I also grabbed a new shape from West End, I love that we can use shapes again and really customize our face with the addition of bento capabilities in Second Life.

Skin (new)Amara Beauty – Delia 03 – Lelutka Powder Pack


Brow (new)Izzie’s – Lelutka Brows – Lelutka Powder Pack


Eyes and LashesA R T E – Beauty Lashes and Crystal Eyes – Lelutka Powder Pack


Lelutka Powder Pack Marketplace

ShapeWest End – Dakota for Lelutka Cate



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California Dreamin’

This time of year most people are looking forward to the cooler climate, the changing colors of the trees, and planning for fall and winter activities. Not me. I guess I’m weird, as autumn falls around us I start dreaming of warmer places, the sun, and god forbid, no snow. After living most of my life in the northern part of the United States, I can tell you a white Christmas is definitely overrated. I do have to admit, however, fall brings some super cute fashions.
First up Phoenix released an all new, gorgeous hair with not 3 but 9 style options. There are 3 styles and with each style comes 3 bangs options. This hair is spectacular and I am so in love with it. Join the inworld group for 99L and get access to the VIP exclusive HUD included in every hair pack.

Hair (new): Phoenix – Maya Hair VIP HUD edition – Hairology


I have this amazing new, off the shoulder sweatshirt from RIOT.  This has been released for the all new 4Mesh that had its opening day today. Gaia comes for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and an all new bento fit for Slink and Belleza for bento hands. It comes in 30 solid colors and if you choose to grab the fatpack you’ll also get 9 exclusive patterns. An added bonus is the ability to change the hem colors via the HUD.

Shirt (new): Riot – Gaia Maitreya – 4Mesh


I wanted an absolutely perfect bottom to go with this top and after scouring through my inventory I remembered that Blueberry had recently released a brand new denim skirt. This skirt comes with a ripped and non-ripped version comes with optional belt and panties. This skirt is available in 19 individual colors or go and grab the fatpack to get them all!

Skirt: Blueberry  – Penny Denim Skirt


I needed the perfect shoes to go with this outfit and then I remembered that Breathe had released a brand new set of flat shoes for The Chapter Four, so of course, I headed on over and grabbed the fatpack. These shoes are awesome and you can control each and every part of it to customize your look perfectly, I loved how well this went with the sweatshirt.

Shoes (new): Breathe – Lexi – The Chapter Four


This gorgeous skin is from 7 Deadly Skins and is available at the main store in 7 tones. Each tone comes with 2 versions and it’s just so pretty.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Calamity Cotton Candy V2


I need a great pose for fall and Foxcity had just what I needed, out at The Chapter Four right now is two brand new, bento pose sets in the half price room, that’s two fatpack pose sets for the price of one!

Pose (new): Foxcity – Observe 2 – The Chapter Four


Truck: Consignment – Stepside Pick-up Mint







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Time To Get To Work

Hot day, spending time under the fans, but I know I have to get my work done. So, I settled down into our new workspace and starting to load things up. Really enjoying this set up, makes writing much better when one is relaxed.

Serenity Style designed the lovely Working Space Set. It includes chair, desk, pictures, shelf, workbook, computer, keyboard, and even the mouse. It is available at the mainstore and group members have a 20% discount.

Shown also is the Bear Planter by KITE. This is an Gift for the Birthday round of the Arcade Sept 1-30


This beautiful skin by 7 Deadly s[K]ins is Salt. She is an Omega based face & body applier skin. Modeled after the LAQ bento shape Gaia, this skin is available in 2 different boxes. One with Dark/tanned skins and the other with pale/light skins ( I have on the pineapple tone here with the LAQ Trinity mesh head, Maitreya body and Vista hands. Each containing 5 skin tones and those great Omega appliers that apply both face and skin at the same time. There is also a shape available for LAQ bento heads.

Inkheart is participating in The Purpose Hunt Sept 3-Oct 3 with 4 great eyes gifts named, Allie. I have on the Fable tone in these pictures. They include system, mesh and Omega/Genesis appliers. 4 different sizes included to fit your look. The hunt is a fundraising hunt to help someone get their Diabetic Alert Dog home.

Sn@tch made the gorgeous hair that I am wearing called, Ava. This is a new release and comes with 2 sizes of mesh hair. It is available in 6 different color packs.

