Can I sleep now?

So this weekend has been full of amazing hunts, events, and soooo much fun. I will have to say that thoroughly for the first time in a long time it has been a fun weekend for shopping, hunting, and making new friends. Thank you as always for viewing and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend.♥



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beauty - Kellie 03 ~Thank You ♥

Hair:!Oleander ~ Minerva. [Mummy]

Eyes:-SU!-Darcey Eyes Winter


Backpack: *katat0nik* Butcher Backpack @Kinfes!

Knife: *katat0nik* (Kinfes! hunt prize) Butcher Knife (Find toolboxes around the sim to receive prizes from participating shops!)@Kinfes!~Thank You ♥

Ama. : Blood Splatter


Skirt: -Narcisse- Halloween Skater Skirt - @ Trick Or Treat Box ~Thank You ♥

On Set

[ isuka ] make it stop backdrop@ Black Fair ~Thank You♥ (Opens on the 6th of October)

[MF] devored bloody body

[MF] bloody body pile

DRD motel - body

[we're CLOSED] Broken Tele... er Chair green



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See You Smiling

Okay so I know this might seem a little out of the ordinary for me to put out a post of creep factor but lets be honest if that is how you enjoy something and it inspures you then so be it right? I love Zibska's set as it is nothing like you see from anyone else on the grid. Their stuff from Thereafter took me to this errily creepy place and I got to play with a new face hud I am enjoying. Thank you as always for viewing and I'm sorry now if we ladies haunt your sleep. ♥

We are going to go Avatar from let to right.

Avi with Eye Head

Head: Zibska ~ Eyebola @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Dress: [sYs] EDEN dress (body mesh) - khaki @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Avi In Middle


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:[ MUDSKIN ]_Sora

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_COMMENT ~

Eyes:-SU!- Phantom Eyes V.2

Makup: Zibska ~ Ballard Makeup  @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Teeth: [CX] Cerberus' Dirty Fangs (Bento)

Dirt: Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt


*katat0nik* (FEMALE / black) BENTO Armwarmers

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Trapped mouse White

Zibska ~ Ballard @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Meva Valery Breast Tapes + Supender Black @ Romp

Meva Valery Garter Tapes Black Box @ Romp


Shorts: Meva Valery Pants Red Box Rare @ Romp

Shoes: Essenz - Honduras  @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Pose: Poseidon Horror 12

Avi On Right


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: *Birth* Willow Skin Tone 1  ~Thank You ♥

Hair base from: MINA - Myla  @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Eyes:-SU!- Phantom Eyes V.2

Makup:  ::SG:: Andromeda @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Blush: Zibska ~ Smitty @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Teeth: [CX] Cerberus' Dirty Fangs (Bento)


Zibska ~ Eos @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[Avenge] Gartered Legs


Dress: Poppy - Alana Dress *spicey brown* @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Shoes: fri. - Piper.Boots (Coal)

Pose: Poseidon Horror 6


[ isuka ] dead ahead backdrop @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[ zerkalo ] Last Refuge - Dirty Mattress - PG @Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Beer @ Kustom 9

[ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Boxes @ Kustom 9

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The Fight

So normally I would do one single photo even when it is a collab. But there is so much to be seen in what Kodeine and I were doing last night I just had to share! There is so much featured in this post because there is less than a week left of what is to be my favorite event this year, Thereafter. So if you haven't stopped by go do some as there is so much happening there and so many great things to see. As always thank you and please forgive the massive amount of photos in this post cause well I love taking these shots.♥

To see her details click here.

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:Insol: Yolo Gacha #RARE ~Thank You INSOL for giving this back to me Much Love!!♥

Hair: MINA - Myla  @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Shadow: .ARISE.Missa Makeup / 1 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Dirt: Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt


Gas Mask: [Cubic Cherry] - After gasmask @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Armwarmers:*katat0nik* (FEMALE / black) BENTO Armwarmers

Cuff: Wicca's Wardrobe - Keya Armguard [black] ~Thank You ♥

Pauldron: [The Forge] Apocalypse Set, Female


Skirt: Wicca's Wardrobe - Keya Skirt RARE Maitreya ~Thank You ♥

Shirt: N-Uno - Nicole Short Top // N 3

Pants: Addams // A Brand Cargo Pants for Women // Dark Grey

Boots: fri. - Ulu Boots (Muddy) @ Thereafter

On Set(its a HUGE list)

uK - Old Punk Hideout @ Rewind ~Thank You ♥

uK-SRS Box of Junk ~Thank You ♥

uK-SRS Cinderblock Table ~Thank You ♥

uK - Dystopia Commercial Build 5 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

uK - Dystopia Commercial Build 7 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1 ~Thank You ♥

