A Very Bad Day

 It's turned out to be a really bad day. I was putting out some decorations and saw this old trunk. Curious about what could be in it, I paused in my decorating to open the lid. What I found was NOT what I had expected as this huge tongue and hands reached out to snag me!

Something New created the Hidden Monster pose prop as an exclusive for Gacha Good's Ghost Town Oct 8-31

Also shown in the picture is the  Death's Light Candelabra Set by Low Prim Living. This is a prize in the Psycho Pumpkin Hunt 3 Oct 10-31.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the lovely Key skin based on the Laqroki Gaia Bento mesh head. This is an Omega FACE&BODY applier skin that comes in 2 boxes (one pale/fair skins and the other is tanned/dark skins), each with 6 different tones ( I am wearing apricot). The light box skins are shown in the picture above. There is also included in each box, the special drow tone shown above just in time for Halloween, or even as a fantastic Roleplay skin.
Also worn:
Maitreya Lara Body4.1
 Catwa Catya head & mesh eyes

!!Firelight!! created this great hairstyle called, Pandora Gen2 as an exclusive at Designer Circle Oct 15-28. It comes with 12 shade huds (except darks has 18) in their vibrant new color line.

These great Unisex STEKING_EARS are a creation by [MANDALA]. With a hud of several textures for the jewelry and tattoo or paint for the ear tips. You  can even  change the ears from Human, pixie to elf as you wish with a convenient hud. Easily matched up to different skins, I really love these ears.

The nails I am wearing are bento nails by CNZ. These Dalmato nails come in 2 versions, high and low LOD and are made to fit Maitreya's bento hands. They are another exclusive on sale during the Rally to Rescue ends October 31, which has been extended until the end of the month! So, if you didn't get a chance to get there before, now you can. This is an event raising money for a great cause, Operation Delta Dog.

The eyes shown are Haunted in blue by Banana Banshee.This box includes a pair of scripted mesh eyes, an applier for Omega/Genesis eyes, system eyes in dark and white sclera options, and alpha layer.

Soul Designs designed the cute Missy shorts outfit which comes complete with top and shorts, and even a texture change hud. It comes in sizes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. This is another great item on sale during  Rally to Rescue

+ Occult + also created something for the Rally to Rescue . This totally Purrrrfect Socks for Maitreya and Slink Hourglass, come in blue, green, peach, pink, purple and yellow.

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It Was Not Me!

 I was decorating the garage for our Halloween Party when I came across an unusual decoration. Upon further inspection though, I realized that this wasn't a decoration but a real body laying there! Who did it and why would they go to the trouble of placing it in the garage, right in my way? Well, I can tell you one thing for sure, it wasn't me!

7 Deadly s[K]ins recreated the lovely Amie as a drow. With three beautiful drow tones, this Omega FACE&BODY  applier based on the Catwa bento mesh face, is one of the many prizes in the VIP Trick or Treat Hunt Oct 1-Nov 1 at the store. Also, right now it is only 10L to join the VIP Group!
Also worn:
Maitreya Lara Body4.1
 Catwa Catya head & mesh eyes
Vista Animations Bento Prohands V2

The great hair that I am wearing is Poppy by *Besom. This tone is from the Washed Out box and one of my favorites. The hair is a gacha item and part of the A Fantasy Gacha collection with 2 other hairs. Each hair has 8 common hair packs that can be won.

 {Poeme} designed the lovely Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Pendant with 7 texture hud. This is an item at The Wash's Anniversary Round. The Wash is having a HUGE 10th Anniversary event Oct 11-Nov 1. With some fantastic deals for us and even gifts! 10L Items, 50L items, etc. Come check it out!

Pretty Kitty Designs created the cute Haunted House Dress in Black/Purple. In sizes for standard mesh, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, & TMP. This is another item on sale at The Wash

Go Frock Yourself created these The Great Pumpkin Nail Appliers for Belleza, Slink and Omega. These come with a 10 texture hud so you can mix and match as well.