Sitting on the desk I have a couple of new little friends from the September birthday round of the Arcade. Assassin Harlequin & Purring Menace are both creations by Garbaggio, these include the display version and a holdable version. They are part of the Good & Evil Collection. Another gacha item is the Hammies & Coffee / Coffee set by MishMish. Always great to have a snack and coffee handy.
I am wearing the Pearls Body lingerie by Marquesse. This is an exclusive for Fashion Dazzle Sept 1-25 This great set includes Omega stockings in black and red, fitmesh and mesh body compatible sizes, necklace in 5 sizes and a great texture hud. It even comes with take off options for those intimate moments

Paired up with this sexiness is another item from the Arcade. This one is another Gift. The Kimi Heels in Black are a creation by Breathe. These are compatible with Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink feet.

Inevitable Madness is participating in the Twisted Victorian Hunt Sept 1-30! Their prize are these really cool nails appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Omega, and Vista.

+Half-Deer+ created another new little friend of mine, the Lazypuff Bunny - Fierce Foxy. This is another gacha item from the arcade, he has a whole family of different bunnies that you can win.

Verocity is the creator of the poses I used in this post. The Robin Pose Set comes with

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Lucky Strike

Morning is overrated, I don’t have to get up this early anymore but I don’t find time to blog otherwise so I choose to get up before the birds but today, today is a coffee day. I’ve gotten to the point in my blogging career where I take and edit pictures one day and then write the blog another, usually the next day but you know how RL is, sometimes it gets in the way of your best-laid plans.

ChicModa released a brand new dress and choker for the anniversary round of Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan has been bringing you amazing items and deals for 5 years running and this round has some unbelievable goodies for you to grab. The dress comes in 15 individual colors and a fatpack with a frill and ribbon color change HUD for each dress, the choker is a free gift and you can see it more clearly in the close-up photo.

Dress (new): ChicModa – Mae Dress and choker – Cosmopolitan Event


I needed the perfect shoes to complete the look of this gorgeous dress and I remembered that Breathe was at the all new round of FaMESHed, available in 18 individual colors for all mesh foot sizes, each shoe comes with a HUD to change the lace, metal and sole or save time and money and grab the fatpack.

Shoes (new): Breathe – Natsumi Heels – FaMESHed


I can’t get enough of the backdrops from Minimal, I own all 3 sets of the Illusions backdrops and this set from the current round of The Epiphany, ending August 5 is just as amazing as the other 2 sets. 9 different backdrops are available for you to win, 8 commons and 1 rare. They are just amazing and help set the tone so quickly and easily for you.

Backdrop (new): Minimal – Illusions 3 *9* – Marketplace

This pose was released by Something New for an all new subscription called Flash Shot. This subscription is different from the rest because it is poses only and is only 500L to pre-order. Pre-orders are available from the 1st to the 14th of every month with the release being on the 15th of each month. After the 15th you can still get past boxes for only 1000L. The bowling ball is NOT a part of the pose and actually comes from one of the bowling games in SL, but it worked out too perfectly not to use it.

Pose: Something New – Miss Congeniality 1


This hair from Stealthic was released for Hair Fair and is now available at the main store location, as always it comes with a style HUD that includes 4 hair styles and you can purchase an alternative tint HUD to color your hair any shade you’d like. It is just absolutely beautiful.

Hair: Stealthic – Genesis Blondes


Lelutka Powder Pack was released on August 1 and the included items are just out of this world. Pumec is back again with a gorgeous skin called Lena in 5 skin tones, it also includes the body HUDs for each tone. Also included in the pack but not shown is a shape, eyebrow shaper and base skins for the body only, there is no face on the base skins.

Skin (new): Pumec – Lena March – Lelutka Powder Pack


Avi-Glam is in this month’s Powder Pack with Lure eyes and lashes, 12 eye colors with a Lelutka and Omega applier as well as a set of mesh eyes and HUD plus 4 amazing eyelash options are included from Avi-Glam.

Eyes (new): Avi-Glam – Lure Eyes – Lelutka Powder Pack

Eyelashes (new): Avi-Glam – Lure Eyelashes – Lelutka Powder Pack


OHeMO is back with an amazing set of brows, also included in the pack from OHeMO but not pictured is Eyeshadows, lashes, lipsticks, and moles. The brows come in 4 colors and only one style.