DRD - San Mora - Apartment - D

DRD - San Mora - Building - A

DRD SC Crack House beer on table c/m

DRD SC Crack House broken chairs c/m

DRD SC Crack House Moldy chairs c/m

DRD SC Crack House drug bed c/m

DRD - Boho Princess - Bed - ADULT

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Dumpster

DRD - San Mora - Building - D

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Ground

-DRD- San Mora - Vehicle - Pack

DRD SC Crack House hanging clothes 1 c/m

DRD - San Mora - Boulder

floorplan. fire in a barrel / rusted @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[CIRCA] - "Graffiti Town" Crate Stack - Browns (6 pos)

[CIRCA] - "Graffiti Town" Oil Drum Duo

~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Trash Bag

~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Trashed Vending Machine

Soy. Papers - piled paper

Soy. Single Cartboard Box

Soy. Six Cartboard Boxs

Soy. Cardboard Box Cart

Seven Emporium 7 - Simple Cross

Seven Emporium 7 - Jesus Saves Neon

22769 ~ [bauwerk] 70ies Set Wall

22769 ~[bauwerk] Porn Lamp

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Brightener Stand

.random.Matter. - Librarium - Ladder

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All Your Buckets Will be MINE!!

This bucket… I will say this I was taken to this Wasteland Neverland feel with it and had an absolute blast putting this look together. Seriously Thereafter is such an awesome event and nothing I have seen has disappointed me at all! Are you ready to see our wasteland? Are you ready to immerse yourself in Thereafter?!

As always thanks for viewing ♥

August 17, 2017 – August 27, 2017

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: .Shi : Kadosh

Skin:PUMEC Rave#4 — January – CATWA SKIN App. @Pocket Gacha

Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes Winter

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears Goth SILVER RARE


Dirt: Izzie’s – Face & Body Dirt

Eye Makeup: Veechi – Apocalypse Paint@ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥


Bucket Helmet: *katat0nik* (rusty shot) Bucket Helmet @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Plate Armor:  *BOOM* Plate Armor Lacami @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Belt: Foxes – Urban Fallout – Belt – Worn

Goggles: AsteroidBox. Night-vis Goggles

Septum: [CX] Pierced Septum (Gold) ~Thank You ♥ 

Bracelets: –DRDA- Wasteland Bangles – GALS

Leg Strap:DRD -zombie apoc- survival legstrap

Weapon: AsteroidBox. Bitch Grinder // Pose.1 1

Kneepad: *MUKA* Spike Kneepads


Shirt: Storybook – Dystopia – Bloody Brown @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

Shorts: Blueberry – Tazz Shorts – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Fadedx

Boot: RARE AsteroidBox. Ground Stomper Boots

On set

Pose: oOo beyond_one_m @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

uK – Dystopia Commercial Build 4 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

uK-SRS Cinderblock Table ~Thank You ♥ 

7mad;Ravens Dystopia Rubble Wall 2 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

7mad;Ravens Dystopia Rubble Stone @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

7mad;Ravens Dystopia Rubble Wall 1 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

floorplan. safety notice @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

floorplan. fire in a barrel / rusted @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ (added extra fire)

floorplan. survival drinking water @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

Buckets: (box) *katat0nik* (review) Bucket Helmet Gacha (all of them are shown) @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

Second Spaces – Supply Shelf – outlook: hopeful (1) @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

Second Spaces – Supply Shelf – outlook: bleak (1) @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

[ zerkalo ] Last Refuge – Supply Shelf – Decor @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥ 

[ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout – Boxes @Kustom 9

[ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout – Beer

DRD – San Mora – City Trash – Ground

MadPea MGMR – Repair Sign @ Mancave

> Urban Aeon <Wrecked Old Car


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All Reved Up and Ready to Go…ay Oh!

