Snow White

The gates are open for Enchantment! (does that weird out any Stranger Things fans?) For this round we are immersed in the world of Snow White.  You just have to love the gorgeous plants from Serenity Style ❤

Then there’s the dappled skin applier from Arise (LeLutka, Catwa and Omega) and the ‘do from Pink Hustler ❤

And a close up of the nails from Slack Girl and the choker and apple from !deviousMind<3

Aaaaaand pulled back a bit so you can see the length of the dress ❤

You have till the end of the month to get you fix for dwarfs in….then the gates are closed on this fairy tale ❤

*Pink Hustler* 8190 Hair (comes with the ribbon) (240L) @ Enchantment
Arise – Snow White makeup 1 (89L) @ Enchantment
Slack Girl -Upon the Time Nails (250L) @ Enchantment
!dM Possessed – Lil’ Miss Snow’s Locked Collar (125L) @ Enchantment
!dM Lil’ Miss Snow – LARA corset Dress **GOLD/AZURE** (500L) @ Enchantment
!dM Lil’ Miss Snow – LARA waist Rope **GOLD** @ Enchantment
!dM Lil’ Miss Snow – apple & pearls  @ Enchantment
Serenity Style-Mystic Mushrooms (mystic lights on touch) (125L) @ Enchantment
Serenity Style- Spy plants (light on touch) (125L)@ Enchantment
Serenity Style- Charm Flowers (125L)@ Enchantment
an lar – The Regina Series Pose (150L for the set) @ Enchantment
Catwa – Lona Bento Mesh head


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The Rose

Yesterdays wanderings through the Fantasy Faire took me to The Rose.

The Rose (Alia Baroque) – SLURL
In the Garden of senses silent footsteps echo through rich vaults of opulence and decadence, searching for the perfect spot where a stolen kiss can be unseen and languid murderous thoughts hidden behind a mask. This Rose blossoms in April through your gaze that tells her how beautiful she is.

Thoughts of Venice infuse your senses when you enter The Rose, a beautiful, incredibly detailed wonder of a sim.  Walkways and bridges abound to connect the buildings that are surrounded by water.

All manner of little nooks and crannies exist to heighten the adventure.

And yes, there IS a rose.  A beautiful rose hanging from the top of a 4 story atrium….showering petals down to the floor below.

The roots of the rose can be seen atop the atrium…..just stunning!

By the way…interested in a little Shakespeare today?  The Fairelands Players are putting on a production of Much Ado About Nothing at 1pm SLT today on Opal Flight, the arts and entertainment sim!  How much fun is that!?  Keep up on all the happening by checking the FF17 website regularly.  You can find a shopping guide, daily events, info on roleplaying and the updates for the ongoing quest (yes…there’s a quest!).

/Wasabi Pills/ Cleo Mesh Hair (from last years FF16!)
The Plastik – Koie skin applier on Chaddul Ro, they have male and female appliers for all the major heads and bodies (999L)@ FF17
!dM Datura – Lara Dress, Lace **LILAC** on The Rose (475L) @ FF17
Kei’s Baroque Violin on The Rose (200L) @ FF17
Kei’s Baroque Duet on The Rose (250L) @ FF17
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:dark
Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {goth/night}
Bauhaus Movement – Here She Comes pose


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