Brows (new): OHeMO – Powder Pack Brows – Lelutka Powder Pack

I will admit the next item took some doing to get the look I wanted. SlackGirl included a set of eyeshadows and eyeliners and I wanted to wear both. In order to get this to happen since they are both defaulted to the eyeshadow layer of the Lelutka head, I had to go in and turn off the routing on the HUD. Once that was done I was able to route the eyeliner to the blush layer and then the eyeshadow to the eyeshadow layer. This created a super unique look and allowed me to show you both appliers from SlackGirl.

Eyeshadow (new): SlackGirl – Priscila Eyeshadow – Lelutka Powder Pack

Eyeliner (new): SlackGirl – LowLine – Lelutka Powder Pack

SlackGirl Marketplace

Last but not least from this month’s Powder Pack is a beautiful set of lipsticks from The Face, also included from The Face is an all new skin and eyeshadows which are not pictured. There are 12 lipstick options included.

Lipstick (new): The Face – Sauce Lipstick – Lelutka Powder Pack


Lelutka Powder Pack Marketplace

Shape: West End – Sydney Lelutka Cate Shape



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Pineapple Passion

.:Joplino:. created this great pose called, Pineapple Babe as a Subscriber Gift for July 2017. Make sure to go snag it before the end of the month! It includes the pineapple props as well.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Destiny. This lovely skin comes in four different skin boxes. Two with appliers for the AK bento mesh head and 2 with Omega mesh appliers. Each in a dark or light skin box option with 4 skin tones each. These were modeled after the AK Bento mesh head but as seen in the picture, can be worn with any Omega friendly head. I have on the Freckled version in caramel from the light skinned Omega applier box with my Catwa Catya mesh head and Maitreya body. This applier not only applies to the face but also to Omega friendly bodies! All at once, no more struggling with multiple appliers. Also included is a great shape to wear. This skin is currently an exclusive over at Applique July 15- August 7

The ears I am wearing are the Mandala Steking Ears Season 5. They can be adjusted via hud to human, elf or pixie with a large palette of options for the jewelry and ear tips.

 Firelight Hair created the lovely Nacelle v2. This is an updated version with even more lovely textures and available in naturals or pastel packs.
 Sn@tch has a new release. The lovely Reflections Eyes. Unrigged mesh eyes in 30 colors with hud. System eyes and Omega applier also included! Also by Sn@tch is the lovely Morgana Eyeshadows which are on sale for Sn@tch and Grab this week. It includes 16 gothic eye makeup colors in system tattoo layers as well as Omega applier.

Aseriz created the lovely tattoo hand gold as a gift at Has#tag’s Anniversary round July 15-30.It includes system layers and appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, & Omega.

Dafnis designed the amazing Milly outfit for Has#tag’s Anniversary round July 15-30. It includes the bra and shorts and comes in sizes for Belleza, Isis, Freya, Venus, Maitreya, Lara, and Slink Physique and Hourglass, with a texture change hud as well with 10 colors in two options each for the shorts and bra.

 Sn@tch also has another great new release, the  Heart Locket Tattoos with three options in system tattoo layers and Omega applier created exclusively for Applique July 15-Aug 7

 Dark Passions is at Genre July 15 - August 12 with the new Sirens Claws nail appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Omega. This includes a texture hud with 9 different textures to choose from or mix and match.

[BREATHE] created the lovelyLimerance Heels for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink feet. Come with an ankle lock as well and a texture change hud for the sole and butterflies.

 .:Joplino:. created the great post set, Darleen. This set comes with 5 poses + mirrors.

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On July 20, 2017, the world lost one of the most influential musicians of my generation, Chester Bennington was found hanged in his home in California and for me, this was one of the hardest deaths I’ve had to figure out how to cope with. Picking a song from Linkin Park to go along with the styling in this blog is much harder than you’d ever think.  For me, every song they ever wrote was about breaking free of the box that holds you, becoming yourself, healing the wounds and fighting to be who and what you are meant to be. Linkin Park has been a huge influence on my life for 20 years and knowing that I will never again hear Chester belt out in his very unique voice a new tune that inspires you breaks my heart.

Indie Teepee is open right now and KraftWorks is there with this all new stage. I love this and it fits in so well with my tribute to Chester. The world is not a box is what the stage screams, with a rezzer to build it and a HUD to change the lighting with 9 colors there are so many things you can do with this stage, the possibilities are endless.

