Desert Scramble

I cant get enough Thereafter! Seriously this event is making me a happy lil pea as I play with all the goodies from there. These creators, every one of them pulled out all the stops and went full throttle when it comes to how great their creations are. Today I got to see one of the live performance and it was FANTASTIC! SO peek at the schedule and head over and pick you up some wasteland/ apocalypse gear. Thank you as always for viewing ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: .:[PUMEC] :#4 --- January - CATWA SKIN App. @Pocket Gacha

Hair:no.match_ ~ NO_CENTER ~ Pack of BROWNS @ Hairology

Eyes: .ARISE. Kena Eyes (naturals) / 5@Limit8 ~Thank You ♥


VileCult - Ashes v2@ Thereafter

Kibitz - Traitor face chain - obsidian

 Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt

DRDA - Post apocalytpic staff

[Fetch] Anak's Blade  @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

[LAB737] Gunnvarr Leg Bag L (black)

[The Forge] Dogmeat's Welder Goggles. (Box)


Dress:!gO!-- army --12 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Boots: !gO! alfa.zulu boots @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

On set

Pose: ::Poseidon:: Rogue 3

(Milk Motion) road to nowhere - Desert Land

7mad;Ravens Dystopia Rubble Fence 4 @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

NOMAD // BROKEN U-BOAT @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

DRD - PA - Sewer Shelter - Bucket Seat@ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

DRD - PA - Sewer Shelter - Table @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

DRD - PA - Sewer Shelter - Canvas Seat @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

DRD - PA - Sewer Shelter - Couch - ADULT @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

DRD - San Mora - Pile of Rubble - C

DRD - San Mora - Water Tower

[ContraptioN] Decor: Highway Tribe Trophy large @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Second Spaces - Supply Shelf - outlook: hopeful (2)  @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

floorplan. fire in a barrel / rusted @ Thereafter ~Thank You ♥

Soy. Desert Cuctas [A]

Soy. Desert Weed [L size]


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