Sn@tch has some great new tattoos out this week called, Trick or Treat Tatts. These include system layers and Omega applier with 6 fun tattoos. You can find this gift at Trick or Treat Lane Oct 13- Nov 3 where you will find such fantastic treats there for you! 31% off of ALL exclusives by our designers and a gift at each stall. Don't forget that they also have a sale going on at the main store until the 18th. 50-75% off on almost everything and a FREE goodie bag there too!

 {Poeme} created these Sugar Skull Chucks (Magenta). Also available in lime, jet and sky. On sale too at The Wash

Some of the great decor items on sale at The Wash include the DIY Pot Pumpkins in yellow, orange or green for $10L each  (Yellow) - L$10 and the hay bell sidetables set in your option of plain or with cloth at $50L each, plus the Pearl Pumpkin Gift, all by The Artist Shed. Dark Knight Decor created the Skull Crystal Balls which come in unscripted and scripted versions. Lunar Season Designs designed the menu driven Rusted Candelabra with Party Lights. You can change the stand, candles, party lights and flames. It stands about 2.8m tall and is copy/mod. Low Prim Living created the Ready for Halloween Side Table Set which comes with a rezz box for easy set up.

These great decor items are all for sale at  The Wash

Pretty Kitty Designs created the Ghost Kitties V2  as a 10L Item. They are great for decoration or can be attached to follow you. Also the CatShape Pillows they come in black, orange, brown and white, which are their Free gift.

Low Prim Living also created the Uncle Itt's Buffet Table for that perfect Halloween touch. Another item on sale at The Wash

This great decor called, Poe Selfie Set  was created by *PAN* for The Wash

And the great pose prop with 5 bento poses called, It was not me, is a creation of Fashiowl Poses for Salem Oct 1-31

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Guest Room

Got the guest room set up at the apartment and I must say it looks great! Thanks so some very talented designers who are participating in the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt 5 July 13-Sept 30

Love Everlasting Plantpets created the beautiful Garden Splendor Bed. This comes with Single and Cuddles animations, is made of mesh and prim and has 8Li. An exclusive item in the hunt, you can find it for 1L or simply pick it up at the hunt sign for 25L!

 [Park Place] created this magnificent Old World Map Easy Chair & Ottoman with M/F single animations. ~Insanity's Own~ created the great conversational piece, Hologram Earth which comes with a Rotating hovering earth which is texture animated, and a Holo base

Weiser Furniture and More has 4 hunt items! The unique Hanging Fireplace comes with texture change to black, granite, or wood and on/off touch menu for the flames. The Making Music and Love adds a bit of groove to the room, while the Modern hanging lamp ( on and off by touch) and Brazillian Wood Picture Screen Stained Glass Inserts add their finishing touches.

Low Prim Living designed the nautical Seaside Escape Mirror Set. This is a combined mesh and sculpty build. The lighthouse is made of sculpty and all the rest of the set are mesh. Texture changeable block wall with access control 5Li is also comes with a rezzer for easy set up. And yes, another item in the hunt.

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For Love of Pink

7 Deadly s{K}ins Bianca comes in 2 different boxes, light or dark skins. Each with 5 Lelutka appliers. Based on the Lelutka Simone Mesh head, worn here with the Lelutka Stella in Walnut from Applier B. She is an exclusive at Applique June 16 - July 5.
 All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc...

I am wearing Dragon Eyes by Zombie Suicide. They include system eyes in 12 color choices. A pair of mesh eyes, and appliers for the mesh eyes as well as Omega, also with the 12 color choices, which can be applied separately.

Emerald Couture has this very Sexy Swimsuit in Hot Pink for sale. This comes with 4 appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink as well as sandals for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and also unrigged mesh. You can find this fantastic item at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale June 21-July 5th where everything is only $10L!
Captivating! also has some items out at the sale. Including the lovely Butterflies are Free Bracelet 2, Butterflies Are Free Necklace 2 and Shoulder Butterfly #3.
InnerJoy Love Designs created the  Lovely Tattoo which is another item on sale at the event. This includes a system tattoo layer and Omega applier.

