Badass Chick

Sometimes I am really in the mood for a blog post, but where to get an idea? I am not sponsored at all (yet), so usually I get an idea either by seeing a pose I love, by a song I hear, or an outfit I get.
But today I was lost. Until a friend told me about how much he adores the Suicide Girls. So I did some research about them. No wonder he loves them *evil grin*

So this is what came to my mind after some shopping spree :D

Badass Chick

Pose & Prop: Imitation – Gun V2 5 1

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Rise Strong
Hair: eXxEsS : SAVA Mesh Hair – A
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Lavatera

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Swirling thoughts

Most of the nights, when I go to bed, my head gets a life of it’s own. Fragments of sentences of the say seem to swing through the room, and my head spins as if it wants to ponder on everything I heard or deal with at the same time.

That is when I get up, that is when you see me in the middle of the night on SL. Until I feel “brain dead” and drop into bed, sleeping before my rebelling head hits the pillow^^

Swirling thoughts

Pose: Imitation – Sabi 5 B

Curtains front: Kalopsia – Flying Curtain
Curtains back: .:UR:. Extra Long Drapes – 1 (full perm mesh)
Lights: Botanical – Decorative Light Set – Ellipse Scattered 4x8m
Papers: Kalopsia – Flying Paper

What I am wearing:
Lingerie: erratic / marija – lingerie / pink lace (maitreya) @ Collabor88
Hair: TRUTH Imani

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When I saw this outfit from Addams, it immediately reminded me of my favorite outfit in the 80s. Yes yes I know, we all think of different colors, we think of shoulderpads that made us look like huge closets, we think of blue netshirts pulled over green t-shirts. And yes, I also wore that too. A lot. Guilty as charged. But my favorite was this. A denim overall, a shirt. Ok ok, my Mom would have never allowed the shirt to be so short or the pants ripped to pieces (as she would have called it), but there were ways… and I know you know what I am talking about.

Enough damaging my innocent reputation, let me show you what I am talking about


Pose: Imitation – Sabi 3
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Underground Background -1-
Taken @ Backdrop City

Top: Addams // Jane Crop Top
Overall: Addams // Jane Denim Overoll
Hair: TRUTH Imani
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Lavatera

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Show some respect!

One thing I noticed on SL pretty much since I logged on the very first time about nine years ago, something that made me mad several times lately: The lack of respect by some people. Eight out of ten conversations start like “Hi…. how are you.. where are you from… are you married.. do you have kids?” And at that point the conversation ends from my side. This feels like running into my privacy with a bulldozer. And not just once I was called a fake because I refuse to answer those questions.
For a long time already it makes me laugh. Most of the time I imagine how those guys run into a bar rl and do the same there. I wonder how often they might leave the bar with a bloody nose?^^

Treat others like you want to be treated. RL and SL!

C88 01


Pose: Imitation – Dalina 3

Kimono with Top: Tres Blah – Elle Kimono @ Collabor88
Pants: Blueberry – Cake – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink
Hair: Exile – Relentless @ Collabor88

Let me show you this hair a little closer:

C88 Close up

Pose: Imitation – Dalina 1

Hair: Exile – Relentless @ Collabor88
Eyeshadow: Studio Exposure – S.E December Gift – Catwa Christmas Makeup Collection
Lipstick: A R T E – Natural Lip Balm [Catwa] @ The Chapter Four

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Who will take me for a ride?

Bikes and me – weird relationship. On SL, I am an awesome driver. Although I own a few bikes, I am still the leader on the “who hit the wall the most times” leaderboard. No wall too far away for me, no bush to small to hit it. My aim at least is perfect^^

To me a man on a bike is seriously sexy. I can’t even explain why. But then, who cares. Watch and enjoy^^

In RL though, there is no way to get me on a bike. I get tense like a rock, I lean *against* any turnings – I am pure danger if you take me with you. Just the thought of getting on a bike scares the sh** outta me. So, I guess, I stay where I am an keep watching. And hit some more walls on SL :D

Will you take me for a ride


Pose & Prop: Imitation – Kendra 9
Bike: Turlaccor Custombike BOX Electra – Solid

Top: fame femme: Anya Shirt
Pants: VARONIS – Irina Pants
Hair: TRUTH Cheri

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Long Night Ahead

Tonight is the night I need lots of coffee, will curl up on my couch and watch TV. It’s the night of The Oscars again. Yes. I am that crazy ^^. And since I am several hours ahead of the USA, it will be a loooong night. Last year I went to bed when my neighbor left for work.

Let’s see how many jokes they will make about a poor man who messed up big time last year giving out the wrong envelope o.O

Long Night Ahead


Pose: Imitation – Sabi 5 B
Backdrop: VARONIS – Noir Background

Lingerie: Addams // Cerisse Bohemian Bikini
Hair: TRUTH Montana

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Quality Night Preparations

Friends and I had an interesting talk about how we would do a quality night with our significant other. Little trivia: In german we call them “our better half”. Not really sure if that always fits :D

Back to topic. It was interesting to see how differently the girls thought about that. For one it was a candlelight dinner, I swear she would be in the kitchen for days to prepare. For one it was going out, dressed up nicely, a fine (and of course expensive) restaurant. And guess who would have to pay. Personally, I don’t think it needs much. Especially not much (of his) money. His favorite drink, dressed up nicely, and a smile tells him enough ♥

Quality Night Preparations

Pose & Prop: Imitation – Kendra 11
Backdrop: D.U.S.T. Mirrored Hall -photobox-3D build / PURE SMALL
Taken @ Backdrop City

Dress: Addams // Frostine Winter Wool Dress
Hair: TRUTH TRUTH Montana

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This is what you get…

… when you eat your icecream too fast. Seriously, don’t do it. This weird feeling of a cramp right behind your eyebrow is just…

Soooo, my dears, how many of you already: smoked a whole package? Ate a bag of potatoe chips? I know one of you did ^^

And before you tell me “oh you smart a**” .. the idea for this picture came to me RL. Today. When I had an icecream. This is what I got for having icecream in the winter! No comments please …

Dont eat your icecream too fast

Pose: Imitation – Amara 5
Backdrop: Astralia – Vintage backgrounds (Fast Food)
Icecream: e.marie // Ice Cream Cone – Heart Strawberry

Dress: ChicModa // Mae
Hair: TRUTH VIP October – Makena

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New Year, New Goals?

And here we go again. First day of a new year – “This year I will quit smoking, will get my perfect body back, will get my dream job, will quit this and will start that”
I wonder how many will say tomorrow “I smoked a whole package, had a huge bag of potatoe chips and figured I probably won’t have any chance to get that job.. and so on and so on”

I refused to do anything like that. Just because someone some hundred years ago decided “oh lets make this one the start of a new year in a new calendar” it won’t motivate me to do something I wasn’t motivated the last 364 days at all. Although I have one wish: That this year will bring some more consistency and less rollercoaster for me, and that this madness out there will stop. My personal goal? To keep doing what I did the past months: Do what is in my own control to get what I wish for. Which will automatically bring some peace and some more good mood to my life.

Happy New Year everyone ♥


New Year New Goals

Pose: Imitation – Amara 3

Dress: Addams // Gabrielle Dress
Hair: TRUTH Rumor

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