Beautiful Girls

On9 officially opens today and with it some amazing items from designers all across the grid. I’m so honored to be officially be blogging for this event, I have applied every time since I started blogging 3 years ago. To say I was speechless is an understatement.

I took a few pieces from different designers at On9 to create this look. The flowers, hair, necklace, and outfit are all available starting today. If you haven’t been to On9 before, or aren’t sure how it works let me tell you. Designers put their items out for sale, then they pick one of the items and mark it down at least 20%, it is then up to you to find the reduced items. It’s a pretty awesome event.

Flowers *new*: Naminoke – Dollar Plant Headdress Pink – On9


Hair *new*: BMS – BMGH02 Type 1 – On9


Necklace *new*: Kunglers – Simone Set Sapphire – On9


Outfit *new*: Lakshmi – Fiana Ensemble 3 – On9


I wanted to add some fun to this and found the brand new stuff from Plastik coming to The Season Story on January 10 at noon SLT. This set comes with the plate of cookies and the held cookies for right and left hands as well as the mouth cookie. The held and mouth cookies are color change with the HUD and have bento holds included. These are so much fun!

Cookies *new*The Plastik – Eleflake Cookies

Nails *new*:  Ice Capade – The Season Story


SkinGlam Affair – Barbara Artic for Lelutka with Makeup


EyebrowsMILA  – Attractive Eyebrows


EyesMesange – Byzantium 12


For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics





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Home Sweet Home

So I did it again, I created photos for two separate blogs back to back without writing the blogs. This is a bad practice for me because I end up screwing something up when I do the spam for the blog. I am going to do really well today though because one is a landscape blog and the other is a fashion/decor blog. Enough small talk, let’s get on to the main event.

Llorisen is at FaMESHed again this month and you can grab this lovely farmhouse. You get three different houses in the pack, a standard, lower LI, and a snow covered. Unfortunately, I could not fit the entire build into one picture, it is larger than shown here but this is a pretty good representation. You can see a demo of the house at FaMESHed, and it is just beautifully done.

House *new*Llorisen – Hedda Dutch Farmhouse with snow – FaMESHed


I chose to decorate the exterior with some older items I have, seems I have a lot of winter decor and even though winter is NOT my favorite season in RL it is ok in SL, at least I don’t feel the cold that it represents like I do in RL. I’m just going to write a list of the adorable items I’ve included because to be perfectly honest I have blogged most of them in the past.

TreesLittle Branch – Sugar Maple v3 Season, Red Elder 4 Season Animated, Giant Cedar Animated Seasons, grass 1 winter


SnowmenChez Moi – Snowman Family


Animals: Half Deer – Snow Animals Bear and Bunny, Red Fox Running and Sleeping


Jian – Scruffy Shepherds Hanging Sheperd


Snow: Barnesworth Anubis – Snow Kit Wall Drifts, Stairs, Corner Drift


Other Decor

Scarlet Creative – Winter Well


Inia – Forest Gacha

Kunst – Neva’s Tricycle Rare


Chez Moi – Stand Reindeer


Naminoke – Snow Fairy Bonsai Red


SAYO – Evergreen Collection Wreath






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Peek a Boo!

{Your Dreams} Enchanted tree house – Autumn (149L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Wing (89L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Head 1 & 2 (149L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Necklace (149L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Mouth (48L) @ We Love Role-Play
.AiShA. Wood Pixie
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 1B
HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – yGreen b
HPMD* Colored Bush – yellow
{anc} sunbeam/line(hologram)
Del May – Seek Pose (50L)

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Just Toys in His Head

This set from 22769 is amazing. I myself am a massive Tim Burton Fan so when I got this to toy around with that is just what I did. I became a little toy of Tim's. If you look over all the pieces to this set you see all the little parts of Tim's mind. If you haven't already, head on over to Gacha Guardians and pull on this machine cause you are defiantly missing out . As always thank you for viewing♥



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin:*Birth* Willow Skin 01 ~Thank You♥

Hair:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Loli @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

Eyes:[CX] Soul Keeper Eyes Set@ The Secret Hideout 


Eye Shadow: .ARISE. Cula Makeup @ 4 Mesh ~Thank You♥

*N*FaceFlower AccessoriesBlk @ The Dark Style Fair~Thank You♥ (Opens on the 14th)

Mouth Makeup: :Z.S: Sludge @ Ironwood Hills (reward for completing the Ironwood Hills Hunt

Strings: Curio Obscura - Marionette Control and Strings


Dress:::C'est la vie !:: Loes Gacha Dress (ribbon black) @ The Secret Hideout ~Thank You♥

On Set

Pose:::WetCat:: "Marionette" 6

22769 - Vortex Rug - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Snakepouf - RARE @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Limp Bookshelf Left - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Limp Bookshelf Right - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - This is Halloween - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tims Armchair - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tims Teddy Bear - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Twisted Candle Holder - Gift of the Guardians @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Jester Console - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Mad Hatter Hatstand - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tims Plant Black And Orange - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Tea with Tim - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

22769 - Sidetable - COMMON @ Gacha Guardians ~Thank You♥

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The Goddess Moon

Setting up a small altar of symbolic deities within a room flooded with celestial shapes, I could help but admire them a bit and say my own silent prayers.

Many of the most well-known mythologies feature female lunar deities, such as the Greek goddesses Phoebe, Artemis, Selene, and Hecate as well as the Chinese goddess Chang'e.

