Fake Happy

This year is going to be the most difficult year I’ve had when it comes to the holidays. I lost my stepfather in January, my grandfather in August, decided to divorce my husband only to find out he was a sexual deviant who had been molesting my daughter for over two years and so much more. I’m trying to keep positive but to be perfectly honest, it’s hard. So I’m faking happy and doing what I can to make things good for my children.

RIOT is participating in this year’s Sad November with this fabulous sweater dress. It comes in a total of 35 colors, 30 individually or 35 in the fatpack. This dress is made to fit Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink and comes with a HUD to change the sleeves and hem in every color pack. You only have until December 2 to get to Sad November, so go now!

Dress *new*Riot – Gwendoline Dress – Sad November


This hair is also available at Shiny Shabby from RAMA Salon. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. The long, tight, over the shoulder braids, are just fabulous. There are a total of 6 fits with this hair and it comes with a color change HUD for whichever color pack you chose. There is no style HUD but do you really need one with this hair?

Hair *new*Rama – Michelle Hair –  Shiny Shabby

This bento pose is brought to you by Nantra and comes with 6 bento poses with mirrors. I did choose three separate poses for my pictures. Pose 5, 4 and 3 respectively. You can only get these poses at Liaison Collaborative and self-rezzing props are included in the pose stand.

Pose *new*Nantra – Autumn Waltz – The Liaison Collaborative


BackdropMinimal – Vibe Backdrop 5 Autumn


See why I changed the pose up? I wanted to be able to show you these amazing nails from SlackGirl and gloves from Masoom and give you a fantastic face shot as well. With so many amazing items sometimes it’s difficult to fit them all in and make it look good but I try hard. First up, these nails from SlackGirl are available at FAD Event. FAD is a monthly, themed event that opens on the 24th of each month.

Nails *new*SlackGirl – Dida Nails – FAD Event


Masoom is back with another fabulous pair of bento gloves. These gloves are made for Maitreya, Slink, and Vista. Available in 17 individual colors as well as a fatpack, each pack includes a metal change HUD as well.

Gloves *new*Masoom – Rabecca Maitreya – Shiny Shabby


I love blogging for Powder Pack, I get to try skins and makeups from creators that I admire and sometimes have never heard of. It such a fun pack of items that you can get every month for both Catwa and Lelutka and only cost 1500L on pre-order. Amara Beauty included another gorgeous skin pack this month and Zibska is back with lovely makeups.

Skin *new*Amara Beauty – Angie 03 – Catwa Powder Pack


Makeup *new*Zibska – Kina, Pila and Tina – Catwa Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

EyesMesange – Dandy Eyes


LashesPoema – Ultra Lashes 03


ShapeWest End – Chloe Catwa Catya Shape


I had an idea for the shoes I wanted to go with this super cute dress and that didn’t work out. However, when I went to Shiny Shabby I saw these super cute, over the knee, flat-soled boots from Empire and I knew they’d be perfect. Only available as a fatpack the body and sole of the boot are independently color change. I love these boots so much and I’m so glad I saw them.

Boots *new*Empire – Scabiosa – Shiny Shabby


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics


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Club Can’t Handle Me

Sometimes I have so many things I want to say, so many thoughts swirling through my brain that I can’t really make sense of them, but today I want to say how grateful I am. I am grateful to all the designers and blog managers who have given me a chance to showcase their wonderful creations. I am grateful to Kay Weston of Image Essentials giving me the chance to be her blog manager and help her create a team that will take us to the next level. I am grateful to the wonderful bloggers that have taken on the calling of blogging for Image Essentials and the hard work and dedication that they do. Most of all I am grateful to be able to do this, to take items from these amazing creators and bring them to life for my readers to enjoy.

PocketGacha is in its third month and the items are just as amazing now as they were in the first two round. Varonis is in the November edition of PocketGacha with some stunning items. This gacha set has 10 commons and one rare to win.

