Be the type of person who leaves a mark not a scar

llorisen // mulvaney cabin with curtains


BIGBULLY Julia Foyer Set @ January Deco©rate (NEW)

BIGBULLY Julia Console

BIGBULLY Julia Gold-Framed Print

BIGBULLY Julia Gold-Framed Glass

BIGBULLY Julia Chandelier


Bee Designs Vintage Gacha @ On9 (NEW)

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Rug

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Sofa RARE

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Armchair RARE

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Armchair 2

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Poster 1

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Poster 2

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Suitcase table

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Shelf 1

Bee Designs Vintage Gacha Shelf 2


Cherry house @ The Seasons Story (NEW)

2.Cherry house-Furniture-glassware

4.Cherry house-Furniture-Coffee table piebald-flesh color

7.Cherry house-Furniture-Stone pier-decoration

15.Cherry house-Furniture-Sofa-Beige


LAQ Decor ~ Coffee Table (Lit Candles)

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Mistakes are the portals of discovery

llorisen // mulvaney cabin with curtains


Daybed Claire (PG) CHEZ MOI @ January Deco(c)rate (NEW)


.peaches. Impassioned Vanity Set @ January Deco(c)rate (NEW)

.peaches. Impassioned Vanity – w/ animations

.peaches. Impassioned Vanity – Roses


Pewpew! Leather Pouf – White (PG) @ January Deco(c)rate (NEW)


ARIA – Kingsley Vignette @ January Deco(c)rate (NEW)

ARIA – Kingsley Armchair

ARIA – Kingsley Side Table

ARIA – Kingsley  Decorative Cocktails


Zen Creations – Art Antics Set


{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Pt 1


{Petite Maison} Priscilla Shag Throw Rug: White

{Petite Maison} Framed Prints: Tres Chic


{what next} Amelie Blanket Box

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn


:: Newchurch :: Fiona Kitchen Set, White @ On9 (NEW)

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Medium Counter

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Medium Wall Cabinet

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Range Hood

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Oven

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Refrigerator

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Sink

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Tall/Narrow Cabinet (L)

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen – Upper Cabinet

:: N :: Fiona Kitchen Island


llorisen // hedda dutch farmhouse @ Fameshed (NEW)


The Loft – Kitchen items @ Fameshed (NEW)

The Loft – Bulk Spice

The Loft – Plate Stacks

The Loft – Stacked Bowls

The Loft – Large Bowl

The Loft – Bottle Basket

The Loft – Board Basket

The Loft – Oil and Vinegar

The Loft – Flour, Sugar, Tea Cannisters


Apple Fall

Apple Fall Poppy Seed Loaves

Apple Fall Neva’s Fresh Apple Pie

Apple Fall Autumn Preserves

Apple Fall Copper Pan Stack

Apple Fall Natural Apples

Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears

Apple Fall Enamel Teapot – White

Apple Fall Stacked Wire Baskets

Apple Fall Recipe Books

Apple Fall Rolling Pins Assorted

Apple Fall Natural Weave Circular Rug – Grey

Apple Fall Key Lamp (Nickel)

Apple Fall Key Table (Washed Light)

Apple Fall Stoneware Vessels

Apple Fall Tea Time Tins

Apple Fall Neva’s Antique Scales


Fancy Décor

Fancy Decor: Short Stool

Fancy Decor: Rain Boots

Fancy Decor: Wood Framed Fern 2

Fancy Decor: Print Books



ionic :  Dish drainer

ionic : Cranberry Pancake

ionic : Blueberry Pancake

ionic : Tzatziki Dip & Cookies

ionic : Let’s make Pasta!

*ionic* Traveller’s backpack  {black}


Dust bunny

dust bunny . breakfast skillet

dust bunny . spring laundry basket

dust bunny . welcome mat . hello . group gift


..::THOR::.. Jug of Orange juice

..::THOR::.. Glass of Orange juice


  1. Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London – Newspaper&books


{what next} ‘Emma’ Tulips Bouquet (yellow)


[ keke ] vintage tea tin – green




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What we learn with pleasure we never forget

Hello everybody 🙂  hope your all well,  as I said in one of my previous posts, at present I not posting daily, instead it’s giving me more time to experiment and learn new things for blogging aswell as giving me extra time for other things.

