My Funny Valentine

So this is a cute little set put together for everyone for Valentines Day. I do hope you all have a good one whether you like the holiday or not. Thank you as always for viewing and happy V-Day!♥

Head:CATWA HEAD Magy v3.1

Body:Maitreya Mesh Body

Skin:amara beauty – Edie 02 CATWA applier~Thank You ♥

Hair:#taketomiWEST – Cassie

Freckles:[theSkinnery] Sunkissed Freckles

Rings:.::Supernatural::. Mallory Rings~Thank You ♥

Bracelet:.::Supernatural::. Dolce Silver~Thank You ♥

Eye Shadow:WarPaint* Princess Palette@ Enchantment~Thank You ♥

Lingerie:OSMIA – Mary.Set  @ Frou Frou ~Thank You ♥

Nails:alme. Love Burgundy Gacha – RARE 1 @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

FOXCITY _ Me Time 5~Thank You ♥

FOXCITY. Smitten Wreath – Slow@ Shop Your Heart Out ~Thank You ♥

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – XO  @ On9 ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] All You Need is Love NEON SIGN @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Heart Tree@ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Lighted Heart I @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Lighted Heart II @ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Couple Candle@ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

*~*HopScotch*~* Lovey Dovey – Floor 3 Red@ Gacha Garden ~Thank You ♥

dust bunny . assorted love chocolates

Ariskea[Valentine] Roses

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Fight For Hope

Fight For Hope

I dont think it is a secret that I love the post apocalyptic style. That powerful kick ass take names later woman. Where she is both beautiful and fearless. Its one of the reasons I love this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Well the other reason is the items this round are just plain fantastic. Creators held back nothing in their fight in the future or in the post apocalyptic scene, so head over and check out all the goodies. Again thank you for viewing and have a fierce day.♥

Fight for hope cu


Head:CATWA HEAD Magy v3.1

Body:Maitreya Mesh Body

Skin:amara beauty - Antonia 02 ~Thank You ♥

Hair:lock&tuft - post

Eyes:.kosmetik - Eyes.pure @ Twe12ve ~Thank You ♥


Eye Makeup:.ARISE. Kulo Makeup / 4 @ 4 Mesh ~Thank You ♥

Nosebleed:Clemmm - Nosebleed

Tattoo:{ Speakeasy } : Death Tattoo #5 @ Gacha Garden


Gloves:[[ Masoom ]] Claire Gloves@ 4 Mesh ~Thank You ♥

Belt:[The Forge] Apoc Belt, Black, ULTRARARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Cuffs:[ bubble ] Black Bullet Cuff  - RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Eye Patch:[CX] Bloody Cyclops Black~Thank You ♥


Bra:[The Forge] Aftermath Bra, Black, RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Pants:[The Forge] Aftermath Pants, Black, RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Cover:[The Forge] Aftermath Shrawl, Black, RARE@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Boots:::GB:: Double Belt Boots

On Set

Pose:Kate's Closet 3 @ RK Poses

Backdrop:[ isuka&ana ] izakaya backdrop+poses @ 6 Republic ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Mutant Stopper@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Wrecker@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Groundbreaker@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Violetility - Saw & Conquered@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Tyre Tree (C)@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

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So this is where babies come from!

The season just gets better and better!  Black Bantam has these precious pumpkin babies out at Chapter Four in a gacha machine… know you need them ❤

More pumpkins at The Guardians and We Love Role-Play…you really have no excuse not to sprinkle Autumn everywhere ❤

[Black Bantam] Pumpkin Baby Surprise 4 (55L per play)@ Chapter Four
[Black Bantam] Pumpkin Baby 4 @ Chapter Four
[Black Bantam] Pumpkin Baby Surprise 3 @ Chapter Four
[Black Bantam] Pumpkin Baby 2 @ Chapter Four
“Moon_Sha” (Moonlight Shadow) Pumpkins Plant @ The Guardians
“Moon_Sha” Pumpkins Streetlight @ The Guardians
[Velvet/Whip] Autumnal Fence II (75L for decorative version, 100L for animated)@ We Love Role-Play

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Autumn Comfort

I can already feel it, the chill hitting the air at night. Im turning off the air conditioner and snuggling into my blankets more. Its coming, that apple cider and pumpkin spice time of year. This photo is to help transition into Autumn. This wonderful set by Cheeky Pea is amazing and I am in love with its color pallet. Thank you as always for reading and head on out to some of the events posted in this ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:Insol: Yolo Gacha #RARE ~Thank You INSOL for giving this back to me Much Love!!♥

Hair: !Oleander ~ Izzie. Natural Tones


Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Romance [Silver] @ Tres Chic ~Thank You ♥


Shirt: fame femme: Laced Sleves Shirt - White - Maitreya @ Shiny Shabby

Shorts: ChicModa // Suzie Shorts @ BishBox August 2017 ~Thank You ♥

On Zil

Head:CATWA HEAD Daniel

Hair: Stealthic - Narcotic (B&W)

Necklace: BlankLine Choker [Black]

Shirt: etham - Harry Sweater - Blue @ N21 

On Set

Pose: WRONG&The Owl. Love Is Found @ Limit 8

:CP: Autumn Home Jug Flowers @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Book Decor Dollarbie Shortstack @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Barrel Table @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Console Table @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Planter @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Collage @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Word Art @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Vases @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

