Aleutia for Secret Affair

Feeling peachy today ūüôā

The Secret Affair is open and offering boudoir designs for you, including this romantically sexy Aurora lingerie set from Aleutia. ¬†Aurora comes in solid and prints…with or without the rose and/or a bow… sooo many decisions! ¬†By the way, the bra part of the top is sheer like the rest, I softened the nipples so they wouldn’t show. ¬†The panties however, are opaque…no see through ‚̧

eXxEsS : VARVARA A Hair (289L) – NEW!
[MaGmA] – Sakura – (Copper) (190L) @ The Secret Affair
[Aleutia] Aurora set w/ rose and bow (250L) @ The Secret Affair
On a Lark – rings for bento hand (350L) @ The Secret Affair
Catwa – Lona bento mesh head (5,000L)
Belleza Sophie applier for Catwa (899L)
Belleza makeup applier for Catwa (199L) @ Summerfest (closes on the 20th!)


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Is it hot out here…or is it me?

Splish Splash

Here‚Äôs the fourth (and last) Argrace ‚Äėdo from the Hair Fair. ¬†First was the bed head‚Ķthen the shower hair‚Ķthen the first towel hair…now another! ¬†Was this not an adorable theme!? ¬†You can find Argrace on the Blonde sim, just veer far right and look for the row with green shutters. ¬†15% of all proceeds from the Argrace sales will be going to Wigs for Kids¬†‚̧

*ARGRACE* SUIU towel hair (250L) @ Hair Fair 2017
NiU – Coolday Loungewear [Butterfly] (150L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Izzie’s – Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses (225L) @ Summerfest
Izzie’s – Splish Splash Wet Body and Face applier (249L) @ Summerfest
LeLutka – Cate Bento Mesh Head (5,000L)
an lar – The Martinique Series pose (150L for the set) @ The Liaison Collaborative

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The Journey’s half the adventure

The journey's half the adventure

Summer’s in full swing and who doesn’t want to take a road trip to the beach!? ¬†I took an SL road trip yesterday to events for some shopping therapy. ¬†I just love popping in and wandering around….window shopping and people watching. ¬†I picked up a bit of summer here and there to help me on my travels ‚̧

Fabia – Alina hair @ The Guardians
LeLutka – Cate 2.7 bento mesh head (5,000L)
Izzie’s – Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses (225L) @ Summerfest
[Aleutia] Chelle (Maitreya) (50L per play) @ The Guardians
Essenz – Indonesia (Maitreya) @ The Guardians
CubeRepublic (CR)  C&S Gacha РExclusive РPotting Bench @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 1 astrophytum myriostigma – RARE @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 12 Fenestaria Aurantiaca @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 7 Aloe Bellatula @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 10 Haworthia Truncata @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 8 Agave Victoria Reginae @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 9 Sulcorebutia Rauschii – RARE @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha Accessories 1 Can @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 3 Gymnocalycium horstii @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 4 astrophytum super kabuto @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha Accessories 3 Clay Pots @ The Guardians
CR C&S Gacha 5 stenocactus coptonogonus @ The Guardians
Exposeur – Kait Rustic Dream – Blue @ The Guardians
O.M.E.N – Summer Vespa – Yellow – comes with awesome puppy! (295L) @ Summerfest
*LODE* Decor – Texas Suitcases (88L) @ Collabor88
PILOT – Flat Road Map [Road Trip] (88L) @ Collabor88
dust bunny . pink medinilla plant (125L) @ FaMESHed
dust bunny . potted palm
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
Le Poppycock – Get Lost pose (from the Live Free A pack) 88L @ Collabor88

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Monso for Hair Fair 2017

Hair Fair opened the other day with four sims full of wondrous hair. ¬†Monso is one of my all time favorite hair brands and I was giddy with excitement when I tried on the demo’s. ¬†I was not disappointed. ¬†While I have always favored the shorter ‘do’s, I find I looove Sowen, a long wavy hairdo with the front pulled back and sweepy bangs. ¬†Monso is donating 20% of all Hair Fair proceeds to Wigs for Kids…the best reason for going and picking up a hairdo or two…or three. ¬†You can pick up demo’s if you haven’t already either at the fair or in the Hair Fair Demo group (truly the easiest way, and the group is free), then make a list and get shopping! Monso is on the Redhead sim, look for blue shutters in the middle right of the sim…the link’s below ‚̧

The beautiful blue tattoo is from White-Widow and is an exclusive at The Darkness. ¬†When you go, the tatt is located in White-Widow’s satellite shop to the right…not in the open market ‚̧

I know I didn’t show much of the adorable umbrella….I wanted a close shot so you could see the detail in the tatt and hair (and the beautiful faces by Belleza). ¬†Darth had the NOMAD set sitting up on the platform and I couldn’t resist pulling an umbrella, with it’s pretty tassels, over into the shot. ‚̧

[monso] My Hair – Sowon (285L) @ Hair Fair 2017
[monso] My Hair – Satomi (285L) @ Hair Fair 2017
[monso] My Hair – Jungkook (285L) @ Hair Fair 2017
White-Widow – Wonder Exclusive Blue tattoo (250L) @ The Darkness
Belleza – Sophie applier for Catwa (899L)
Catwa – Lona Bento mesh head (5,000L)
NOMAD // Beach Parasol // Orange (Tilted) (350L for a set) @ Summerfest 17
[Aleutia] Sophia dress
{anc} suger rose field [rose]
Bauhaus Movement – Distant Musings (me on the left)
Bauhaus Movement – The Bosses couple pose (the 2 on the right)

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Hair Fair 2017

Holy pineapples batman….can’t live without this hair can ya!? ¬†Me either!! ¬†I had the pleasure of being able to walk through Hair Fair a little early and just went nuts at the amazing creations…..some demure, some sexy and some just so much fun you can’t stand it. ¬†This Carmen wig made me laugh so hard and there was no way I was walking away without it! ¬†The earrings…..oh the earrings….are a freeeee gift….score!