I love to learn so I will admit I am loving it,  playing around, spending extra time setting up,  watching tutorials and hopefully as i grow over the coming months it will be all worth it and you’ll all notice the difference not only me 🙂

Today I am showing you some of the gorgeous items by this months Deco(c)rate, it was released a couple of days ago and trust me if you didn’t sign up at the discounted pre release price you’ll kick yourself, but it’s not too late you can always still purchase as the original cost of 3000L, still totally worth it 🙂   If you wish more details check out the deco(c)rate website here.

Enjoy ♥

llorisen // wilby pied-a-terre skybox @ January Deco©rate (NEW)


MudHoney Audrey Entry @ January Deco©rate (NEW)

MudHoney Audrey Ottoman – Silver

MudHoney Audrey Ottoman – Black

MudHoney Audrey Vase L

MudHoney Audrey Vase S

MudHoney Audrey Art

MudHoney Audrey Table – Soft White

MudHoney Audrey Sconce – Silver

MudHoney Audrey Mirror – Gold


:Cheeky Pea: Champagne Flute Chair Set (PG) @ January Deco©rate (NEW)

:CP: Champagne Mirror

:CP: Champagne Flute Chair (PG)

:CP: Champagne Patio Palm Plant


[Kres] Chandelier @ January Deco©rate (NEW)


CONVAIR Circular Sectional Set @ January Deco©rate (NEW)

CONVAIR Circular Sectional Sofa – arm section (adult)

CONVAIR Circular Sectional Sofa – mid section (adult)

CONVAIR Circular Sectional Sofa – ottoman (adult)

CONVAIR Circular Pattern Rug


DaD “Vintage rotary phone with table ” c/m V.1.0 box @ January Deco©rate (NEW)

DaD “Vintage rotary phone” c/m V.1.0

DaD “Vintage phone table” c/m V.1.0


Serenity Style– Glam Wish Set @ January Deco©rate (NEW)

Serenity Style-Glam Wish Binoculars Case

Serenity Style-Glam Wish Gloves&Pearls

Serenity Style-Glam Wish Cards

Serenity Style-Glam Wish Binoculars


BackBone Champagne Fountain – Gold @ January Deco©rate (NEW)


[ zerkalo ] Magical Snow Cloche @ The Seasons Story (NEW)

[ zerkalo ] Magical Snow Cloche – Cats

[ zerkalo ] Magical Snow Cloche – Houses

[ zerkalo ] Magical Snow Cloche – Kiss (RARE)


LAQ Decor ~ Curtains Set1

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My goal of one decor/landscape shot a week has become more of a whenever I’m inspired type of thing. Sometimes you get stuff that calls to you and you just have to create a post. Bee Designs was this thing. With a brand new gacha available at On9, I set out to create a lovely setting to show it off.

I had some of the decor already and when I received this blogger pack from Bee Designs I went on the hunt to find the perfect location to showcase this amazing vintage furniture. The furniture is a gacha set that includes 2 rares and 7 commons. It’s a really lovely set and was perfect for my mountain getaway.

Living Room Furniture *new*: Bee Designs – Vintage Gacha – On9


I chose this fabulous house from Llorisen, available at the main store location, this two room, two level home has a large deck patio. It’s perfect for a bachelor(ette) or a newlywed couple. I added the fantastic music set from Chez Moi  and is available in adult or PG versions. There is a HUD to texture change the beanbag chairs, record player and stand. A rug and poster are also part of the set and each piece can be purchased individually or as a complete set.

HouseLlorisen – Mulvaney Cabin


Upstairs Room *new*Chez Moi – Cozy Corner Set – Cosmopolitan Event

BedChez Moi – Sassy Messy Bed


Other ClutterTres Blah – Slumber Party Gacha, HodgePodge Gacha


LandscapingLittle Branch – Giant Cedar Animated 4 Seasons, Red Elder Animated 4 Season

















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Home Sweet Home

So I did it again, I created photos for two separate blogs back to back without writing the blogs. This is a bad practice for me because I end up screwing something up when I do the spam for the blog. I am going to do really well today though because one is a landscape blog and the other is a fashion/decor blog. Enough small talk, let’s get on to the main event.

