.Growth and Renewal.

Deep within the deepest recesses of the Forbidden Forest lives a Nature Spirit, and although solitary in nature she is the one that maintains the balance within. Every animal and every plant has their own life cycle, their own way about things... and it is her job to ensure they have everything they need to succeed whether it be pulling back a section of tree canopy to allow light to shine upon them, or reworking the land to pull a stream closer to support their growing animal population. She makes her rounds daily, checking on this and that before moving silently through the trees to her next task.

What I'm wearing: 
Head: Catwa - Kimberly **BENTO**
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Skin / Applier: League - Ella - Sunkiss
Hair: Exile - Rain or Shine - Rain - Dark Browns **Old Arcade Item**
Horns: Moon Sha - Light Horns - Black   **FGC**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes - Quicksilver
Wings: Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Wings - Black / RARE  **The Arcade**
Top: Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Bra - Black **The Arcade**
Panties: Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Panties - Black   **The Arcade**
Rings: Kibitz - Nightmare Rings - Gold
Nails: Formanails - Stiletto Nails - Black / Gold

Poses: Thrust Poses

Skye - Enchanted Trees
Birdy/Alchemy -Forest Babies  - Squirrel - Red **Old Gacha Item**
+Half-Deer+ - Sleeping Deer Fawn - Chocolate

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.The Clouds are Far Behind Me.

Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me, where trouble melts like lemon drops high above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me! Somewhere over the rainbow...

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Kimberly **BENTO**
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Merilyn - Eastern
Hair: Truth Hair - Delaney **NEW**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes - Quicksilver
Necklace: Yummy - Embelished Key Necklace - Silver
Rings: Izzie's - Celestial Midi Rings - Silver
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails
Trumpet: Balaclava - Marchin' On - Lead Trumpet  **Old Gacha Item**
Top: Alt By Truth - Paddington Sweater  **NEW**
Tie:  Blueberry - Ember Tied Scarf
Jeans: Cynful - Anyday Jeans
Shoes: REIGN - Arianna Sneakers **C88**

Pose: Thrust Poses

Furniture / Decor: 
ISON - Fatty Ram - Black - Rare **Old Gacha Item**
ISON - Fatty Ram - White **Old Gacha Item**
What Next - Summer House Window Seat & Shelves (Summery)
Dust Bunny - storybook living - cake tin planter **Old Gacha Item**
Consignment - Open Road Collection - Radio   **Old Gacha Item**
Soy - Super long Hanging Hedera
Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Mr. Bigglesworth  -  White    **Old Gacha Item**
+Half-Deer+ - Cat Clutter - Toys Toys Toys - Pink
+Half-Deer+ - Faux Window - Dawn and Dusk (High Blinds)
+Half-Deer+ - Origami Dream - Crane - Music - Static
Noodles - Books to SET **Old Gacha Item**
Fancy Decor -Music Stand (white)
SORGO -  Ouaja Board  **Old Gacha Item**
8F8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Off the Hook    **Old Gacha Item**
Lisp  - Mathilda Lamp
Vespertine - bookstacks **Old Gacha Item**
Pilot  - Hollywood Sign  **Old Gacha Item**

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.Red Devil.

"Come all you young sailormen now listen to me, I'll sing you a song of the fish in the sea... and it's windy weather, boys! Stormy weather, boys! When the wind blows we're all together, boys! Blow ye winds Westerly, blow ye winds blow! Jolly Sou'Western, boys! Steady she goes!"

What I'm wearing: 
Head:  Catwa - Catya **BENTO**
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Glam Affair - Alexa Applier ( Catwa ) Jamaica 03 RARE  **K9**
Hair: Truth Hair - JoJo **UBER**
Hat: Alchemy - Pirate Hat - Brown  **Old Gacha Item**
Eyepatch: OtC - Patches
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey eyes (Quicksilver)
Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel - CATWA Eyeshadow - Smokey Boudoir **NEW**
Scars: Deetalez - *Appliers* for CATWA Heads *Cuts & Scars* No. 2
Tattoo: Reckless - Paine
Leg Tattoo: Identity - Broken Glass
Leg Wrap Dagger: The Forge - Leg Dagger, Female, Black **Old Gacha Item**
Whiskey: Erratic -  home - whiskey **Old Gacha Item**
Pistol: BAMSE - Yarrr! (GUN) - Snake **Old Gacha Item**
Outfit: Luas - Morrigan Set - Black RARE  **FGC**

Pose: Thrust poses

Zenith - Wood Elf Ranger Long Sword - Gold  **Old Gacha Item**
Isil - *Nautica* Fishing Net **Old Gacha Item**
Isil - *Nautica* Ship Wheel - Victory  **Old Gacha Item**
Floorplan - Porthole Mirror
+Half-Deer+ - Tropical Bird - Bali Starling (Standing)
+Half-Deer+ - Tropical Birds - Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (Static)
Random Matter - Lost & Forgotten - Telescope [Silver]
oyasumi - rowboat bench

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.Watching Over You.

As I sit high upon my perch in the clouds, I look upon the people down below in such wonderment. From this height they almost seem like tiny little ants, scurrying around from task to task. Some would argue that my time is wasted, that the human race is doomed by all the hatred and intolerance in the world but I know better. I've seen love. I've seen it in all it's glory from a child's hug to the sorrow felt when a loved one passes on to the next world, and it's that kind of love that creates a ripple effect. It's felt from tide to tide... Love knows no bounds, and this is why I believe in their salvation.

