What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve, time to say goodbye to a very bad year, well not all bad but pretty bad. I’ve still got some bad to look forward to in 2018 but hopefully, the end result of that will be something very, very good. I have set some blogging goals for myself in 2018, one is to get better with my photography, to push myself into trying new things and to not be afraid. It is time, after 3 years of blogging to grow again, my blog has grown a little bit each year and this time I want BIG changes.

I really want to focus more on decor blogging, sometimes alone and sometimes as a scene. The first time I saw this gacha set from Bee Designs I knew I wanted to blog it, becoming a decor blogger isn’t easy, especially when the past 3 years has been focused on fashion. For so long I’ve used backdrops as the main focus of behind me in a blog, but a backdrop can be used for so much more. I had a lovely Ionic backdrop that I used for the walls of my room.

Decor *new*Bee Designs – Ma Cherie Gacha – Cosmopolitan Event


Other Decor: Tres Blah – HodgePodge Tossed Clothes, Slumber Party Snack Attack, Nail Polish Clutter, Overnight Bag


Backdrop: Ionic – Paneled Wall Photocall


This gorgeous negligee set is from The Annex and is available right now at The Trunk Show, a bi-monthly, wedding-themed event. IT comes in 4 colors. I don’t normally choose pink but it fit in with everything else so well I just had to.

Lingerie *new*The Annex – Santa Baby Pink Maitreya – Marketplace

The gorgeous strapped heeled boots are perfection and when I saw them I knew they’d be perfect to complete my look. They come with fits for Belleza, Slink, Tonic, and Maitreya and also include a full-color HUD.

Shoes *new*KC Couture – Becca Strappy Boots Maitreya


I was told a puppy adds cuteness, so I added this adorable golden retriever from O.M.E.N. Available at Collabor88 right now but hurry because this round is about to end.

Puppy *new*O.M.E.N. – Golden Retriever Hold –


I’m still so thrilled to have been accepted by Adoness as a blogger, I’ve loved her hair for years. She’s not super active in Second Life anymore since RL has dug its claws into her but this hair is available at the main store location. It’s so sexy and feminine.

HairAdoness – Luna Blonde


Avada is back at The Makeover Room with a new set of eyebrows, this pack includes system tattoos, Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, and Omega. There are 7 colors and an eyebrow shape included as well. Remember that The Makeover Room does not open until January 1.

Eyebrows *new*Avada – Jelena Eyebrows – Designer Showcase


Skin *new*Glam Affair – Lola LAQ America – Kustom9


Eyes *new*Mesange – Ollie – Men Only Monthly





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“Throw your best friend under the bus” challenge

A challenge that does not exist. But if it would, my bestie and me would totally win it. Every single time. Not one week we don’t do that to each other at least once. Each. No joke. Just today she totally posted a picture of me on Facebook. In sexy golden top and shorts. So far, so good, but combined with black thights and blue metallic shoes? Extremely sexy … not! Yes, we do love each other. Can’t beat us on that. :D

Well, I need to try and get some trust back. Your trust. In my “Fashion mojo” as another, slightly taller Ana called it.

This is a party outfit I found at Collabor88. Hey, I always knew, if you need the real cute look, go to Tres Blah. But this is seriously the “Cute & Sexy Look”! It immediately changed my plans to get me a half sheer long gown for the party. This is ooooo much better. And it has glitter!

fangirling 01
Let’s talk about the right make up now. A dress like that needs color, glitter and shine without looking slutty. Studio Exposure came up with an amazing group gift this month that is exactly what is needed for an outfit like this

fangirling closeup

Upper picture: 

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Mannequin 05

Top: Tres Blah – Draped Halter – Silver @ Collabor88
Skirt: Tres Blah – Party Skirt – Black @ Collabor88
Hair: TRUTH Apple – Multitone 1

Lower picture:

Pose: FOXCITY. Highlights VOL2-6m

Hair: TRUTH Apple – Multitone 1

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Greater than any Obstacle

sensual 1024

Believe in yourself and all that you are.