Llorisen is at FaMESHed again this month and you can grab this lovely farmhouse. You get three different houses in the pack, a standard, lower LI, and a snow covered. Unfortunately, I could not fit the entire build into one picture, it is larger than shown here but this is a pretty good representation. You can see a demo of the house at FaMESHed, and it is just beautifully done.

House *new*Llorisen – Hedda Dutch Farmhouse with snow – FaMESHed


I chose to decorate the exterior with some older items I have, seems I have a lot of winter decor and even though winter is NOT my favorite season in RL it is ok in SL, at least I don’t feel the cold that it represents like I do in RL. I’m just going to write a list of the adorable items I’ve included because to be perfectly honest I have blogged most of them in the past.

TreesLittle Branch – Sugar Maple v3 Season, Red Elder 4 Season Animated, Giant Cedar Animated Seasons, grass 1 winter


SnowmenChez Moi – Snowman Family


Animals: Half Deer – Snow Animals Bear and Bunny, Red Fox Running and Sleeping


Jian – Scruffy Shepherds Hanging Sheperd


Snow: Barnesworth Anubis – Snow Kit Wall Drifts, Stairs, Corner Drift


Other Decor

Scarlet Creative – Winter Well


Inia – Forest Gacha

Kunst – Neva’s Tricycle Rare


Chez Moi – Stand Reindeer


Naminoke – Snow Fairy Bonsai Red


SAYO – Evergreen Collection Wreath






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Give You What You Want

Blogging for events is completely different than blogging for designers. When you blog about an event it is hit or miss on whether you will like the items you receive, but it is important to make people want to go shop for the items. There are rules and guidelines to follow, sometimes more stringently than for an individual designer. I’ve been fortunate because it’s easy to make the creations that designers submit to the events I blog look good, I have great stuff to work with and it’s an absolute honor for me to blog for Designer Showcase and maybe bring you items from designers you may not have even known about or maybe you did and you forgot. 

When I saw this set from Trompe Loeil at the newest round of FaMESHed I had to have it, the pavilion and tub are sold separately and the tub is available in adult or PG versions. The tub does have animations built into it. The bubbles, water, petal, and steam are all options that can be turned on and off and there is a version with and without a lantern. The basket of towels is included with the tub. I added some decor from Hive to complete my set. The candles on the floor are a past gift from Llorisen and are tiny but can be resized for your needs.

Decor *new*Trompe Loeil – Nicolina Pavilion and Bathing Tub PG – FaMESHed


Hive – Cinnamon Candle Stick and Hanging Lights


CandlesLlorisen – Little Candles


Maxe and I were running around Second Life shopping last night when we happened upon Burley, I know about this hair store, I’ve seen several I would really like and then I forget! I wandered downstairs only to find a plethora of discounted hairs and I bought a couple, including this sexy updo. I bought the sample pack and this is a two-tone hair, wear the two-tone capable one to change the front of your hair to another color to add some pop to your style. The sale is ONLY at the inworld location.

Hair *sale*: Burley – Jenelle Sampler


7 Deadly Skins is coming to eBento on January 15, Lumi is available in 14 color skin tones and there is an optional shape that will be for sale as well. This skin is based on the Vista bento mesh heads but looks pretty great on my Lelutka May head.

Skin *new*7 Deadly Skins – Lumi Sand – eBento


Designer Showcase opened with the first round of 2018 on January 1, there are so many amazing designers it’s really hard to choose whom to blog. I chose this beautiful lingerie from La Perla, jewels from Moondance, makeup from Dulce Secrets, and nail polish from Cazimi. The lingerie comes with HUDs for Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, and TMP and there are 10 color options. The Moondance Jewelry includes necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings all controlled with a HUD to mix and match your jewelry. Cazimi has 3 individual nail polish HUDs available and Dulce Secrets has eyeshadow for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega.

Lingerie *new*: La Perla – Debora Ensemble Marketplace

Eyeshadow *new*Dulce Secrets – Interstellar Eyeshadow  Marketplace

Jewelry *new*: Moondance Boutique – Annette Jewelry Set Marketplace

Polish *new*Cazimi – Dart Horizon Marketplace 

Designer Showcase

EyesMesange – Wicked Game 9


I chose an older pose from Image Essentials to showcase the entire thing.