Skybox *new*Varonis – Coven Skybox Rare – PocketGacha


My friend Maddy messaged me the other day and asked if I would share some of her new items that are available at White Nights Event happening right now from November 20-27. This is a discount event so hurry you don’t want to miss out on this amazing dress. It comes with a HUD including 12 colors and 2 metals. This dress is super sexy and perfect for a night out at the club.

Dress *new*: Eclectique – Chloe Dress – White Nights


A few months ago I messaged the creator of MODA, my application had been sitting in limbo for a little while and I thought I would touch base with her. It was the perfect time since she’d just lost a blogger and was looking to fill a spot and I got a chance to blog for an amazing creator. I have never regretted my decision to contact her and I’m hoping she hasn’t either. These gorgeous, thigh-high boots are available at anyBODY right now. As with all MODA shoes, it comes with an extensive HUD to customize them to your needs.

Boots *new*Moda – Morgan Thigh Highs – anyBODY


This brand new set of poses comes with five +mirrors and is available only at TWE12VE until the end of the month. I love Image Essentials, she always comes up with fun bento poses for just about any situation.

Pose *new*Image Essentials – Brat V1 6M (closeup 10M) – TWE12VE


Just Magnetized is back in this month’s Catwa Powder Pack with an all-new hairbase and that influenced my decision on which hair to showcase this time around. Powder Pack is released twice a month with some of the best skins and makeups on the grid for Catwa and Lelutka mesh heads, you can pre-order them for only 1500L or wait until it’s released and pay 3000L. I have never been disappointed in all the months I have been blogging for Powder Pack with the items that I receive.

Skin *new*Pumec – Maya February – Catwa Powder Pack


Eyeshadow *new*SlackGirl – Rehia – Catwa Powder Pack


Brows and eyes *new*: NOX – Sienna Brows and Eyes – Catwa Powder Pack


Hairbase *new*Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase Special 04 – Catwa Powder Pack


Lipstick *new*Studio Exposure – Balada Lipstick 002 – Catwa Powder Pack

HairDoe – Thena Solid Blondes


Powder Pack Marketplace

I actually have two items from SlackGirl today and the second is these amazing nails available at Designer Circle until the end of the month. These nails come with a HUD that includes 14 color options and they are fit for Bento-enabled hands only including Maitreya, Tuty, Slink, Tonic, Vista and Eve. I just love SlackGirl nails, they’ve become one of my go to nails for mesh hands.

Nails *new*SlackGirl – Mood Nails – Designer Circle


Masoom makes some of my favorite Bento-rigged gloves and these are definitely no exception. These gloves are rigged for Maitreya hands only and comes with a HUD that includes 16 colors and three gems. They are just amazing and you can head on over to 4Mesh to get your set until December 11.

Gloves *new*Masoom – Claire – 4Mesh


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics


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Thin Ice

Thin Ice!

I heard that Steel was getting a bit of snow in real life so I started our homes transformation. He was not impressed. Me I love snow in Second Life, the options and everything you can do with decorations are amazing.


Fun additions like this amazing ice skating ring, penguins and accesories from MOoH. Love this little set and it is going to be part of our winter home till the big thaw in January some time.


Clothing & Hair

Jumper-Masoom– Carissa- Sad November

 [[MASOOM]] Carissa top @ Sad November//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Trousers- Addams – Terry Pants

Hair-pr!tty – Girim -Short- Chapter Four

Shoes- Pink Pearl Designs–  Rebel Chic – Denim High Heel Sneakers

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Frosted Foilage- 4Mesh


Body and Skin

Head and Body Applier- Wow Skins–Giorgia Catwa- 4Mesh

Giorgia Catwa applier

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Head- Catwa Catya Bento

Eyes-Catwa– Mesh Eyes

Eye Applier- Dulce Secrets– Soul Eyes

Pose and Scene Information

Ice Rink, Penguins, Fence and Accesories- MOoH-Snow Scene Gacha- Twe12ve

MOoH! Snow scene gacha//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Prop and Pose- Reve Obscura-Perspective Pose with Sunglasses (bento)

Don't let the world stop you from seeing who you can be//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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Smoke & Mirrors

I had a job interview yesterday, the first one I’ve had since I moved back home and it’s a graveyard position. 20 years ago I would have jumped at that chance to have a graveyard shift but my body clock has changed and I can barely stay awake past 9 pm now. Plus, I’m working on being a mom again, rebuilding my family and that will be a little hard to do if I’m sleeping all day. So, even though I think the interview went well and that there is a good chance they will offer me the position, I am going to have to decline it and that’s really hard for me, I’m not used to not working.

