Between The Stars

There is such a sad love a pale jewel that was within her eyes till she discovered that which was between the stars. Her cold heart would warm as she had finally found that which hid between the stars. He is always there for her, even in the end he is always her constant as her world seems to always fall down. His love between the stars is a comfort to her in her pain and eternally she is His.

If you dont know what that is referencing I will link the song below, and I know it will give away my age. Whenever I feel sad or feel anything melancholy I go to David Bowie as he spun a melody for my ears though out my childhood I loved and and always will. I truly hope you love this post and thank you as always for viewing ♥


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:[ MUDSKIN ]_Sora

Hair: [DUE] Yumi @Kustom 9

Eyes: A R T E - Tech Eyes @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Lashes: [okkbye] BabyDoll Lashes

Marking: CURELESS [+] Leoninus Marking (v.1) @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥


Stars on Head: E.V.E 5-Pointed Stars Rings {White/Gold} Collar Version @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Extra Hands: 08_{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Yubikiri White @Kagami


Vinyl - Twenty Turtleneck @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Vinyl - Matchbox Bustier @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[[ Masoom ]] Becca Bento gloves @ TresChic ~Thank You ♥

-AZUL- Dakota RiggedMesh Skirt(XS) /Pearl  @ Trunk Show ~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose:Serendipity: loss of balance...(2)

Botanical - Waterlily cluster  - White v1.1

[TUFF] Stone Path

{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] 1prim sculpt

Large Stars around me: E.V.E 5-Pointed Stars Rings {White/Gold} @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥


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Steps to Bliss


Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *MARLEE*  @ The Trunk Show~Thank You ♥ *Opens August 19th at 1 pm slt*

Skin: amara beauty – Powder Pack Feb 2017 – Kelly (tone 6)


Dress: *SK* EmiliaWhite   @ The Trunk Show~Thank You ♥ *Opens August 19th at 1 pm slt*

Pantis: Addams // Galera Lingerie Panty // N*1

Boquet: FOXCITY. Flowers-1 Prop Bouquet (part of the FOXCITY. Flowers Bento Set)

On set

Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Wedding vase column @ The Trunk Show~Thank You ♥ *Opens August 19th at 1 pm slt*

Rebirth – A sculpture by Khyle Sion at ~Refined Wild~

Woods 2 Path Light Rays by  Studio Skye

-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE

6 {anc} NO LIMITS.flying doves [ham-pink]

{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] flat 1prim

+Half-Deer+ Simple Cloud Set [White]

A.V. Aurora Elven Arches

E.V.E Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights

E.V.E Stars Fireflies Light Path

[TUFF] Stone Steps SC_CurveLeft

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How you turn my world….

Let me admit it now, I have an obsession with components of items. How does it work, what makes it tick so to speak. How it does it work. Needless to say this Industrial Lights set from Static at Gacha Guardians sparked that interest. They are gorgeous and make you want to look closer as to how they are made, how do they  work… If you haven’t seen them go ahead and swing buy and take a look. As always thank you for viewing♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: [RA] Jessica Hair – Browns @ Hairology ~Thank You ♥

Skin: ::Modish:: Eva [Catwa] (F03) ~Thank You ♥


Collar: .::Supernatural::. Brooke [Black] @ Fetish Fair ~Thank You ♥

Gloves: [[ Masoom ]] Octavia gloves @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair~Thank You ♥    


.SALT – EMME OUFIT – ONYX [C) RARE @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose: FOXCITY. Cutiepie-5 (Fatpack Exclusive)

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 04 Hanging Bulb @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 07 Cage Light @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 02 Hanging Bulb @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 05 Hanging Bulb @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 12 Desk Light @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 14 Hurricane Lamp @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 09 Desk Light @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 15 Bulb Lamp @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

E.V.E Propelling Gears Clock {G}

E.V.E Propelling Gears Sun Dial {G}

E.V.E Propelling Gears Classic {G}

E.V.E Propelling Gears Cloud {G}

E.V.E Propelling Gears Sun {G}

-VIXX- Mesh backdrop – Minimalist

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Enchanted Daydreams

This beautiful set from Since 1975 takes you to a magical place. With its lovely Water filled pianos and its tree home, it inspires the little pixie/fae in all of us. Its at this round of Gacha Garden, head on over and take a peek. As always thank you for viewing ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair:pr!tty – Lemon @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes Winter

Skin:*Birth* 3rd Gen ‘Willow’ Catwa (Annie) Applier – 02. Tone~Thank You ♥

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017


Decoy – Forest Fae: Wings (Pink) (Bento)

Decoy – Forest Fae: Torso Vines (Petal) (Maitreya)

Decoy – Forest Fae: Leg Vines (Gold) (Maitreya)

Decoy – Forest Fae: Arm Vines (Petal)