Pose: Image Essentials – Honey 3M


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics



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Favourite time of the year

Bellarose @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

[BR] Tusk Coffee Table

[BR] Rustic Wingback Overstuffed Chair

[BR] Elephant Head

[BR] Industrial Floor Lamp


Raindale – Clarendon set @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

Raindale – Clarendon sofa

Raindale – Clarendon armchair


::Atolye:: Vintage Set @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

::Atolye:: Vintage Coffee Table

::Atolye:: Wine Set

::Atolye:: My Favorite Books

::Atolye:: Rollodor Ashtray

::Atolye:: Antique Oriental Rug


*PAN* Nutcracker Set @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

*PAN* Nutcracker Display Shelf RARE

*PAN* Nutcracker (Mouse King)

*PAN* Nutcracker (Clara)

*PAN* Nutcracker (Soldier)


[NC] – Fantasy Winter Chandelier @ Cosmopolitan(NEW)


llorisen // hedwig apartment skybox @ Fameshed (NEW)


Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha @ Imaginarium (NEW)

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 1 RARE

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 2 RARE

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 3

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 4

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 6

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 7

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 8

Bee Designs Owls Time Gacha 9


[sf] corner sofa – black  F&F


Armonia Decor & Events. Decorative Christmas Table @ Azum (NEW)


Armonia Decor & Events.Christmas2017 @ We are Hashtag (NEW)

Armonia Decor & Events.Christmas2017/Christmas stockings.Gift

Armonia Decor & Events.Christmas2017/ Tree Christmas.

Armonia Decor & Events.Christmas17/Ornamental Christmas Flower


Armonia Decor & Events./Christmas17/Arbolestante Christmas

 @ Gallery Event (NEW)


Other bits & pieces

Action [MESH] Gingerbread House//Decor 02

AF Christmas Cookies

AF Tabletop Tree

{what next} Holiday Eggnog Latte

hive // decorative twigs & berries

tarte. messy rug

LAQ Decor ~ Curtains Set1


Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods v2 – 4 (clearing)

Skye Snow Formations 1 Grassy Bumps

Skye Snow Formations 3 Wind Sculpt  [20m]


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Everyday is Christmas


I woke up yesterday morning to amazing new, I’d been accepted as an official blogger for Llorisen. I am so excited to be able to incorporate the fantastic builds from this amazing creator into my new decor attempts. I’ve had some really encouraging comments and thoughts on my decor scenes and I appreciate all of them. Decor is daunting to me, always has been and I tried to break out of my shell once before but stepped away because I felt that my scenes didn’t do justice to the amazing creators providing me items. This time I’ve had a little help and take my time in building a scene, moving items to fit my pictures. So I am going to give this an honest effort and do my very best to bring you stunning items for our absolutely amazing and creative decor creators in Second Life.

Llorisen is at FaMESHed with this fabulous, four-bedroom skybox. What I love the most about this skybox is that it comes with optional wall and flooring HUDs, you can paint your walls to be mix and match or all one color and each room is individually changeable. The skybox can be purchased for 499L and each texture HUD for 149L. I didn’t do a shot of each room, I’m not that confident yet in my decorating capabilities but I chose the main room and a cute Christmas setting.

I included the texture change tree from Jian, presents from Astralia, decor from Moss & Mink, Chez Moi, The Loft & Aria, Half Deer and Krescendo. There is so much cute holiday decor out right now you don’t want to miss out.

Skybox *new*Llorisen – Hedwig Skybox with HUD C – FaMESHed


Furniture *new*: The Loft & Aria – Leona Set PG – Collabor88

The Loft Marketplace 

Aria Marketplace

Indoor DecorJian – Christmas Tree 2017 – FaMESHed


SAYO – Evergreen Garland – FaMESHed


Krescendo – The Grotto –


Astralia – Wrapping Gift Decor – Paying It Forward

Astralia – Geek Xmas Gacha


Black Bantam – Puppies Under the Tree Gacha – Tannenbaum


Moss&Mink – Deer Gift


Chez Moi – Stand Reindeer


Half Deer – String Light Clutter

Outdoor Decor: Half Deer – Snow Animal Bear


United InshCon – Deer Family


Little Branch – Hill v1 (at FaMESHed), Red Elder 4 Seasons, Cedar, Giant Cedar, Cedar v2, Cedar v3


This gorgeous dress is brought to you by none other than Masoom, it comes in 6 individual colors or a fatpack. This dress does include optional panties and can be completely mixed and matched with the fatpack only. The items at Paying it Forward are transferable, so it the perfect spot to do your holiday shopping. Plus, join the free Paying it Forward group and rake in a ton of free gifts for yourself.