There's a new hair creator on the grid and the hair I am wearing is just one of their creations. Astrid by !!Firelight!! is available in several hair pack choices. rigged and unrigged mesh hair  with resizer and includes 12 color choices to fit your look. This is currently on sale for $99L a color pack and $299L for fat pack, until Monday, at the Flawless location
Low Prim Living is also at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale with this great Midsummer Arch Planter that includes poses for both single F and M, as well as couple. A great addition to anyone's outdoor decor. And Lunar Designs has a bunch of different full perm items on sale as well, such as the items shown on the ground here, which include,  Sea Turtle Nano, Shell 1, Shell 2, Starfish Full perm

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Hide N Seek with Lily

 Hide N Seek is always fun with a toddler, they always get so into chasing you around and trying to find you in various places. I'm lucky that I have plenty of spots to hide in the display room! Oops! Here comes Lily, gotta run!

   7 Deadly s[K]ins brings us Veerle in two skin box choices, pale/medium or dark/tanned. I am wearing the pineapple tone with a Catwa Catya head and Maitreya body. It includes 5 omega face appliers and even a body applier  in the plain version. Such a great deal for such a quality item. All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc....

Banana Banshee created some fantastic eyes called, Seaside for Twe12ve June 12-30. These eyes come with system as well as mesh, and with appliers for Omega/Genesis, Catwa, and Lelutka eyes. You can change each side separately and it also includes a dark sclera option.

!!Firelight!! created this great hair, Hubble. And it is on sale for 55L Thursday, not just one pack but each colorpack for only 55L! But only until Monday so be sure not to miss out on this. 

The Little Bat has a couple of great new items on sale. Such as these Double Bracelets, remember these great friendship bracelets? Well these include a left and right double bracelet with 24 color change hud which you can use separately on each side.  And a new baseball type crop top called Caylee which comes in standard mesh sizes as well as sizes for Maitreya, Isis, Freya, Venus, TMP, Hourglass and Physique. This also includes a 12 color hud. These are all on sale The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale June 21-July 5 where nothing is over 10L. Also at the wash are some great shorts by Classy Chics which are a gift! So be sure to check out their booth while there.These come with a Maitreya Applier hud only.

 La Boheme created the Sila Silver Omni Set for Slink, Omega, & Maitreya. This includes a texture pallet containing 10 colors. Another great item on sale at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale

Low Prim Living created some great items which are on sale at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale. Such as the  Plate Collection Display Cabinet with poses shown behind me, the Grandfather Clock with Anims & Poses and the Celest Bookshelf with Poses.

More stuff by Low Prim Living at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale, is the Cumberland Crate Shelf Set and  Cumberland Pallet Wall Shelf.

Also at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale and also by Low Prim Living is the Daiku Round Shelf which is Texture Changeable

And even more goodies for you by Low Prim Living are the Heart Bookshelf with Animations, Marquee Heart Mirror, & Tiffany Console Table Set. The candles shown are made by B's 25. All of these also are on sale at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale

.:Tylers Treasures:. proves their Seaworthiness with the Seaworthy collection at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale. Each separate piece can be purchased to go together perfectly, shown here is the Lamp, Lounge, Side Table, Wall Art, and Patriotic Rug. Just in time for the upcoming holiday.

B's 25 designed the beautiful Flutterflies Display as one of the items at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale

Wood Works has some great items as well at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale. Such as the Mimosa Ottoman with sitting animations for m/f and even a top that slides off so you can hide your treasures in it, the Low Arm Chair in Floral and Low Arm Chair in Dots, each with sitting animations as well. Low Prim Living is also the creator of the cute Heart Bookshelf with Animations shown on the wall behind me.

 Roped Passions created these cute Summer Slip Ons Blue Skies which can be worn by ladies or men. On sale as well at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale

B's 25 Royal Goth Pet Bed - Cart Sale And yes, even this is on sale at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale

 And yes, even more stuff by Low Prim Living on sale at The Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale is the Marquee Heart Mirror & Tiffany Console Table Set. Wood Works is the creator of the lovely Peony Flowers.

Black Bantam's Basic Little Lily 1 Tone 02, is one that I adopted from a gacha machine. Nope, she isn't on sale at the Wash, but she is sure cute!!