Stage (new): KraftWork – Not a Box Stage – Indie Teepee


Although you can’t see the outfit clearly in this picture you can see the amazing pose from Foxcity. Available currently at The Chapter Four in the half price room, Stairs is a set of 7 poses in total, 6 individually or a fatpack that includes the 7th pose. These poses are fabulous and Foxcity is killing it with the bento poses.

Pose (new): Foxcity – Stairs 5 – The Chapter Four


Here’s the amazing outfit, would I ever leave you hanging? Really? Lybra released this awesome set for N°21, there is no fatpack you can purchase the high waisted skirt and tank top separately in 10 colors each. The tank top comes with the solid and lace overlay top.

Top (new): Lybra – Paige Tank Top – N°21

Skirt (new): Lybra – Paige Skirt – N°21


Hair Fair is over but Stealthic released this awesome hair, with a style HUD that is now available in the main store location. I love this hair with its high ponytail and varying styles of over the shoulder hair. Available in all colors and an optional tint HUD for those that prefer to make their own hair color. This hair is also Bento fitted.

Hair: Stealthic – Paradox


These shoes from Breathe are at the latest round of Epiphany and are one of the rare options. The rare comes with the full-color HUD for a multitude of options.

Shoes (new): Breathe – Nanami Rare – The Epiphany 


Pose (new): Foxcity – Stairs 6M – The Chapter Four

Lumae has released an all new version of her Ella skin for Indie Teepee, with a darker makeup around the forehead and eyes and a tribal lip tattoo it’s so unique and fun, It comes in 4 skin tones with all the necessary appliers and is made for Catwa mesh heads only. There is a freckled and non-freckled version of each tone as well as several eyebrow color options.

Skin (new): Lumae – Apoc T4 Fawn – Indie Teepee


Mesange is at Genre with Borealis, a stunning set of multitone eyes available in 3 different packs of 5 colors each. These eyes are beautiful. They are unisex and have 4 size irises and include Omega appliers.

Eyes (new): Mesange – Borealis Eyes – Genre


P O E M A is at Applique with a gorgeous new set of eyelashes for Catwa only, the HUD includes 3 different lush eyelashes and they are just gorgeous.

Lashes (new): Poema – Ultra Lashes – Appliquè


Just Magnetized is also back at Applique with a lovely set of lip glosses, the shine is extreme and lovely and gives you just the right look for your glossy lip.

Lipgloss (new): Just Magnetized – Favourite Lip Gloss – Appliquè


Indulge Temptation brings you these amazing earrings and I will admit to mixing and matching two HUDs to create the colors that I wanted for this blog, I highly recommend buying all the colors just for that reason, you have so many options when you mix and match.

Earrings (new): Indulge Temptation – Bahija Earrings – TWE12VE


!NFINITY released these awesome bracelets for Men Only Monthly and yes they are a little big on me, there are a total of 3 sizes in 2 metal options with an engraver HUD included, ThinkOutside is what I put mine as, a reminder to think outside the box.

Bracelets (new): !NFINITY – Chain Letter Bracelet – Men Only Monthly


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Two Fux

I started a new job this week, after 2 years of slaving my way through as a retail store manager I am now sitting at a teller window, way less hours, way less work and best of all WAY LESS STRESS! I know I didn’t get all the hair from Hair Fair 2017 blogged that I wanted to, although I still have some amazing hair to share and Hair Fair is now over but you will, in most cases, be able to go to the main store locations and pick up the amazing hair designs from some of the best creators in Second Life.

The July 2017 round of The Epiphany is happening right now and MInimal is back with another set of Illusions backdrops. There is 9 total to win, 1 rare and 8 commons. The rare, seen here, is a subway car and so well done as with all Minimal backdrops.

Backdrop new: Minimal – Illusions III *1* Rare – The Epiphany 


I love Foxcity and the poses are so unique and fun, right now you can go to The Chapter Four and hit the half price room and get two pose packs for half price, that’s 125L a piece. Stairs, a standing pose set, includes 7 poses in total, pose 4 you only get in the fatpack but it’s totally worth getting it. Each pose also has a mirror so you actually get 14 poses in total.

Pose new: Foxcity – Stairs 1m – The Chapter Four


I love when two designers I not only adore but really, genuinely love their designs unintentionally put out something that creates a perfect outfit. ChicModa is back at Cosmopolitan with this super cute, ruffled, strapless halter top. It comes in 12 individual colors or a fatpack and the bow and ruffle are color change through the HUD. You have until July 23 to grab this at Cosmopolitan.