Dress *new*Masoom – Ana Fatpack Maitreya – Paying It Forward


Phoenix has a new release in store and you don’t want to miss out on this fabulous hair. Each hair pack comes with a color change HUD for the bow, a style HUD including four styles and a bang and no bang option, and three different fits.

Hair *new*Phoenix – Jillian Blondes 


This super cute pose is a new release from Reve Obscura, it is a bento pose which means it requires a bento viewer (not optional) and bento-enabled hands for the best use. It comes with a present to hold and is so super cute, I thought it fit perfectly in with my scene.

Pose *new*Reve Obscura – Present


Catwa Powder Pack was released yesterday and for those of you that are Lelutka fans, have no fear Lelutka will return on January 1. This pack was crammed full of some amazing skins, makeups, and eyes from some of my favorite creators. Every month you can reserve your Catwa Powder Pack for just 1500L, then sit back and relax, it will be delivered to you on the 17th. Add the HUD and unpack your items.

Skin *new*Essences – Natalia Medium 02 Marketplace

Eyes *new*A R T E – Northern Eyes Marketplace

Lashes *new*Alaskametro – Fancy Pants Lashes Marketplace

Eyeshadow *new*Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty 05 Marketplace

Lipstick *new*#adored – Bewitched Lips Send More Nudes Marketplace

Catwa Powder Pack 

Powder Pack Marketplace

On top of the release at Powder Pack, Just Magnetized has released an all-new set of hairbases for Appliquè. This brand new HUD includes pastel hair and so much more. It is available for classic avatars, Catwa and Omega.  You can tint your hairbase as needed as well.

Hairbase *new*Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase 19 – Appliquè


Did I mention that Astralia is doing a Christmas sale? No? Well, she is! All past released Christmas items are only 150L and gachas are 50L. There are two new releases as well and these nails are one of them. An applier created for Astralia Coffin nails only this applier comes in 5 colors and admit it, they are super cute!

Nails *new*Astralia – Winter Memories Maitreya Coffin Nails


I chose a different Reve Obscura pose for this picture and again it is bento and it comes with the mesh candy cane.

Pose *new*Reve Obscura – Candy Lick


ShapeWest End – Chloe for Catwa Catya


I just had to do a closeup of these shoes, aren’t they cute!? If you’re not already a member of the Reign VIP group you can join for a 1000L. Each day during the 12 Days of Reignmas, Kenadee and Illy are giving away an amazing gift and these shoes are from day 1. They come with a full-color HUD so you can wear them with just about anything.

Shoes *new*Reign – Glitter Holiday Heels


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics

















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Holly Jolly Christmas


I really have to get this blog written because the muse struck for the next one. I really want to start taking pics for it but I also know me, if I do I will get them mixed up and forget to complete this one or credit it wrong. I’m really excited to announce that I am a blogger for The Plastik, I applied never thinking I would get it and I did! My very first demon avatar I made, oh so many years ago, had a Plastik skin but I hadn’t purchased anything nor blogged it in quite some time, so I am truly honored to be given this chance. Oh and I’ve changed how my featured pic looks, I’ll decide in time if that’s how I want to keep it but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

When I first got this gacha set from The Plastik I immediately thought “office Christmas party” and due to that, I set about creating a scene that would reflect that. I had the treats from The Plastik, but what could I use to display them all? I had already been to The Arcade and it dawned on me I had this amazing set from Llorisen. This set includes 12 commons and one rare, which I desperately tried to get and was unsuccessful, oh well. It is wonderfully made and completely my party set so well. Only one thing was missing and so I set out to get my missing piece.