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Furnishings at The Wash

There are some great things on sale during The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale March 29-April 12. Lots of great stuff to decorate your home with and most for only 10L!

The Call It Spring Hall Table Set was created by Low Prim Living. It includes the items on the table and the pretty picture behind it. Also shown is a Sock Monkey by *PAN*, a fantastic Vintage Spring Pouffe (Hydrangea) by The Artist Shed. There are 4 different pouffes each with a different pose. Also we have the lovely blue braided rug by Wood Works. Each of this spectacular items are on sale now at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Hanging above the Hall Table is this really cute Fishing Pole Frame set by Dixie Dandelion. It has 2 places for you to add your own pictures as well. There is also a 10L version of this item that is not modifiable so be sure you choose the one you want. Both can be found at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Tiar created the Family Tree frames in 3 different colors. You simply add your own pictures to personalize it. My family is a bit..bigger than the tree though ♥ You can find this great wall art on sale at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Mystic Dragon Designs created the beautiful Maccon Vase set. There are 3 different sets to choose from, each beautiful. Another great item that is available at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Verocity created this great Curved Shelf which you can add your favorite collection to and display them proudly. This item can be found in the Totally Top Shelf's Treasure adventure happening now. Be sure to pick up your hud for this adventure at the main store. 

[Park Place] also has some great items at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale, such as the Water Lily Framed Poster and  Belgrave Drop-Leaf  Desk which actually opens up for you.

Low Prim Living also created the lovely Ashley Gossip Bench, and Framed Flowers & Seasons wall art. This bench has a naughty secret, with several adult animations as well as PG. Click on the picture for 8 different choices to display. This is another item on sale over at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Wood Works created some rugged stuff as well. Check it out guys and gals, it's the Westchester Gun Cabinet & Ammo box which can be found at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

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Lovely Day Outside

 It was such a nice day today and I didn't want it to end. So I sat outside in the new gazebo to watch the sunset and stars come out in the heavens. As the shadows drifted over the land, covering it like a nice big fluffy blanket, I smiled to myself. There was nothing like this in the world, and could only be better once Gwennie gets home to snuggle and enjoy the serenity with me. 

The gazebo is part of an outdoor set by =EC Designs= called, Woodland Set. This is the Birch tone, though it is also available in a walnut wood tone. It includes a bench, gazebo, stump, cuddle stump with couple's poses, and really cool fountain. It is one of the many amazing items on sale right now over at the Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale March 29 to April 12th.

I am wearing Maureen in Cashew from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This skin features a one touch Hud to apply both the face and the body! This is such an easy method to take the guesswork out of matching up the parts using the Omega system. Available in with 16 skin tones, this is a must for all wanting to look their best. And with the new improved appliers comes less shadows on the boobs and butt, softer highlights, a better fit to mesh body parts, smoother texture.You can find this glorious skin over at The Black Fashion Fair April 07 to April 21, 2017

little bones created the amazing Rema hair. This comes with an animation and customization hud, as well as two texture huds and in 4 sizes. It's like having several hairstyles in one!

My eyes are the Charm Eyes in Sapphire, by IKON. They come with 5 sizes, mesh and system and a placement/size hud for the mesh.

Some more fantastic finds at Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale   are these by The Little Bat. The Rachel Shorts w/ 8 color HUD in sizes for belleza, maitreya, slink, xs-xl standard sizes. And the  Beach Please Top w/ 8 color HUD in xxs-L standard sizes

The Little Bat also made these great Kathryn Heels with a 14 color HUD as an exclusive at Suicide Dollz April 2-14. They fit Belleza, maitreya and slink feet.

Captivating! has some lovely  Gold Inlaid Wide Bangles for us at Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale as their L$50 offering

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails created some great Union Jack nails for the  World Tour Hunt. The appliers for Slink, Maitreya, and Omega, come with a 5 texture hud, each design representing the Union Jack flag. 

Low Prim Living created this fantastic  Mini Garden Set for small places. It also can be found at the Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale 

The Artist Shed also has a flowery L$50 offering for us called, Spring Blossoms-White. A nice accent to inside or outdoor decor, and also on sale at the Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

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