So we have a few discords used for all sorts of things SL-New Release Feed is all about any new release but us Bloggers have one for chitter chatter, SL Blogger CHat. In there we sometimes do challenges and this latest challenge was to pair up with someone who wasnt your style and do a collaboration. You weren’t allowed to be friends already :P. So Rockblossom and I paired up and got to know one another. This girl is as sweet as they come from down to her willingness to bend and conform to what you want, her openness to ideas, to her skill that I think is out of this world (yes thats a pun on her being an alien atm. That said this was a super fun one to do and I am glad to have had the time to get to know this sweet girl more. She isnt quite done with her version yet but here is a link to her blog where you’ll find what she is wearing.


Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: Moon. Hair // – B&W – Control @ Rewind: A Throwback Event (70’s Punk)

Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Sora # Catwa Skin Applier(102 no brows)

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ears


Make-up: :Conviction: Wasted Eyes & Makeup

Nose Padlock: The Horror!~ Anarquismo Septum

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Weirdo Tattoo

Guitar: *Epic* So.Sad Electric Space.Guitars!

*katat0nik* (D.O.A.) Self Diagnosis Bracelet

*katat0nik* (PSYCHO) Self Diagnosis Bracelet

*katat0nik* (sick girl / FEMALE) Bento Prosthetic Hands

*katat0nik* (mono F/LT) Buckle Wrist Strap


Outfit: CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Misfit’s Attire/ RARE @ Rewind: A Throwback Event (70’s Punk)

Stockings: CUREMORE / Punk Chick / RIPPED STOCKINGS/ RARE @ Rewind: A Throwback Event (70’s Punk)

Boots: Bleich – Mesh Vicious – Black @ Rewind: A Throwback Event (70’s Punk)

On Set

My Pose: Mila Poses A bit Shy (modded because of guitar)

Rock’s Pose: Foxcity Play Ball 6

KraftWork Not a Box Stage

Ec.cloth – Punk is not dead (decor)

CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Anarchy Neon / Pure

Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Don’t Worry Beer Happy’ Beer Trash @ Epiphany

Bauhaus Movement – Apocalyptica Cello PROP 2

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Let Me Guide You

I love new events and The Stage:Mysterious Forest is gorgeously dark. So many creepy little nooks and crannies and of course all the goodies to buy along with its beauty. Personally I love dipping into something darker now and then and this satisfied that craving. As always thank you creators and thank you for viewing♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Sora 

Hair:[NANI] Kiran.Hair (Greyscale)


Blindfold: Le Morte – Deception Blindfold – No longer sold sorry

Gloves: TABOU. Asymetric Gloves- Lara- Black

Lantern: AsteroidBox. Holding Lantern // Silver @ The Stage:Mysterious Forest

Lip Piercing: {( konpeitou )}* BENTO kuti-musubi @ The Stage:Mysterious Forest

Makeup: 4 COMMON –[TWC]– Possesed Face lV


Dress: ::C’est la vie !:: Maju dress (black)@ The Stage:Mysterious Forest ~Thank You ♥

Shoes: *katat0nik* (5) Platform mary Janes RARE


The Stage:Mysterious Forest


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Sweet Like Kodeine

Nothing like summer to bring out all these great swim suits. Thank you Curvosity for making us a pose for these awesome popsicle.

This here is a post for The Hair Fair contest. For those who dont know the Hair fair happens each year and not only is it an event for designers to showcase their latest releases but it is a great charity event giving to the “Wigs for Kids Charity.” If you are unaware of this charity, it helps kids who have lost their hair for medical reasons or other. When a kid loses something like their hair it effects their self-image, and kids shouldn’t have to worry about how they look if they are sick, they should be able to just be a kid. Thank you to ALL the creators who donate their time and take some stress away from kids and let them have a moment to just be a kid. If you would like to just donate, click the Wigs for Kids link.

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: Insol: Yolo Gacha

Hair: Stealthic – Jealousy- Misc

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears HD – High Definition 0.1


Nails: .kosmetik-Glitter Nails.spring mix   ~Thank You

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Reborn Stronger @ Kinky Event


Popsicle: *katat0nik* Lime Popsicle @ Sanarae

Glasses: :::insanya::: Cali Sunglasses~Thank You ♥


Bikini: !Rebel Hope – Brinkly Mesh Bikini – Sublime Lime


[Curvosity] – Sugah Popsicle [Bento] ***COMING SOON**


Costa Blanco

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