Shirt new: ChicModa – Jane Fatpack Cosmopolitan Event


These shorts though, from Riot they come in 20 individual denim colors or you can pick them up in a fatpack. Each pair comes with a HUD to change the lace, turn the lace on and off and metal change. These are available at Mesh Body Addicts right now.

Shorts new: Riot – Emma Denim Shorts – Mesh Body Addicts


This would be one of the amazing hairs that had been released for Hair Fair that I never had a chance to get to, but I bring it to you now. From Wasabi Pills this super cute, side braid comes with an accessory HUD to change the color of the bands and as always is available in all of Wasabi’s standard color pack. As of the writing of this blog, it is NOT available at the main store but keep your eye out because I’m sure it will be!

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Elle


Catwa Powder Pack released on July 17 and the included items are to die for. Pumec was in this month’s Powder Pack with a brand new skin in 3 tones with included body appliers. The Pumec pack also includes system skins, shape for Catwa Tala, and an eyebrow shaper. This is a really gorgeous skin and I couldn’t wait to share it.

Skin new: PumecElle January with Cleavage Maitreya body Applier – July Catwa Powder Pack


Just Magnetized released another Insta Beauty set which includes eyebrows and freckles (pictured) and eyeshadows and lipsticks (not pictured) There are 4 of each on the HUD and they are meant for Catwa only but they are gorgeous and I’m so happy to share them with you!

Eyebrows and Freckles new: Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty 02 – July Catwa Powder Pack

Just Magnetized Marketplace

Studio Exposure is back this month with 4 all new black and white eye makeup options. These styles are so much fun and so unique. I did have to apply the makeup then reapply my eyebrows but the look is stunning and so worth it.

Makeup new: Studio Exposure – Black & White Eyeshadow 3 – July Catwa Powder Pack

Izzie’s has a whole new, amazing pack including eyes, shadow and lipstick. I chose to share the stunning eyes, named Earthtones since they are all browns and greens and the gorgeous lipsticks that come with 10 colors included.

Eyes and lipstick new: Izzie’s – Moka Eyes Earthtones and Moka Lipstick – July Catwa Powder Pack

Izzie’s Marketplace

Powder Pack Marketplace

Breathe is at Epiphany with not one but two all new gacha machines, in the first machine there are two shoes, this one that is rare with a color change HUD and Jiro that is individual colors and are commons. I love these shoes so much I couldn’t wait to share them.

Shoes new: Breathe – Suzu Heels – The Epiphany




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Newness, Gifts and Gachas

My RL vacation is officially over and it's back to work in the morning. Whine, whine, the horror. LOL However, it's probably good for my "play money" budget! I picked up Magika's new hairstyle, Strawberries, at the store. It's so gorgeous! I particularly love the shiny texturing most obvious on the lighter colors. Black Swan has a GROUP GIFTIE out, the seriously hot Shadow Top & Short. Group Join is FREE, so you'd better go grab this one. I'm also modeling Black Swan's Make a Wish tattoo in the second pic.

I also popped over to The Epiphany event (the LM I give below is for the mirror location, easier to get in right now). I'm wearing Breathe's Nanami Heels, a rare, yay me, and Ersch's GIFT Donna necklace. The background I'm using (love, love, love) is also by Ersch, called Gatsby Gacha Backdrop 01 RARE, yay me again.

The poses I'm using are by NANTRA, called Look Book, and part of the Mega Pack in the store, consisting of 76 poses for only 500Ls. 76 poses! This is a steal price for quality/quantity.

Happy shopping!


Hair - Magika - InWorld Marketplace
Strawberries - New!!

Outfit - ! Black Swan !
Shadow Top & Short
Many, Many Sizes!!
Make A Wish Tattoo

[BREATHE] - Nanami Heels
The Epiphany until August 15th !!

ERSCH - Donna Necklace GIFT yellow
ERSCH - Gatsby Gacha Backdrop 01 RARE
@ The Epiphany until August 15th !!