 The Goddess emerges with this great Gacha collection by VENGE, called, Dragons & Diety Gacha, an exclusive at the Coven - Lunar Festival  August 3-24. Lots of items to be won in this collection, including the 5 goddesses shown above, 2 moon riders ( 1 is a rare), and 2 Cloud Chill'n (1 is a rare) Check out the gacha key at the bottom of this post for more information.

Before we go further, I'll show you the beautiful skin that is at the base of this face of mine.7 Deadly s[K]ins created this lovely skin, Calamity. This Omega applier skin was based on the Catwa mesh heads in 7 skin tones ( I am wearing cotton candy tone with Catwa Catya Mesh head & Maitreya body) and includes the amazing inclusive body appliers as well. There is a shape that is also available to purchase,and that I am wearing, isn’t she just adorable in that dangerous way?

 Sn@tch designed the alluring Harley Hair, in 2 sizes and available in 5 different color packs.

 Also by VENGE is the beautiful Luna Makeup, another exclusive at Coven - Lunar Festival. This makeup comes with the classic tattoo layers as well as appliers for Catwa and Omega. Also shown in the picture above is the Pentacle Eyes (Fire), this is a Coven Group Gift! Another Group Gift at the event is the Moon Lip Piercing by *Naminoke* that fits in well with the makeup in this picture.

VENGE also created this Original Mesh Evening Lord Necklace  for the Coven - Lunar Festival. This includes a mens and womens version. A great addition to the style.

imbue. has a Coven - Lunar Festival Group gift for us as well. This lovely resize able crystal bracelet which can be worn with several different outfits and still match perfectly.

ERSCH has some great Horns in their gacha collection, Night Dreams. Shown is the number 07 horns, one of many types to win. Another item that you can find at the Coven - Lunar Festival.

Sn@tch has this great new outfit called, Walkin' After Midnight. It includes a rigged mesh leather skirt and tube top in 30 patters/colors. Compatible with Slink(2), Bellezza (3), Maitreya, Tonic (2), eBody and TMP.

The Little Bat designed the Kinky Garter I am wearing. It is unrigged mesh with resizer script and comes with an 8 texture change hud. You can find this at the Fetish Fair Aug 4-18.

Another fabulous gift at the Coven - Lunar Festival, is this Goth Gurl Nail Applier  by Misschevious . This is an Omega applier 3 textures.

The poses used in this post were both created by Something New. The tempting Succubus pose as a 10L gift for the Fable 2 Once Upon A Time Event August 5-26th ,
and the fantastic Blog my Nails 2 available in their Marketplace store.

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Its here! Fantasy Gacha Carnival is here!!! And you wont be disappointed. This round is amazing, full of tons of items you would love for your rp needs. Today I am featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe as well as Poseidon Poses. As always thank you for viewing ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: .Olive. the Mia Hair – Red Heads @ Epiphany

Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Sora # Catwa Skin Applier(102 no brows)


Gloves: [CX] 22 The Iron Maiden Gloves – Black (Maitreya)

*N*Spider Circlet RED @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

*N*Spider Ear cuffs RED @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

*N*Spider Horns  RED @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

*N*Spider mouth pierce RED @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

*N*Spider on your face RED @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Omira Belt [Black] Maitreya @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Omira Collar [Black] Maitreya @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Zibska ~ Verad Eye Makeup @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Zibska ~ Verad Lips@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥


Top: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Omira Top [Black] Maitreya @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Stocking: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Omira Stocking [Black] Maitreya @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Shorts: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Omira Pants RARE Maitreya@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Omira Boot RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose: **Poseidon Poses**The Damned Assassin 2  @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

.::DD::. Tower Rising COMMON @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

.::DD::. Forest Rising COMMON @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

.::DD::. Serpent Rising COMMON @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

~Soedara~ Candle Decayed Skull – Droop

{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] 1prim sculpt

Stormwood: Cobblestone Wall Kit – Heavy Moss – Arch Wood Door

Stormwood: Cobblestone Wall Kit – Heavy Moss – Straight

Stormwood: Cobblestone Wall Kit – Heavy Moss – Pillar

HEART: Black OAK Witch Tree – Soul Catcher – Power Runes

Studio Skye: Enchanted Woods – Four Season Trees

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As the Petals Fall

Time for something sweet and just pretty I love the dress from Addams and I regret not getting to showcase her items but this one I couldn’t help. It is too sweet and fantastic not to. Then Loot Box opened and this umbrella. I fell in love with this umbrella. Thank you for reading and looking. ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beautyPowder Pack CATWA JUNE 2017 – Livia

Hair: 2. Doe: Marigold (solid) – Browns @ Loot Box


Umbrella: *N*Sakura Umbrella RARE @ Loot Box

Glasses: PEACHES. – Koni Glasses//White – Silver


Romper: Addams // Valentina LaceJumper // N*20


FOXCITY. Effortless V1-2m @ On9

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Bauhaus Movement – Xan BeltNeck / GOLD (199L) @ Cosmopolitan  till the 18th
YS&YS Petal skin applier for Lelutka (495L) @ We Love Role-Play
Air_Dionysus (monocle) gold (250L) @ We Love Role-Play
*Naminoke*Bell Flower HairDress (175L) @ We Love Role-Play
/Wasabi Pills/ Lemon Mesh Hair (75 L per Play) @ Chapter Four
Mandala ears
Bauhaus Movement – Decoded Feedback 42 @ The Liaison Collaborative

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