Know that there is something inside you, that is greater than any obstacle. ❤

At the end of the day when you need a push, you’re down on yourself, or just need a kick in the arse 😉 I’ll be here. You can always lean on me. Thank you Kelly for posing with me and remember to always believe in yourself. You’re incredible. ❤



Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body:– Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body
shape: My Own… Not for sale
Hair: Clawtooth Odette @ FaMESHed

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Cae Elena @ FaMESHed
Outfit: Rebel Hope Jayda and ZaZa Mesh Lingerie @ FaMESHed

Kelly: For her look, check out her blog here!

{Set Design}
Zerklalo Nikoletta Dark – Daybed PG
Tres blah– Pampered – Mag and Berries
Tres blah– Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes 1
Tres blah – Slumber Party – Pillows
Tres blah– Jolie – Train Case

{Pose} Pose: Flamingo Black Velvet

Thank you sooo much Kelly for posing with me. It was blast and I enjoyed it more than you know! Falling out of the sky and all 😉 💕

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What do you mean “we don’t decorate this year”?

Every single year the same. “Nope, this year we don’t decorate.” Uh huh. Hear hear. And every year also the same every day we get closer to Christmas once December started.
“What is this?”
“Advent wreath!”
“And this?”
“And what is that there in the Yucca?”
“Wellll… you said we won’t get a Christmas Tree. So I put the Christmas Lights in there!”
We WILL have decoration this year. A LOT :P

What do you mean we dont decorate this year

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Carol
Backdrop: Mesh India Snow Flakes Background @ Très Chic

Top: Tres Blah – Hope Kimono – Dream
Hair: TRUTH Rumor – Multitone 1

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Come Dance With Me

I so love winter in SL. All those beautiful sims appearing now, old and loved ones coming back, new ones are to be onened soon. I couldn’t resist, I had to dig for my skates, and of course I needed something new to wear with them. Shopping spree *yay*

I fell in love with this cute skater skirt and the even cuter sweater from Tres Blah. Keep me out of that store please, or I might own half of it before the week ends :D

Come Dance With Me

Pose: GingerFish Poses – Rollin 1
Photo taken at: Winter Holiday Village

Top: Tres Blah – Passport Sweater – Grey
Skirt: Tres Blah – Skater Skirt – Autumn
Thights: FnH Quiet Night Tights Black Thick
Skates with legwarmers: N-core SKATES “Retro”
Hair: Exile – Blown Away – Blondes

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Staying inside

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love winter. I love snow, I love long walks deep into a winterwonderland. But what I don’t like is keeping the walkways free of snow. In fact, I hate it. So that is when I get my most exhausted look before I even did anything and just whisper weakly “oh no darling, you need to do it”

Yes, I can be a brat :D

Staying inside

Backdrop (Window) & Pose: [ Focus Poses ] Frosty Morning 2 @ FaMESHed
Backdrop (outside): Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Top: Tres Blah – Bib Tank Top – Slash
Pants: Tres Blah – Scrunched Sweats – Black
Hair: Exile – Be My Baby – Blondes

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Expect nothing and appreciate everything


BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

HEAD:  .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0

EYES:  .LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0

SKIN:  ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Tan

HAIR:  Stealthic – Envy

DRESS:  Kaithleen’s Snow Dress @ Enchantment (NEW)



{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Pt 1 & Pt 2

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Wardrobe Unit RARE

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Striped Seat

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Striped Seat

{Petite Maison} Artista Chair : White

{Petite Maison} Wire Storage Basket – Gold

{Petite Maison} Priscilla Shag Throw Rug: White

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Pillow Array RARE

{Petite Maison} Taylor Roses: Nude

{Petite Maison} Reigine Side Table: White

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Lamp

{Petite Maison} Artista Wall Drawers RARE

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Boxes A

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Boxes B

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Box Large

{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Glass Storage Tray

{Petite Maison} MARS Jumbo Pencil Cup

{Petite Maison} N.A.C. Studio Powder: Dark

{Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Jewels

{Petite Maison} N.A.C. Lipstick: Ablaze

{Petite Maison} MARS Nail Polish Tray RARE

{Petite Maison} Bookstack

{Indyra} Freya Romper on a hanger (1 prim, hang me <3)