There are a lot of gifts set out in the individual booths at the fair, you just have to cam around and look.  I took some pics and have some tips for you to help you in your fair wanderings.

First, if you haven’t joined the inworld demo group…why not? ¬†It’s free and the designers have been loading their creations in all day today. ¬†It’s easy squeezy to just sit, open and try on demo’s. ¬†Join now if you haven’t already, open the group, go to the notices and start pulling in all the demo’s. ¬†Make a list…have a plan dammit!

Second, good things to know. ¬†There are 4 sims…blonde, brunette, redhead and noirette. ¬†Get it!? ¬†LOL

Pretty easy layout…and color coded! ¬†If you notice…the roofs are shaded to correspond with the sim hair color! ¬†Also, see the male sign above some of the roofs? ¬†That denotes a store that has guy hair! ¬†Talk about making it easy….this way guys don’t have to wander through every store wondering if there is a ‘do for them.

Speaking of wandering…if you want it even easier…catch a ride. ¬†There are “bus” cubes on every sim ready to help you get around. ¬†The Prim Bus is just an unscripted prim you and your friends can sit on and move using your edit tools to get around Hair Fair. If the sim is experiencing lag issues, this can sometimes be an easier way to get around, or it can help you avoid getting separated from your group.

Third: ¬†All hair sold at the fair donates a portion to Wigs for Kids, the organization that makes and gives out wigs for children who have experienced a loss of hair. ¬†The designers decide how much will be designated for donation, but the lowest amount is 15%. ¬†There will be a sign in the booth somewhere that tells how much is going to Wigs for Kids. ¬†I saw a good many (30 ish) that said 15%, over 10 that were 20%, same number roughly for 25%, a little less than 10 for 30%, 5 or so at 50% and 1 at 100%….for every hairstyle in the house. ¬†Now I’ll be honest, some of the designers weren’t finished setting up as I went around and didn’t have their signs up yet…so there will be higher numbers and perhaps a few more at 100%. ¬†There were a few that I spotted 100% donation signs at….but they were for dollarbie hairs…so yeah…1L. ¬†The picture below was from Zibska’s store on Noirette…100% of the sales from all 5 hairs are being donated to Wigs for Kids. ¬†Now I don’t blog for Zibska or anything…I just think that is beyond generous and amazing that Zib Scaggs is giving it all to the cause…props to her ‚̧

Forth: ¬†Free gifts….they got em. ¬†Many (not all, it’s voluntary) of the designers have put out a giftie for you in the store. ¬†Some are accessories…like my pineapple earrings…many are hairs. ¬†Most are free….a few are dollarbies. ¬†Most of those with a gift have 1, a few had 2, Astrology has 3! ¬†Whoot Whoot!

Fifth: ¬†The Bandana Booths. ¬†Each sim has a bandana booth. ¬†They are all the same….same bandana’s in them I mean, so don’t go into one on another sim looking for different designs. ¬†Each bandana costs 50L. ¬†This year there are also Hair Fair Hare’s…adorable cuddly bunnehs wearing bandanas.

The hare’s are available in the bandana booths for 100L and have coordinating bandana’s for you to wear….twinsies! ¬†100% of the proceeds from the bandana booths go to Wigs for Kids. ¬†So what’s up with the bandana’s? ¬†Bandana Day¬†in Second Life started in 2007. ¬† It‚Äôs a day we encourage people from all over SL to remove their hair and wear bandanas decorated by residents¬†(not just hair creators!) grid wide. ¬†Bandana Day is always toward the end of the fair…so pick a few out and keep up with either me or the Hair Fair 2017 website to find out when to wear yours ‚̧

Tell me this bunny is not adorable!!! ¬†(and me too….I’m freaking adorable!)

Sixth: Bought every hair and wanna donate more? ¬†You’ll find these donate boxes on every sim…feel free to feed them ‚̧

Seventh: In the front of every sim, where you initially rezz in, there is a display of the Hair Fair Picture Contest winners. ¬†My friend Rhenu was a runner up, here’s her fabulous picture (the blue one) ‚̧

Finally….here’s the deets for the stuff I’m wearing with lm’s ‚̧

ZsaZsa’s Carmen Wig – Normie – Blonde (280L) @ Hair Fair 2017 on the Brunette sim
ZsaZsa’s Favorite Pineapple Earrings¬†(free gift!) @ Hair Fair 2017
[Cynful] Rendezvous Romper – (288L) @ Collabor88 till July 6th
Belleza – Sophie applier for Catwa – New in store (899L)
Belleza – Sophie makeup for Catwa (199L) @ Summerfest 17 (opened today…till July 20th)


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