I have so many amazing things to share with you today and first up is this gorgeous cocktail dress from Shoenique. Available in 4 colors during Designer Showcase you can grab each one for only 99L. This dress is fit for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP and standard sizes and comes with an optional flexi skirt. It’s just right to make you feel like a million bucks.
Dress *new*: Shoenique – Melynda White Cocktail Maitreya – Designer Showcase
The second fabulous item available at Designer Showcase is this amazing set of poses from Image Essentials. This set comes with 5 bento pose plus mirrors.
Pose *new*Image Essentials – Brat V1 Pose 3 – Designer Showcase
This amazing backdrop is another from SAYO and is one of the 8 commons available from this gacha set.
BackdropSAYO – Villa Patio Backdrop
Marketplace I don’t normally take shots from the back but when you have a tattoo as awesome as this one you just have to. From Mesange and available right now at We <3 RP, this tattoo comes in 4 colors in three intensities made for Belleza and Omega. This tattoo could be used as a unisex tattoo as well.
Tattoo *new*:  – Wisdom Black –

I am always looking for fun and unique hairs and when I decided to pop over to VoltHair to see what was new I saw this one. Available right now for Lootbox there are two versions of this hair; one updo and one braid. It is just gorgeous. It does not come with a hairbase, so I dug into my inventory to see what I had and found this gorgeous base from Just Magnetized.
Hair *new*Volthair – Laura V2 Pack 5 – LootBox
HairbaseJust Magnetized – Basic Hairbase 18 Omega
7 Deadly Skins brings you another stunning group gift for the month of November. This gift comes with 7 skin tones for face and body in one pack and you won’t want to miss out on it. Join the group for only 225L for special gifts, hunts, credit and more. Skin is shown on Lelutka May bento mesh head.
Skin *new*7 Deadly Skins – Chantal Sand
ShapeWest End – Coco for Lelutka May
Eyes *new*Mesange – The Ripple – Men Only Monthly
When I saw these new bento gloves from Masoom I knew I had to include them in a post, they are just absolutely gorgeous and feminine. These gloves are available at eBento and made for Maitreya and Vista bento mesh hands only. Gloves are available in 14 colors with a metal change HUD or in a fatpack. You can change the bow color only with the fatpack.
Gloves *new*Masoom – Ruby Maitreya Bento Mesh Gloves – eBento
These amazing new nail polishes from Dark Passions – Koffin Nails come in two different sets; one gold and one silver are available to purchase at 4Mesh. These nail polishes can be used with Maitreya, Slink, and Omega compatible nails only. They are available as a fatpack only.
Nails *new*Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Frosted Foliage Silver – 4Mesh

Last, but most certainly not least, are these gorgeous shoes from SlackGirl, which are available at Le Six. These shoes come fit for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza with a full-color HUD including 6 colors.
Shoes *new*SlackGirl – Ring Shoes – Le Six
For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics







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And Bless The Falling Leaves

My heart so full of love for you
Sings praise for all I see
Oh sing for every mother's child
For every childhood tear
Oh sing for all the stars above
The peace beyond all fear

This is for the refugees
The ones without a home
A boat out on the ocean
A city street alone
Are they not some dear mother's child
Are they not you and i
Are we the ones to bear this shame
And they this sacrifice

Or are they just like falling leaves
Who give themselves away
From dust to dust from seed to shear
And to another day
If I could have one wish on earth
Of all I can conceive
T'would be to see another spring
And bless the falling leaves

                                  ~~ Falling Leaves, John Denver


[[ Masoom ]] Oversized Shirt LARA
Oversized Shirt
18 colors, Full Hud w/Fatpack
Materials Enabled
@ Uber until November 23rd !!
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh & Textures