{Indyra} Irina Coat on a hanger- (1 prim, hang me <3)


Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Overnight Bag


Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Hanging Dress


[ kunst ] – Rain boots / pink


Essenz – Romania (Deco 1)

Essenz – Caracas (Deco 1)

Essenz – Aruba (Deco 1)

Essenz – Aruba (Deco 2)


DeadDollz – La Petite Robe Black

DeadDollz – LovelyPillow



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Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it

TGIF everyone,  I’ve not been in such a talkative mood this week,  and I figure why force words without meaning and waste your time and mine right?  lol but the weekend is around the corner, as is the end of the month.

Today I get to show you the cute kitchen by Kuro which is available at The Liaison Collaborative until October 30th,  I have dressed it with so many cute items from a bunch of awesome designers and as always all details are blelow with links.

Enjoy and TGIF ♥

Kuro – Candy Kitchen @ The Liasion Collaborative (Until 30th Oct)

Kuro – Candy kitchen B&W

Kuro – Candy kitchen table B&W

Kuro – Candy kitchen shelves B&W

Kuro – Bar stool (Grey)


Kuro – Uva’s flowers (peach)


Apple Fall 

Apple Fall Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums

Apple Fall Ceramic Bowls

Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial

Apple Fall Stoneware Vessels

Apple Fall Natural Apples

Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears

Apple Fall Neva’s Fresh Apple Pie

Apple Fall Milton Curtains


GA Home

  1. GA Athene – Kitchen Accessories
  2. GA Athene – Kitchen Scale

GA UNI – Canasta –  Boiled  Eggs and Cherry Tomatoes

GA UNI – Canasta – Pears and Cheese


Dust bunny

dust bunny . grinder . color change 3

dust bunny . waffle maker . color change

dust bunny . coffee machine . color change

dust bunny . toaster . color change


!Six o’clock! Tea Set

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Tea Pot

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Milk Pot

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Sugar Pot

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Tray


[ keke ] simple tableware . white


{vespertine} – kitchen junk shelf  16 RARE


-tb- Kitchen Basics – Preserves


RE Kitchen Canisters Set




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9 to 5

Unkindness 1024.png



Unkindness 9 to 5 (Daybed Rare, Triple stack box White, Double Stack box white, Marble/Pearl Table RARE, Lipstick Highlighters, Nail Polish Highlighters, Triple Box Stack Patterns, Foxy Lappy, Polka Dot Desk, Desk Chair, Good Vibes Framed, Side Table w/Fern) @ The Epiphany

Tres Blah Pampered – Bouquet, Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes,  Jolie – Train Case, Slumber Party – Overnight Bag, Pillows, and Snack Attack. Eclectic Collection – Round Cloche and Roses,

David Heather Headphones/Decor, Pearl Vase/Gold RARE, and Owl Trio/Silver

Garbaggio Shoe Clutter Colorful and colorful pile

Brocante Throw Rug/Stars

Ariskea Birdy Little Bee Vase [Rosa]

Soy Vintgae Lace Curtain A and C

Scarlet Creative Annelise Cottage

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When you love what you have, you have everything

When you love what you have, you have everything



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

HEAD::  .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0

EYES:  .LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0

SKIN:  ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Ava Tan


SWEATER:  Tres Blah – Passport Sweater (Lara) – Blush @ c88 (NEW)

SKIRT:  Tres Blah – Skater Skirt (Lara) – Autumn @ c88 (NEW)

BOOTS:  =Zenith=autumn long boot with socks(Choco)



Raindale – Kylemore cabin @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

Raindale – Kylemore cabin

Raindale ~ autumn cover (mesh)

GOOSE – Rocking chair & letter pumpkins @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

GOOSE – Fall rocking chair (mahogany)

GOOSE – Pumpkin F

GOOSE – Pumpkin A

GOOSE – Pumpkin L


{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath (lit) – Small

{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Welcome Mat – with leaves

{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Mini Tree (lit)


Studio Skye – Skye Birch Grove Clearing





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