Aerwen’s First Piano Lesson-Collaboration Post

Aerwen was so excited to begin piano lessons that she couldn't wait to get home and play us the song she had learned. Chop sticks was the song, but we have faith she will learn even more as time progresses. It was a wonderful family moment with Aerwen, Gwen and I and one I will cherish. They sure do grow up way to fast!

 Something New created the beautiful pose prop called, Warmth of our Hearts . This exclusive for Gacha Good's Warm Your Heart Gacha and Shopping Event Nov 8-30, comes complete with piano prop and three attached poseballs for 2 adults and 1 tween sized avatar.
Collaboration post with Gwen Gudkov. See her blog here for information on what she and Aerwen are wearing.

  BIG NEWS on the 7 Deadly s[K]ins homefront. They have an new skin out called, Nature. But this skin box is special! It is part of the brand new Vista mesh bento head!! That's right, all 10 skin tones are part of the pre-programmed hud that comes with the head! (Watch for my next post where I am wearing the new head) You can purchase the matching body appliers for Omega and most major brands at the main store.
 Also Worn:
Catwa Catya head
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

!!Firelight!! created the Gen2 Special Charon Naturals hair. She comes with 9 colors in a texture hud in either of three color sets: naturals or colors or pastels. Also comes with a color wheel for tinting to your liking. This is an upgrade of the original Charon with a new/improved set of textures. (the original Gen1 texture hud is also included for naturals and pastels). At Twe12ve Nov 12-30

Dark Passions designed these great Coffee Is Love nails for the Autumn Frost Fair Nov 18-Dec 6. It includes 6 textures with appliers for Omega, Slink and Maitreya hands.

  Go Frock Yourself has some great gacha items out for us as well. The Thanksgiving Leggings Gacha comes with several different colors and patterns to be won and you can even coordinate them with the Thanksgiving Sweaters also in many different patterns and colors. These both are made to fit Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and standard fitmesh. Both rares have a 3 texture hud. These can be found at  Gacha Good's Warm Your Heart Gacha and Shopping Event
 REIGN. created the great Arianna Sneakers worn with the outfit. Several different colors are available or simply purchase the fatpack. They fit Slink, Maitreya, TMP and Belleza feet in flat and high options.
Mariposa makes it possible to have a warm and cozy living space with their Warm November Fire Place Set. This comes with 3 options, plain, fully furnished or with separate pieces that you can place as you wish. It is an exclusive at Gacha Good's Warm Your Heart Gacha and Shopping Event. Also at the event, they have the Warm November Gacha collection which compliments the Fireplace set. Shown from that collection is the Rug, Butterfly Shadow Box and Butterfly Tree. Another gacha they have at the event includes the Autumn Spiced candles, one of which is also shown on the table.

Dixie Dandelion has some great items for us as well. There are the Buck and Deer Luminaries with flame, in dark or light versions. They are exclusives at Gacha Good's Warm Your Heart Gacha and Shopping Event. Also another great gacha collection which includes the Ladder Fall Leaves Frames shown above which is a rare. You can add your own pictures to it and win several for Christmas presents! In fact, while you are there, check out all the other great gacha machines, gachas always make good presents.

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Carnival Comes to Town

 Ahhh the carnival! A time for fun and laughter. Perhaps even a few screams. Come closer, ride the carousel. A demon you say? Surely you jest! What is that, a werewolf? You are totally off your rocker now. Let's go visit the clown house, oh look at them, laugh, or perhaps, scream a bit.

7 Deadly s[K]ins has a great Halloween hunt happening now until November 1! There are 30 pumpkins to be found with some fantastic skins such as this one I am wearing. Cicely includes Omega face & body appliers for a sexy drow look. Worn is the dust tone.

Also worn:
Maitreya Lara Body4.1
 Catwa Catya head

Go Frock Yourself created these Black Cat Nail Appliers for Belleza, Slink and Omega. These come with a 10 texture hud so you can mix and match as well.

Angelic Designs created this amazing [Ellyllon] Carousel as an exclusive for Gacha Good's Ghost Town Oct 8-31. This carousel animates on touch and can be ridden. It's a beautiful addition to a carnival, roleplay, or other themed sim. The Halloween Street lanterns are part of a great gacha collection by Khargo and also can be found at the event.

Dixie Dandelion  has some great gachas for us as well at Gacha Good's Ghost Town Oct 8-31. Such as the Something Wicked Gacha collection with items such as the animated werewolf (RARE), Demon (RARE), and screaming soul rock.