Pose - {NANTRA}
Autumn Waltz
6 Poses + Mirrors w/ Prop
The Liaison Collaborative until November 30th !!
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Information:

Gacha Comforts&Joy
The Gacha Garden until November 28th !!
More Info About Event HERE
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Hair - TRUTH - Taja

Boots - #EMPIRE - InWorld

Skin/Shape (Face) - League

Head/Eyes/Body - Catwa Catya Bento Head/Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

Eye Applier - Euphoric
Euphoria (Catwa)

Izzie's - Catwa
Applier Lashes (Powder Pack June - Catwa)
Aiko Lip Tint Pale

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

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Fight For Hope

Fight For Hope

I dont think it is a secret that I love the post apocalyptic style. That powerful kick ass take names later woman. Where she is both beautiful and fearless. Its one of the reasons I love this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Well the other reason is the items this round are just plain fantastic. Creators held back nothing in their fight in the future or in the post apocalyptic scene, so head over and check out all the goodies. Again thank you for viewing and have a fierce day.♥

Fight for hope cu


Head:CATWA HEAD Magy v3.1

Body:Maitreya Mesh Body

Skin:amara beauty - Antonia 02 ~Thank You ♥

Hair:lock&tuft - post

Eyes:.kosmetik - Eyes.pure @ Twe12ve ~Thank You ♥


Eye Makeup:.ARISE. Kulo Makeup / 4 @ 4 Mesh ~Thank You ♥

Nosebleed:Clemmm - Nosebleed

Tattoo:{ Speakeasy } : Death Tattoo #5 @ Gacha Garden


Gloves:[[ Masoom ]] Claire Gloves@ 4 Mesh ~Thank You ♥

Belt:[The Forge] Apoc Belt, Black, ULTRARARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Cuffs:[ bubble ] Black Bullet Cuff  - RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Eye Patch:[CX] Bloody Cyclops Black~Thank You ♥


Bra:[The Forge] Aftermath Bra, Black, RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Pants:[The Forge] Aftermath Pants, Black, RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Cover:[The Forge] Aftermath Shrawl, Black, RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Boots:::GB:: Double Belt Boots

On Set

Pose:Kate's Closet 3 @ RK Poses

Backdrop:[ isuka&ana ] izakaya backdrop+poses @ 6 Republic ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Mutant Stopper@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Wrecker@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Groundbreaker@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Saw & Conquered@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Tyre Tree (C)@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

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These Are Spirit Fingers

"These are spirit fingers.
And these...are GOLD."

                          ~~Bring It On Movie Quote (lol)


Hair - Firelight
Amidala (Gen2)
Choice of Wispy or Full Effect on Hud
Packs Only 55Ls - Fifty5 Thursdays Sale
November 9th through 14th !!
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Necklace !It! (Indulge Temptation)
Random 60Ls Discounts for Next 2 Weeks!
Magic Crystal Earrings
Nyala Choker
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Carys - Bento Midi Rings
Midnight Item
Starts Midnight Friday night November 10th
Deidra - Fingernail Rings
Noon Item
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh Designs

Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Belleza(s)
18 colors, Fatpack Mix-and-Matches
Materials Enabled
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh & Textures

Eyes - MUSA
Omega, System
The Gacha Garden Nov 1 - 30th !!
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
Head Applier/Skin - Glam Affair (Milena)
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Pose - Stonerella
Free Spirit 3
Leaving Boho Culture Fair Today,
Watch For On Marketplace

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

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Better Life

Yesterday was the preliminary hearing for my soon to be ex-husband on the child molestation charges, my daughter and I were both subpoenaed but thankfully there was a continuance. I don’t know if the lawyer he got was smart enough to tell him to waive his right to this hearing since they have him dead to rights, or if the lawyer was just completely unprepared and so he asked for more time. Either way, my daughter did not have to testify yesterday and now we wait to see if this goes to trial. I just wish this whole nightmare was over and that I could start giving my children a better life, the life they deserve.