Half Deer is at Collabor88 this month with 5 Christmas decor sets, each set is exactly the same except for the colors. I chose the black Christmas tree and corresponding decor, doesn’t it look amazing? This set also includes a wreath (not pictured).


BackdropRama Gacha – Velvet Room


Table and Shelves *new*: Llorisen – Ella Modern Interior Set – The Arcade


Tree and Garland *new*: Half Deer – Christmas Decor Set Noir – Collabor88


I am only just scratching the surface with this display of sweet treats from The Plastik. This gacha includes 26 commons and 4 rares, and 2 secret rare. Most of the items are attachable and come with a bento pose included in the item, like the cupcake I’m holding in the above picture. The detail on these items is just amazing, I swear I could eat them.

Treats *new*: The Plastik – Kawaii Okashi – The Arcade


Galshi Pop – Dragon, Surf, Frut, Garden (common)

Arizona Desert Cupcake hold left and right (common)

Chub Bun Mew, Turtlebun Fresh, Chub Bun Bunny, Mewnut – squee and nappy with HUD (common)

Strawberry Rollcake, Royal Quack Cake, Catpuchino (rez) with HUD, Arizona Desert Platter (rare)

Saucer of Rea Jellies, Birdylove Cookie Plate (secret rare)

I knew how I wanted the scene to look so my next task was picking an outfit. I scoured through the designer’s offering from my blogging group and found this stunning jumpsuit. Available in 10 individual colors or a fatpack that includes 17 colors, this outfit is sure to make you stand out. I just love Lybra and the creations that Natzuka comes up with. This is fit for Maitreya only.

Outfit *new*Lybra – Farrah Fatpack – Uber 


The pose has been manipulated so much it does not reflect the original and I will not be offering credits on it.

I adore this hair and really wish I had been able to get a shot of it from the back as well. I am going to include a link to the ad photo so you can see it. This hair is from Phoenix and is available right now at Hairology. It comes with a style HUD that includes a tight, French braid style hair with an adorable bun on top, there is an optional bow made out of hair and two bang options. This hair is perfection. Phoenix Flickr for Madeline.

Hair *new*Phoenix – Madeline Dipped – Hairology


7 Deadly Skins is doing it’s Christmas Advent right now, you can head on over to the store, wear your group tag and get some amazing skins all through the month of December. Not a member? The joining fee is 1000L during this event. Today I am sharing day 11 with you. This skin box comes with 3 skins in it! That’s right not one but 3. I chose the Harlyn skin in sand. There is a v1 and v2, version one has beauty spots and version two is plain. I used the 7 Deadly Skins mesh body applier so I could also have beauty marks on my body skin. This set does not come with an Omega body applier but does include appliers for Tango, Phatazz, & Slink hands and feet. I chose to wear it on my brand new LAQ Scarlet MoCap mesh head. To be perfectly honest, I have fallen in love with this head.

Skin7 Deadly Skins – Harlyn Sand V1


Head *new*LAQ – Scarlet MoCap

The eyes and eyeshadow are both from the extremely talented Mesange. The eyes are currently available at We <3 Roleplay and are only available individually as We <3 RP does not allow for fatpacks. 15 colors to choose from, each eye is unisex and comes with 4 size irises, mesh eyes, standard eyes and a HUD for Omega compatibility. The eyeshadow is at Cosmetic Fair and in available in 4 packs of 4 colors each. They are Omega or Catwa compatible only.

Eyes *new*Mesange – Argos – We <3 RP

Eyeshadow *new*Mesange – Ojal – Cosmetic Fair


Another new designer that took a chance on me is Ysoral, to be frank, I never thought I’d get accepted but when I got the notice I think I squealed. The jewelry from Ysoral is just stunning like this brand new watch. This watch comes with a HUD that includes 15 metal colors, 15 gems, SL and RL time options, glow and resize. It is just absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t wait to share it.

Watch *new*Ysoral – Luxe Watch Olympe


Anyone that has been reading my blog lately knows how much I adore SlackGirl and her amazing, Bento nails. This set is definitely no exception. Available at Applique this set comes with 8 colors and is made for all Bento mesh hands. Honestly, they’re just gorgeous.

Nails *new*SlackGirl – Sue Maitreya – Appliquè


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics




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