Poses - {NANTRA}
Look Book 1, 2
Included in MEGA PACK
* * * * * * * *
More Store Information:

Eyes - *YS&YS* - Tresor Eyes for Lelutka Bento (Applier)

Eyelashes - A R T E - Lashes - Mixed Styles [LeLutka]
Powder Pack (Lelutka) July 2017 - More Info HERE

Lips - Blacklace Beauty - Jelly Gloss Sheers (Lelutka)

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
w/ Glam Affair Chloe Applier
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

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With everything going on in my RL lately I had to take a long, hard look at my life, the direction I was headed in and make some drastic decision. With the loss of my right hand at work due to circumstances beyond ANYONE’s control and having to promote someone into a position when all I really want to do is terminate her altogether, having to deal with the drama of a small town with small-minded people and so much more I chose to apply for a new job. I was informed yesterday I was selected for the position and I now have a goal, an end date for my hell if you will. Already I feel lighter, freer and I can breathe a little easier now.

One of the greatest parts of feeling free is that some of my spark for life is returning, feeling like my creativity is flowing again and my desire to return to doing things that I have always loved is coming back. Today I bring you an amazing new outfit from Lybra at Souled Out. Each individual color includes a HUD for the bodysuit and belt in 10 colors, however, if you decided to grab the fatpack you get a total of 16 colors for the belt, corset, and bodysuit to mix and match your style. The top can also be turned off for a naughty version.

Bodysuit: Lybra – Natalia Bodysuit – Souled Out


As the blogger manager for Image Essentials, it comes down to me to pick the person I think deserves the honor of being named Blogger of the Month. Each and every month I comb through each and every post, look at the amazing creations the bloggers present and make the very hard choice of narrowing it down to the top 3. At that point, I bug one of my friends to pick their favorite because I am so biased. We have an absolutely amazing team of bloggers and choosing just one is impossible for me. This month our blogger was Nicolas Baryl and as part of her prize, she gets a pose set named after her. GothNIC is inspired by Nicolas and is 5 poses plus mirrors available at Designer Circle starting June 25 and will be reduced to 200L for the duration of the event.

Pose: Image Essentials – GothNIC 4 – Designer Circle


I needed the perfect location for this picture and I remembered I had the Seul backdrops from The Epiphany. This background is the perfect display for an amazing outfit.

Backdrop: Seul – Fenti Store


I was not going to go to the Lootbox gacha event, I was going to behave and then I remembered Doe was there with 2 new hairs, *SIGHS LOUDLY* and of course I had to have them. Cue TP to Lootbox and a serious decimation of my Linden balance, but I got what I wanted so it worked out. There are 18 prizes altogether, 2 rares and 16 commons and I got lucky and got one of the rare packs!

Hair: Doe – Marigold Essentials Twotone Lootbox Rare – Lootbox

While there I saw that Glam Affair had a new gacha, I love Glam Affair and so, of course, I had to play. In true Glam Affair fashion, this skin is stunning and comes in a large variety of colors.

Skin: Glam Affair – Moana America – Lootbox


Mesange still does some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen in Second Life and this stunning set of eyes from We <3 Roleplay is no exception. With the standard 15 colors available at a discount of 25% off.

Eyes: Mesange – Thasia Eyes – We <3 RP


#adored is in the June Catwa Powder Pack with a fantastic set of eyeshadows and lipsticks. There is a HUD for both Catwa and Omega for each applier and the eyeshadow has 9 colors, the lipstick has 24 colors. Even though the Powder Pack has been released and you can no longer pre-order it at the reduced price you can still grab it for 3000L.

Makeup: #adored – enamored lips push pop edition, get blazed shadows totes faded edition – June Catwa Powder Pack

#adored Marketplace

Powder Pack Marketplace

ZOZ is at Cosmopolitan with 2 version of the Liquid Foil nail polish. The tones are stunning and so much fun I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Available in Slink, Maitreya, ZOZ mesh nails, Vista Bento and Omega or a fatpack for those ladies that mix and match their mesh body parts.

Nails: ZOZ – Liquid Foil 2 – Cosmopolitan Event


Indulge Temptation released these bracelets for the last round of Designer Circle, which is over now and a new round started but they were perfect for what I needed. In order to get the two different colors I wore one bracelet at a time and changed the metal. It’s brilliant.

Bracelets: Indulge Temptation – Akuti’s Bracelet HUD 3


I had seen the WIP for these shoes on Facebook and I knew I had to have them, the adorable, multi-layered bows on the back of the stiletto pump are just sexy and innocent at the same time.

Shoes: Breathe – Mayumi Heels – Lost and Found


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