{Get Frocked} designed this gorgeous exclusive Corset Gown for Gacha Good's Ghost Town . It is such a great gown for a formal affair, Halloween party or year round Gothic wear. The Wonderland Parasol was created by Immortals Avatars. An exclusive at the event as well. It looks great with the gown.

The pose here is part of the Alice pose collection. Alice is a 5 bento pose set by Fashiowl Poses for the Secret Hideout that opened Oct 8.
The Skelemingo Lawn Ornament is Part of the Something Wicked Gacha collection by Dixie Dandelion . Also shown above and below are items from the Oh The Blood Gacha collection also created by Dixie Dandelion . Shown is the (Rare) Bloody Butcher Shop, Dahmer's Work Bench, Fork & Spoon Bloody with Puddle, Evil Clown with Balloon, Sink with animated hand, Body lift and Beware sign.

Sweet Revolution created the Eternal Gothic Guardian ~ Gabriel which is shown above. This is one of the lovely statues in their gacha collection.

All of these items can be found at Gacha Good's Ghost Town Oct 8-31

 Another fantastic pose prop by Fashiowl Poses is Poison Te. This comes with 5 great poses for those hard working witches. Also available at the Secret Hideout

Inevitable Madness created the frightening Lilith - Make Up Collection as an exclusive for The Nightmare Event Oct 1-31..This includes an Omega applier with 5 different shades for the "blood" splatter with separate options for face and body, plus 5 shades of eyeshadow.

Devae. designed the eerie Mortis: Bloodstoned eyes. These are one of the many prizes in the Birthright Game by Pulse Games Oct 19-31

  This great hair is a new release by Sn@tch. Vamp Hair comes in two rigged mesh sizes and your choice of 6 different fantastic color packs. Right now, find it at the landing spot for the Birthright Game

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Dining In

 Gwen has to work late tonight, so I decided to make up a nice dinner for her and dine in tonight. I still have a few minutes before she arrives home, so I am looking over the menu I made of treats and tempting food for her to choose from. Waste? No, I'm never worried about waste, we have a pup that thinks he's a living garbage disposal.

 This great Halloween dining set was created by Khargo. It includes male/female animations with attachable props. It is an exclusive at Twe12ve Oct 12-31.

Dixie Dandelion created the cute Halloween Cat Window as an exclusive for Gacha Good's Ghost Town Oct 8-31. Put it up anywhere and instantly have a spooky look outside.
The [posh punkins] are a creation by Sass. Perfect for your Halloween decor.You can also find these at Twe12ve.

The lovely skin is Lima, created by 7 Deadly s[K]ins. It is a Omega applier based skin modeled after the LAQ bento mesh heads. It is available in 2 different skin boxes, tanned/dark or pale/light skins each with 6 skin tones. Also available for purchase is a special promo box with Lima in drow tone for only $50L in time for Halloween. There is also a shape available for purchase as well. These are all exclusively on sale at Dark Style Fair 5- Day of the Dead edition Oct 14-Nov 4 I am wearing the cashew tone from Box 2 in this picture.
 Mesh body parts worn:
LAQ Trinity mesh head
Maitreya Lara Body 4.1
Vista Animations Bento Prohands V2

Analog Dog created the lovely hair I am wearing. This is part of a gacha collection at Epiphany Oct 15-Nov15.
The eyes I am wearing are candid by .kosmetik. These include Catwa and Omega huds, plus mesh eyes in 20 colors. Available exclusively at Twe12ve.

Dark Passions created these cute nails named, Eye Envy. This is one of many sets available as a gacha prize at the the main store. One machine is for Maitreya nails and the other for Slink so be sure to play the one you need.
Indulge Temptation created the Itsy Bitsy Spider Necklace. It is 100% unrigged mesh necklace resizable, HUD driven, has 10 metal options, and between 8 -11 gem color versions, depending on the package. There are 6 different packages to choose from, each only $99L.This is also an exclusive at Twe12ve.

Hilly Haalan created these great Vegas Heels in 2 styles. They are compatible with SLink,TMP, Maitreya, NCore, and Eve feet.

Anny's Fashion designed the cute Hermione Full Set. This exclusive includes dress and leglets to fit Slink, Maitreya, TMP, and Belleza bodies. Absolute Poses created the great standing poses above as a gift. The set includes 3 poses.  Both of these items can also be found Twe12ve.