What I'm wearing: 
Head: Catwa - Catya **BENTO**
Applier: Deetalez - Merilyn - Eastern
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Truth Hair  - Wind - Whites **Epiphany**
Halo: Souzou Eien - Choir of Angels - Principalities Halo - ULTRARARE  **Old gacha item**
Halo2: Plastik - Shattered Angel - Seraph's Halo (Pure) RARE  **Old gacha item**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes - Quicksilver
Eyebrows: L'Etre - Arched Eyebrows - Light
Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel - CATWA Eyeshadow - Smokey Boudoir   **NEW**
Ears: Maitreya - Steking Ears
Wings: Blueberry - Oakley Wings - White RARE  **Old gacha item**
Outfit: Luas - Alika Silks Set  **FGC** -opens Feb. 7th, 2017!-
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails

Poses: Thrust poses

+Half-Deer+ - Simple Clouds
Keke  - Star Glitter
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.Lofty Perch.

Contrary to popular belief, there are guardian angels in the world and unfortunately, as faith fades away, their number dwindle and they're stretched thin. Only the strongest survive, their faith in humanity unswayed by current events. It's the little things that sustain them... a young man opening a door for an elderly woman, a car stopping traffic to allow a family of ducks to pass on a busy thorough fair, true friendship shining through in a friend's low moments... these things allow us to persist, to believe, to allow hope into our hearts to outshine the darkness. These things are few and far between, especially in their true form.. but when they happen... and they do happen, it creates a ripple effect. A notion of spreading it forward. A slight shift in one's perception of the world. And it's glorious.

What I'm wearing: 
Head: Catwa - Catya -BENTO-
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Merilyn (Eastern)
Hair: Truth Hair - Miriam  **NEW**
Horns: Lovely Disarray - Hellion Horns **Kawaii Project**
Mask: Blueberry - Showtime - Mask (Pure) **Old Gacha Item**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace: Mandala - Yakushi -  White
Lips: L'Etre - Luminosity #6 (Faded)
Bracelets: QweenB - Sisi bracelets **Old Gacha Item**
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails (Pointy)
Wings: Blueberry - Angelberry - RARE - Wings - Pure  -BENTO- **Epiphany**
Dress: Alt By Truth - Daze Dress  **NEW**
Boots: REIGN - Kendall Boots

Pose: Thrust Poses - On the Floor Pose Set

Decor / Furniture: 
+Half-Deer+ - Simple Cloud
Keke - Star Glitter
{anc} cocktailbird / nestchair : white / RARE **Old Gacha Item**

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There are many different agents of fate, not only one, or three, as you've been told. Some of us bring happiness, others bring pain... some bring death, and renewal, so we can all start over again. I, myself, am a weaver of fate. I'm the one that draws you to the one you're meant to be with, those fragile strands gently intertwined in the perfect moment in time. Unfortunately, most people are too caught up in their daily lives or staring down at their phone to notice their match right in front of them. That's when I have to get creative!

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Catya -Bento-
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Merilyn (Eastern)
Halo: Blueberry - Angelberry -Common- Halo - Pure  **Epiphany**
Hair: Truth Hair - Kingdom's Gacha - Ice  **Epiphany**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Eyeliner: Deetalez - Eyeliner for Catwa
Ears: Mandala - Hutuu Ears
Lipstick: L'Etre - Luminosity #6
Necklace: Empyrean Forge - Talia's Heart
Wings: Blueberry - Angelberry - RARE - Wings - Pure **Epiphany** -Bento-
Bra: Blueberry - Angelberry -Common- Bra - Lover  **Epiphany**
Corset: Blueberry - Angelberry -Common- Corset - Lover **Epiphany**
Panties: Blueberry - Angelberry -Common- Panties - Lover **Epiphany**
Shoes: REIGN - Gladiator Heels (Pomegranate)

Pose: Thrust Poses

Clouds w/Roses: Blueberry -  Mykonos - 25 Plays - On Cloud 9 **Old Gacha Reward**
Clouds: +Half-Deer+ - Simple Clouds
Stars: Keke - Star Glitter

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.Reps and Rest.

It's a wild card day! We've been workin' out and resting, but since the pups broke in here during the workout, I have to admit it's mostly resting. Who could resist those cute little faces?! Good friends, good times and lots of snuggles. Who could ask for anything more?

Wearing (Left): 
Head: Lelutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Shiroi - Jamaica
Hair: Truth Hair - Ari
Eyes: IKON - Triumph Eyes - Green
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears (Season3)
Necklace: Swallow - Rosary Necklace
Wrist: Tee*Fy - Colour Blocking Minimalism  Bangle  MonoTone
Watch: Reckless - Ethereal Watch
Nails: Wicked Peach - Onyx Nails
Top: Tres Blah - Fitted Tee (Maitreya) - Cat Icon
Pants: Blueberry - Cake Leggings **NEW**
Shoes: REIGN - Arianna Sneakers **C88**

Wearing (Right):
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Merilyn (Eastern)
Ears: Mandala - Hutuu Ears
Hair: Truth Hair - Gaea  **VIP**
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes (Oak)
Necklace / Earrings: Amala - The Shell Set (Silver)
Wrists: Amorous - Bangled
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails
Tattoo: Reckless - Cole II
Top: [Azuchi] - Jill Studded Top Black
Pants: Blueberry - Minerva Joggers **C88**
Shoes: REIGN - Arianna Sneakers  **C88**

Puppies: Black Bantam - Golden Retriever Puppies

Furniture / Decor: 
PILOT - Pilates Mat Rack **C88**
PILOT - Stability Ball Rack **C88**
PILOT - Balance Trainer [Green] **C88**
Flite - Tote Bag - Khan - Common #3 **Old Gacha Item**
Junk - boho curtain
Half-Deer - Faux Window - Sunny Day (High Blinds)
Soy - Super Long Hanging Hedera
Trompe Loeil - Abstract Paintings (From Cobble Hill Bedroom Set)

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