I decided some time ago that I am not a decor blogger, I’m not good at making scenes and putting stuff together, but when I went to Collabor88 yesterday and I saw these amazing items I just had to create a scene. SAYO has this awesome backdrop, it comes with a color change HUD to customize it and it’s just fabulous. There are six colors to choose from. The fireplace is from Pilot+Can’t Even, it comes in two different colors sold individually and the chaise is just gorgeous. The chaise is available in PG and adult versions. The PG version that I chose comes with single and couple poses and a texture change option for the cushion and back of the chaise.
Backdrop *new*SAYO – Secret Room with HUD – Collabor88
Fireplace *new*: Pilot + Can’t Even – Gothic Fireplace White – Collabor88
Pilot Marketplace
Chaise *new*Trompe Loeil – Swan Chaise PG – Collabor88
Masoom is back at Cosmopolitan Sales Room with this stunning dress, available in 16 colors individually and in a fatpack, made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza Isis and Freya. Materials are enabled on this dress, so when you use advanced lighting you get the shiny texture.
Dress *new*Masoom – Adelia Dress – Cosmopolitan Event
This gorgeous hair from Phoenix is available at the newly remolded FaMESHed, available in all the standard color option it also comes with a style HUD for 4 unique hairstyles.
Hair *new*Phoenix – Iris Blondes – FaMESHed
I chose not to use the built-in poses for the chaise and instead used this sexy pose from Foxcity. Available at Tres Chic in 6 individual poses and a greedy pack that includes 7 poses total.
Pose *new*Foxcity – Thirsty 6M – Tres Chic

Pose *new*Foxcity – Oki Doki 4M – SaNaRae
I wanted a new skin, I am pretty sure I never blog the same skin twice unless I forget to change it but I realized that Glam Affair would have something brand new at Collabor88 and I wasn’t disappointed. Created for Lelutka mesh heads this skin is stunning and comes with eyeshadows and lipsticks to compliment it. I used the lipstick but chose to feature a brand new eyeshadow from Mesange. Yes, I am still wearing my Lelutka May bento mesh head.
Skin *new*Glam Affair – Frederika America – Collabor88
Eyeshadow *new*Mesange – Elora Eyeshadow HUD 1 – Sad November (LM COMING SOON)
I can’t avoid gacha machines, it doesn’t matter how good my resolve is I always end up playing. This time I went to Gacha Garden and scored these amazing rings from AvaWay. There are two rares with color change HUDs and 18 commons to win in this gacha machine.
Rings *new*: AvaWay – Neva 1 Rare, 3, 4, 6, 11, 13, 14 common – Gacha Garden
This bracelet from Noir Store is superb, it comes with a color change HUD for each side so you can mix and match your bracelets. A resize script is included in them as well for the perfect fit.
Bracelet *new*Noir Store – Blair Bracelet – Collabor88
I have not one, but two stunning items from SlackGirl this time, Hellen eyes are made for Catwa and Lelutka and also comes with its own set of mesh eyes if you prefer those, there are no system eyes in this pack. These nails! I have fallen in love with SlackGirl nails, and this set is no exception. Made for all bento mesh hands it comes with a HUD to customize your nails to 12 colors. Both of these gorgeous items are main store releases.
Eyes *new*SlackGirl – Hellen Eyes
Nails *new*SlackGirl – Poesia Nails
HairbaseJust Magnetized – Basic Hairbase 02
ShapeWest End – Coco Lelutka May

Utopia has quickly become one of my favorite shoe creators and you can see why. The HUD comes with preset color combinations plus the ability to change the colors individually, there are five gloss levels and the prices are very reasonable.
Shoes *new*Utopia – Nora – Cosmopolitan Event
For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics




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Its Okay

Its koay I can wait, I can sit here and wait patiently for some of my favrite things. Events why do you take so long to come when I just long to go to you. Lmao. I am referring to Candy Fair. I have been waiting since I heard it was coming back and the anticipation is getting heavy. SO I dont know if you are aware but Foxcity is in Candy Fair and she has of course made some fanfreakingtastic poses for is as well as some back drops. This pose is from her Sweet Tea set and is adorable. Now I chose to rez the cup but it comes with this pose and is supposed to be in my mouth lolol. Either way thank you for Viewing ♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin:amara beauty - Tamara 02 ~Thank You♥