Decoy – Forest Fae: Bikini Outfit (Petal) (Maitreya)


This set is The Fairy Tale Gacha set from Since 1975 @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleGarden-House RARE @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleGarden – PlayablePiano SOI @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleG-Mushrooms @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleG-SpiderLamp Black @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleG-SpiderLamp Pink @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleG-Swing @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[Since1975]FairytaleGarden-Glitter @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

:BoWillow: Moon Reeds – Red (x3) @ The Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

~*GOD*~ Fallen Grandtree – Huge –

TLG – Crystal Ferns Lantern

Trompe Loeil – Caparra Wall Ivy Center Left Teal

Trompe Loeil – Caparra Wall Ivy Center Right Pink

CR– Mesh Vines with materials

Stormwood: Timber Tiptoe Path – Straight

E.V.E KOI (MOD) Square Confetti Path – Strawberry ice cream

striped mocha – lotus candle holder – purple

JIAN :: Fallen Bunny Log

JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Look L

JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Look R

JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Look Up R

JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Sit

JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Sit

*Second Spaces* game of war

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Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open till May 20th
The Liaison Collaborative is open till May 30th
Enchantment is open till May 31st
Collabor88 is open till June 6th

.AiShA. Victoria Top Hat @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival till May 20th
.AiShA. Victoria Shirt Maitreya Black @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
.AiShA. Victoria Cuffs Maitreya White @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
.AiShA. Victoria Skirt Maitreya Black @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
.AiShA. Bow Collar Black@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
E.V.E Ivy with Bioluminescent Fungus [A] Nat @ The Liaison Collaborative
E.V.E Rapunzel in Evie Black Tower @ Enchantment
Monso – My Hair Jane @ Collabor88
[Akeruka] Mesh Head Valerie Vers. 2.6 Bento
Bauhaus Movement – Zelda 5 Pose (head slightly modified)

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Steampunk Isle

I loooove anything steampunk….truly.  Damn…I have a million KittyCats…I need a steampunk kitty!  Anyway, Eudora has this fab hat and monocle at We Love Role-Play right now and I just could not resist those or the cool gear stones from Mushilu.  It all works with the chest armour from paper moon and some flashy blue hair.  The skin applier from Axix can be found there too!

::Axix:: Nimue Skin Applier for Catwa in natural (350L)  @ We Love Role-Play till the end of the month
Catwa – Lona bento mesh head
Eudora3D Steam TopHat Sand @ We Love Role-Play
Eudora3D Steam Monocle @ We Love Role-Play
*pm* St. Monica Chest Armour: Laurels – Maitreya (408L) @ We Love Role-Play
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Diamona hair (190L) @ We Love Role-Play
Mushilu – Stone 1 Moos (250L for the set) @ We Love Role-Play
Mushilu – Stone 2 Hole Moos Gear Cooper @ We Love Role-Play
Mushilu – Stone 3 Moos @ We Love Role-Play
Mushilu – Stone 4 Moos Gear Cooper @ We Love Role-Play
E.V.E KOI Glitter Waves {Gold-03} (338L) @ We Love Role-Play
{anc} miniature/H. swans {cocoa}
Garden- by anc curly forest grass {pastel pink}mesh 1Li
Garden- by anc curly forest grass {poison}mesh 1Li
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red[B]1Li
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:dark[A]1Li
Bauhaus Movement – Clio Pose (50L)

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Music of the Night

Softly, deftly, music shall caress you
hear it, fear it, secretly possess you
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
this darkness which you know you cannot fight
The darkness of the music of the night

The Music of the Night    Andrew Lloyd Webber’s – The Phantom of the Opera

Amazing cello prop and pose by Bauhaus Movement…available now at The Liaison Collaborative till the end of the month!  There are 6 different poses with props…one sexier than the next ❤

Still wearing the Lumae Ella skin and Catwa Lona head from Skin Fair 2017…such a gorgeous combo!  The fair closes on the 26th…so you have 3 days to fill up on fabulousness! ❤

We Love Role-Play is still open, also till the end of the month, and you can pick up these cool poison rain spikes by E.V.E … they’re static and would look amazing just hanging from a ceiling (makes note to self to hang gold spikes from the ceiling) or in a cave, hanging from trees…so many possibilities.  They are mod so you can make them as big or small as you need for your space.  Also at We ❤ RP this month is Aisha’s Lavin top, a short sexy strappy top that will literally go with anything! ❤

