Bass in your Walk

So for me this took a lot of confidence. I am not used to changing up what I do and frankly I couldnt do this photo any other way. For me it is my little Runway/Galatic Queen style.  I am in love with this Cerberus set from Epiphany. It honestly was the inspiration for all of this. The way the materials reflect the light and the corset hugs my body makes me feel fierce!! Thank you as always for Viewing, now Sissy that walk!



Body:Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beauty - Megan 02 @The Dark Style Fair ~Thank You♥

Hair:{Letituier} Laura

Eyes:[CX] Galactic Queen Eyes - Type 2 ( Dark Colors )@ Epiphany ~Thank You♥


Arm:Eliavah ~ Artifical Twintails *Chrysalis* @ Epiphany

Tattoos and Chest Implant:Nightmare :: Android18 Tattoos

Mask:[ContraptioN] Glacious Visor

Mechanical bits:[V-Tech]Forbidden Experiment Set [Silver] @ Nightmare


Pasties:[CX] Galactic Queen - Pasties - Silver (M) @ Epiphany ~Thank You♥

Corset:[CX] Galactic Queen - Corset - Leather (M) RARE @ Epiphany ~Thank You♥

Pagina cover:[CX] Galactic Queen - Cover - Silver (M) @ Epiphany ~Thank You♥

On Set

Pose:FOXCITY. Front Cover

Backdrop:FOXCITY. Photo Booth - The Catwalk - White LIMITED @Limit8 ~Thank You

This item only has 100 copies. That is it so make sure if you want this awesome runway that you go get it tomorrow!

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Fright Night

In a darkened part of the house, sinister things are said to occur. The darkest fears reach out to confront you as you struggle to swallow it down and be brave. But, then the doll's eye moves, following your movements and you lose your cool, screaming and running back out to the light.

Candle and Cauldron created the spooky Shadow Room Skybox. This is a 29x13 meter skybox with dark corners, baked light, materials, a salt circle and a secret passage through a creepy closet to the woods beyond. It is only 12 land impact and an exclusive at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31 
OLQINU created the amazing Gothic Nightmare gacha collection with 20 types of nightmares to be won. 18 commons and 2 rares. Some shown here are mirrors, tables, rugs, blood, statues and various other items.  (see Gacha Key at bottom of post). This is another great exclusive at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

Another exclusive at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31 is the "Marionette" Pose by ::WetCat::. This is a static pose ball to set yourself someplace to creep people out or for some great scary pictures.

+ The Keeper Mask Black + by Aii The Ugly and Beautiful is fantastic! This is a materials enabled mesh mask with an animated eye texture hud. It works with the Nightfall eyes and the eyeball is Omega enabled. It is available in your choice of 5 different textures. The eye even moves about, very nightmarish. The  + Nightfall Eyes + are also a great item. These mesh eyes have so many options to choose from for that freakish look. They are a 4K Follower gift group gift and included with the mask. This is another exclusive to be found at Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

  The body and face tattoo called, Widow is a creation of +Fallen Gods Inc+. It comes with shading options in light, medium and dark. With system layers as well as Omega body applier. It includes 4 design options, full or open face, full body or even head and neck only. Another fantastic exclusive at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

{Letituier} created the Dahlia Hair with it's wild curls and in your choice of 5 color packs. This is another great item you can find exclusively at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

[V-Tech] created the amazing Forbidden Experiment Set and the Forbidden Experiment Barbed Wire accessory. They are available in Black, Silver or Gold  with (plain, rust & blood or bloody options), in sizes for Maitreya, Boi chest and bulge panties. Another exclusive at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

7 Deadly s[K]ins recreated some of their fantastic skins in drow tones and offered some of them up as hunt prizes! Such as the lovely Pepper with options like brows or no brows in three great tones as shown above. These great skins are prizes in the VIP Halloween hunt happening at the store or they can also be purchased if you aren't into hunting or not a member of the VIP group.

Plastik designed these great Makabra nail polishes.Appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Omega with a 10 texture hud. Another exclusive at the Nightmare Event Oct 1-31

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