Hair:{Limerence} Nicole Hair@ Chapter Four ~Thank You ♥

Eyes:-SU!- Darcey Eyes Winter


Bracelets:[ bubble ] Gleaming Bracelets~Thank You ♥

Shadow:[CX] Love Devil Eyeshadow Set ( CATWA ) @ For The Love of The Devil


Dress:[[ Masoom ]] Adelia dress @ Cosmopolitan ~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose:FOXCITY. Sweet Tea-1 (Fatpack exclusive) @ The Candy Fair ~Thank You♥

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Reassurance @ Sanarae~Thank You♥

FAKEICON / T-o love hotel gacha / 6. holo plant @ 6 Republic

FAKEICON / T-o love hotel gacha / 20. clutter@ 6 Republic

FAKEICON / T-o love hotel gacha / 18. rose@ 6 Republic

[ARIA] Blair glass console table

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Devil in Me

I haven’t been on Second Life a lot lately, mostly because my mom likes to watch TV, I know now where I got my binge watching gene from. I’m also working on repairing the damage to my family that was done over the past five years of marriage to a deviant, sexual predator. My oldest daughter has a new job, she’s only a few days into it but she really seems to be enjoying it. I’m looking for a job, it won’t be the bank but it’ll be something and right now that’s all I need. Time will heal the wounds that we’ve suffered but I am finding SL is not as large a part of my life as it has been for the past several years.

First, I want to talk about this fabulous gacha outfit from Masoom. Available right now at The Epiphany and compatible with Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya and Isis. This set includes 11 commons and 4 rares and metal pieces can be changed from gold and silver. The sexy collar is the exclusive prize and can be received for redeeming 25 Epiphany Points. This is an original mesh set and so amazingly created.
Outfit (new)Masoom – Riley Lara Black Rare – The Epiphany 
This fabulous scene is from a previous Epiphany round and from Sayo. This set had the possibility to win 8 commons and one rare and it seemed the perfect location for my sexy pic.
BackdropSAYO – Zen Garden Backdrop Rare
When I think of sexy and beautiful pose only one brand comes to mind. Foxcity is back at Limit 8 with this superb set of poses. As always, this set comes with 6 individual poses for purchase or a greedy pack that includes an exclusive 7th pose.
Pose (new)Foxcity – Editorial V2-6 – Limit8

When I heard that Glam Affair was participating in this week’s Fifty Linden Friday I had to go check it out. I was so happy when I saw that the three skin tones available this week were made for Lelutka since Lelutka May is my new favorite head. I can’t seem to take it off. I paired this stunning skin with makeup from the latest Powder Pack. SlackGirl and #adored both released amazing makeup palettes this month. Powder Pack is a monthly subscription box that you can purchase for either Catwa or Lelutka. When you pre-order them you only pay 1500L but if you really want to wait and see what you’re going to get then you’ll pay 3000L. Pre-ordering is definitely the way to go.

SkinGlam Affair – Ophelia Lelutka America


Eyeshadow (new)SlackGirl – November Powder Pack Set – Lelutka Powder Pack


Lipstick (new)#adored – Lavish Lips – Lelutka Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

This hair, from the moment I saw the advertisement on Facebook I knew I had to have it. The cute little buns at the top, the long tresses, everything about it screamed beauty. This hair comes with the omega and system hairbases, the hair, thin and thick fringe, and a color HUD that includes the styler. The styler has 4 options for the tresses and 2 options for the buns.

Hair (new)RunAway Hair – Rachel – FaMESHed


Mesange, what can I say other than WOW! The skill and creativity she puts into all of her gorgeous eyes just astound me and right now you can get this set at We <3 RP. All eyes come with 4 sizes, omega compatible HUD and mesh and system eyes. As always, these eyes are unisex and available in 15 colors.

Eyes (new)Mesange – Lephan Eyes 15 – We <3 RP


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics



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