Ever wonder how designers come up with the names they give their creations?  I do… all the time.  I’ve always said I want the job of the person who has to come up with the themes and names of the OPI nail polish.  My current favorite is a shimmery brown called Squeaker of the House, from the Washington D.C. Collection (this past Fall).  But my all time go to is a magnificent blue called St. Marks the Spot ….spectacular and always trendy.  Anyway…naming things….how does that come about?  I was wondering that as I was ohhhhing over Analog Dogs newest hairdo, chaise.  Yep, that’s the name….chaise.  I LOVE it.  I personally am a fan of chaise lounges…they scream classy and invite laziness…fabulous combo.  The ‘do is long, wavy and sexy … so maybe it’s all in the characteristics?  Queue always has really interesting names for her ‘do’s…the short bob from the other day is called lychee…it’s a very pretty and aromatic fruit (I looked it up).   Soooo…characteristics….close your eyes and point to a word in the dictionary….roll of the dice…what?  Random inconsequential musings … carry on ❤

Analog Dog – chaise – LIGHT BLONDES (275L) – NEW!
CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 (5,000L) @ Skin Fair 2017 till March 26th
Lumae :: Ella for Catwa Lona head in T3 Shell/Bare (495L) @ Skin Fair 2017 till March 26th
.AiShA. Lavin Top Maitreya Brown (113L) @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Apocalyptica Cello PROP 3 (399L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
E.V.E Poison Rain Spikes Grass M01{Gold} (225L) @ We Love Role-Play




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Night Queen

I dont know how, I dont know why, but somehow this took me to a darker place….a much darker place. So this Mask we will start with the textures and the shine. Defiantly a dark goodie to pick up from Chemical Princess. It combined well with the Darkness Makeup from nightmare and then it was on. Thank you both for awesome goodies that were finished off with the tattoo from Suicide Gurls.

Makeup: Nightmare :: The Darkness Set @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

Bikini: #EMPIRE – Minikini – Maitreya – metalblack – RARE

Eyes: .kosmetik – Eyes.illumi

Skin: ::Modish:: Leta [PowderPackFebruary]

Hair: A&Y Dext Cyber Hair (Female) – Black

Harness/Dress: S&P harness gown Ivy

Tattoo:Suicide Gurls: Sonya Unisex Tattoo @ Rally to Rescue

Collar: 9. [CX] Enthrall Collar (Black+Maitreya)

Gloves: [CX] 22 The Iron Maiden Gloves – Black (Maitreya) @ The Arcade

Mask/Crown: Chemical Princess {Crown Mask with Hud}

Chains: E.V.E GHOST CHAINS Black Chrome pack RARE

Prop: Hellraiser Box (MADE IT FOR PHOTO)

Blades: CUREMORE / Shinjuku Rioters / Blades Halo / BLACK

Claws: *QweenB* Monster Claws – RARE

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520 Be Your Own Harley


As more and more news leaks about the Sirens movie, I wanted to embrace Harley and well WetCat/ Astralia helped with the motivation.

Yeah so we all know Harley Quinn as the bad guy, the jokers love and side kick. We also need to remember that she is a strong intelligent and funny woman. We all have a bit of Harley in us!

There is so many ways I could have gone with this post but I went a different way, and its a way I challenge other bloggers too as well. Find your inner Harley, bring her our how you want!

This pose set is a brand new release from Wet Cat and Astralia at the Whore  Couture Fair. The Harlequin cage is so well done with the swing details, awesome poses and detailing, every one should want one! I am honoured to be able to show this item off and say go check it out!!

Be Your Own Harley

My awesome dress is from ChicModa, this is a new store release and the dress itself is totally re-textured version of the January BishBox Dress. It is so cute but very sexy harleyesque with it and is going to carry us through into Spring as one of those pretty dresses we have to have.


I saw this hair in those pre-Arcade adverts and just had to have it! It is cute, sexy and almost a little vintage in some ways. Clawtooth always puts out for the Arcade and this round is no exception for both of her hairs!

This skin I have bought to you previously but it is discounted this round at The Avenue so be sure to pop over and grab it up, it is an applier skin designed for the Lelutka head and as always with Lumae’s skins it comes boxed with a whole host of body appliers including omega. It comes bare but has some great lippy options.

Pose-Wet Cat– HarleyQuinn Cage Prop- Whore Couture Fair 7

Astralia & ::Wetcat::-

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Yulia LeLutka Appliers –Half Price for  The Avenue


Body/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hands- Vista Animations-Bento Pro Hands

Finger Nails-Spellbound–  Spooky Salon-Sugar High – The Arcade

Spellbound // Spooky Salon @ The Arcade

Hair-Clawtooth– Pixie Fluff   – The Arcade

Pixie Fluff (Unrigged mesh) and Eleganza (Fitted Mesh) Coming Soon to The Arcade Gacha Events!

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Dress-ChicModa– Gemma Dress

ChicModa // Gemma II

 Shoes- Glamistry–Trillium

AVAILABLE NOW: Trillium by Glamistry

Gold Bubbles- E.V.E – Golden Translucent Bubbles


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