Trying to break into decor blogging is not easy, most decor creators want to see a good amount of decor only blogs to give you a chance to officially blog for them and that is fine, I can completely understand. I have been a fashion blogger for so long it is odd for me to not include myself in a picture, but I did it and today’s blog is solely focused on decor. Just like a real home, I pulled some pieces from different designers across the grid to create what I hope is an inviting home. I’ll let you be the judge of whether I accomplished my goal or not.

I went to Scarlet Creative and being on a limited budget decided to check out her outlet area. I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely builds available at the outlet and the astonishing price. I picked up this lovely home for only 188L. It is unfurnished and comes with a rez box ready to build. The most fabulous thing about this stunning build is that it is only 57 LI and I’m going to take you on a little tour.

HouseScarlet Creative – Saturday Morning


LandscapingLittle Branch – Giant Cedar Animated Seasons

Sugar Maple V3 Seasons

Pink Poppies Field


This is a skybox build so technically there is not an entryway, however, I think of it as one. I created a cozy little nook to have coffee or read a book and I had some help from two amazing designers that I officially blog for. The gorgeous mirror and wall art comes with color change HUDs. The mirrors are available in 5 individual packs or a fatpack. There is also a special Yule version for Christmas. The gorgeous leaf wall art comes in two packs or a fatpack.

Mirror *new*The Plastik – Cathere Mirror Nebula

Art *new*The Plastik – Leava Panel Fades – The Liaison Collaborative


I complete the entrance with these funky chairs from KraftWork, the included texture change offers you 9 color options.

ChairsKraftWork – Helder Modern Arm Chair


Other Decor: Bazar – Toronto Coffee Art

Sickly Sweet – Potted Flower Bush


Trompe Loeil – Amelie Swan Chaise


Domus – Floor Lamp Dark Wood

HEXtraordinary  – Phoenix Curio


Step around the corner and you’ll find a neat little nook kitchen, this is perfect for your bachelor pad, to have a friend over or simply enjoy the view out the window. I included a few things from KraftWork to complete my kitchen set. This fridge was created as a group gift for the month of September and is still available to group members. Join the group for 25L and pick up this and so many other gifts available in the store. The nook contains poses and the awesome toaster radio is part of a gacha set.

DecorKraftWork – Chalk Fridge Group Gift

Modern Tete a Tete

Vintage Tea Toaster Radio


When you enter the living room, the funky mismatched furniture and decor will catch your eye. I love colonial furniture because you can match it with anything. I chose a funky tapestry and woven throw rug to complete my look.

Furniture:  – Victoria Leather White Sofa, lamp, end table, coffee table

Rug: – Multicolor Rung Sunshine

Other DecorTarte – Lighted Tapestry Earth

Upcycled Easel Lights Periwinkle

Blue Sky – Cork Love Wood

Sickly Sweet – Board Love Story

Head on upstairs with me to the area I lovingly call my “wreck room”. Honestly, this area is just a fun area to sit and reflect, read, write, whatever it is that completes you. I chose this gorgeous decor set from Goose for this blog, I have used them before and I had to go in an update my pictures but that is the beauty of this set, you can change the pictures to your heart’s content.

 Furniture: Goose – Love and Family Set


RugIzzie’s – Sculpted Rug Light Blue


 Last but most certainly not least is the bedroom area, step across from the wreck room into this open floor plan bedroom. I found this fabulous bed from KraftWork and built around it with some awesome decor from Apple Fall. The bed comes with built-in poses and is available in an adult or PG version. It comes with a texture change option to change the picture on the back headboard and the coolest part is it folds up into itself to create what looks like a row of lockers. The other decor is from an older Apple Fall gacha but it completes the set so well.

BedKraftWork – Murphy Bed PG


Other DecorApple Fall – Paris Gacha – Reflector Light/Travel Drawers/Plaid Luggage Bag

Tinwhistles Gacha – barrel chair





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