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Witch’s Holiday

 Lovely evening, sitting back and sipping some wine while admiring the new decorations in the spare room.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the lovely Key skin based on the Laqroki Gaia Bento mesh head. This is an Omega FACE&BODY applier skin that comes in 2 boxes (one pale/fair skins and the other is tanned/dark skins), each with 6 different tones ( I am wearing apricot). The light box skins are shown in the picture above. There is also included in each box, the special drow tone shown above just in time for Halloween, or even as a fantastic Roleplay skin.
Also worn:
Maitreya Lara Body4.1
 Catwa Catya head & mesh eyes

These great Unisex STEKING_EARS are a creation by [MANDALA]. With a hud of several textures for the jewelry and tattoo or paint for the ear tips. You  can even  change the ears from Human, pixie to elf as you wish with a convenient hud. Easily matched up to different skins, I really love these ears.
Sn@tch has a new release out. The Captive Web Tights are system tights in 18 colors plus Omega applier.
Orchid Petal Designs created the cute Magical Night - Lime Confetti Ensemble. This comes in 8 mesh sizes to fit standard SL body, Slink, eBody, Maitreya and Belleza. Pair of black panties with orange trim on all layers plus Omega appliers. Bonus unrigged Black Satin Pumps fitted for Slink High, resizeable by script. An exclusive at Scare Me Silly Oct 13-31

Orchid Petal Designs also created this great Mystic Skull Fortune Teller and Treat Giver. This will give a fortune to the person who touches it followed by a treat. There are 2 versions, one that is no copy no mod and gives pumpkin hats as treats and another that you can put your own treats into. This can also be found at Scare Me Silly

[Park Place] created the Witch's Home Wall Decor and  Halloween Lighted Potted Tree. Both are great accents to your decor. And on sale at Scare Me Silly

Another creation by [Park Place] is the Witch's Holiday Celebration Table. Also an item to be found at Scare Me Silly

 Moon. created the lovely Babeh hair which came in a fat pack for the October Luxe Box.
The Goth Rattan Hanging Chair is the 100% Diabetes item for [Park Place] at Scare Me Silly . This includes his and her menus, plus it is experience enabled.
The Ghoulish Desktop Aquarium is the pumpkin hunt item by  [Park Place].  This hunt takes place at Scare Me Silly

[Park Place] Floor Pillows-Black Cats features both singles &
cuddles animations. It is also experience enabled. Found as well at Scare Me Silly

Also shown are some of the rats which you would be hunting in the Birthright Game by Pulse Games Oct 19-31.. They wanted to come pay a visit of course. 

Dixie Dandelion made some really cute Halloween decor including this Halloween Tree. This can be found at the main store along with lots of other great items.

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Furnishings at The Wash

There are some great things on sale during The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale March 29-April 12. Lots of great stuff to decorate your home with and most for only 10L!

The Call It Spring Hall Table Set was created by Low Prim Living. It includes the items on the table and the pretty picture behind it. Also shown is a Sock Monkey by *PAN*, a fantastic Vintage Spring Pouffe (Hydrangea) by The Artist Shed. There are 4 different pouffes each with a different pose. Also we have the lovely blue braided rug by Wood Works. Each of this spectacular items are on sale now at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Hanging above the Hall Table is this really cute Fishing Pole Frame set by Dixie Dandelion. It has 2 places for you to add your own pictures as well. There is also a 10L version of this item that is not modifiable so be sure you choose the one you want. Both can be found at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Tiar created the Family Tree frames in 3 different colors. You simply add your own pictures to personalize it. My family is a bit..bigger than the tree though ♥ You can find this great wall art on sale at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Mystic Dragon Designs created the beautiful Maccon Vase set. There are 3 different sets to choose from, each beautiful. Another great item that is available at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Verocity created this great Curved Shelf which you can add your favorite collection to and display them proudly. This item can be found in the Totally Top Shelf's Treasure adventure happening now. Be sure to pick up your hud for this adventure at the main store. 

[Park Place] also has some great items at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale, such as the Water Lily Framed Poster and  Belgrave Drop-Leaf  Desk which actually opens up for you.

Low Prim Living also created the lovely Ashley Gossip Bench, and Framed Flowers & Seasons wall art. This bench has a naughty secret, with several adult animations as well as PG. Click on the picture for 8 different choices to display. This is another item on sale over at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Wood Works created some rugged stuff as well. Check it out guys and gals, it's the Westchester Gun Cabinet & Ammo box which can be found at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

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