:CP: Autumn Home Rug @ N21 ~Thank You ♥ 

Apple Fall Old Manufactory

Apple Fall Loose Heart String w/ Scissors

AF Worn Luggage Bag

AF Plaid Luggage Bag

AF Tea Time Tins

[PM]Pixel Mode - Long Drape Kit - Black

Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Nude

5. Nutmeg. Vintage Rotary Dial Pastel Green

14. Nutmeg. Memoirs Diaries set Brown

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Campaign Study - Box with Books @ Shiny Shabby

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Campaign Study Dark - Photo Frames @ Shiny Shabby

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Campaign Study Dark - Newton's Cradle @ Shiny Shabby

[V/W] Chronicler Journal C01

:HAIKEI: Belong To You / GACHA / {3}

:HAIKEI: Black roof brick house gacha {3}

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Moth] @ Pocket Gacha

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Cat] @ Pocket Gacha

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Quotes] @ Pocket Gacha

Ariskea[RainyDays] Hymalayan Salt Lamp @ Pocket Gacha

Ariskea[RainyDays] Plant @ Pocket Gacha

Ariskea[RainyDays] String Light @ Pocket Gacha

Ariskea[RainyDays] Tray @ Pocket Gacha

Kalopsia - Evergreen Cubby Bookshelf @ Collabor88


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Melodious Wishes

No time like the present to head on down to Enchantment as see if they can make all your Arabian wishes come true! Seriously though I dont know if you know but this round is gorgeous, from head to toe everything you need to feel like a princess and then some. Thank you for Viewing as always♥

Body Pieces

Head:LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE 3.0

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair:[RA] Sherazade Hair – @ Enchantment ~Thank You ♥

Skin: *Birth* Dani Lelutka Applier 3rd Gen @ Trunk Show ~Thank You ♥ **Coming the 19th **

Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes

Nails: .kosmetik – Matte Nails.glitter @ Twe12ve ~Thank You ♥


Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Dreamcatcher tattoo Henna RARE Maitreya @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~Thank You ♥

Bracelets: .aisling. {ML-Satrina} – Forearms

Belly Chain: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Elowen Bellychain (Maitreya)

Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Elowen HeadPiece (SoI)

Necklace: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Elowen Necklace [Silver]


[Aleutia] Aisha Top @ Enchantment ~Thank You ♥

[Aleutia] Aisha Pants @ Enchantment ~Thank You ♥

On Set

Pose: Serendipity: dance… (3)

 Hextraordinary Arabian Nights Music Box @ Enchantment ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Mediterranean Side Table Red (C/M) @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Moorish Lamp Gold&Red (C/M) @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Mediterranean Lantern Brass (C/M) @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

[P] Pillows, Arabian Nite: Genie Lamp @ Enchantment

PPK Arabian Tent Style 1

PPK Bohemian Carpet & Table Orange

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Together We Rule

It is almost that time again and the anticipation is killing me. Time for fantasy and mystical to take over and Fantasy Gacha Carnival to return to us on the 7th of August! So in good fun I thought I would showcase some of the items from last round along with a sneak peek to something that is from this round. This outfit from I <3 F is amazing. I have always wanted a Viking/northern Woman outfit and this one fits sooo well. There is such rich hue to this top and the belts fall naturally on my hips. I am in love! Thank you as always for reading and if you would like to watch the countdown till the FGC opens click here to see the site and peek over the sponsors and participating venders.

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: TETRA – Orange Hair (Dark Tones)

Eyes:::Modish:: Lexy-eyes (04) @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

Skin: ::Modish:: Lexy [fatpack]-Catwa-Skin Applier RARE@ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears HD


Fur: 14. [I<3F] Theda – Fur [RARE] @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival **Opens August 7th**


Top: 05. [I<3F] Theda – Top – Blue @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival **Opens August 7th**

Skirt: 13. [I<3F] Theda – Skirt [RARE] @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival **Opens August 7th**

On Set

Pose:[ west end ] Poses – Simplicity – Couples Pose @ Cosmopolitan ~Thank You ♥ Free Gift!!!

“Moon_Sha” Bosk Fur – FULL

“Moon_Sha” Fur Pillow – 1

“Moon_Sha” Celtic Master Throne




[NC] – Old Tavern Barrel

.06 [ kunst ] – Barrel stave candle holder

[V/W] Dragon Chalice – Rare 02

[DDD] Weapon Rack – Swords

FFW Warrior Sword R1

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tavern Fireplace – COMMON

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Firewood – COMMON

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Dishes with Tin Keg – COMMON

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bread and Dishes – COMMON

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tavern Table – COMMON

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tavern Bench – COMMON

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My Favorite Things

This is something great about a friendship where you are different yet have so much fun together because of it. I think that is also what I love about gacha events. While I love main store releases the most, there is something oddly satisfying about discovering a brand by taking a chance. That one pull on the machine and you could have a new favorite shop. Friendships are like that too, a simple hello can spark the best of friendships. For us it was a challenge in a blogger discord, but now kinda been inseparable since! I hope you love our super sweet post with a ton of the goodies from Gacha Guardians, so go and take a chance and head over and pull on a few new machines. Thank you as ALWAYS for viewing, and thank you creators for some truly super sweet items! ♥

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin:::Modish::[Catwa] Bianca (T01)~Thank You♥

Hair:Doe: Diana (solid) – Gingers@ Crystal Heart

Eyes: [Buzz] Shift Eyes – Pure {Human Pupil} @ Crystal Heart


Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Adley Silver @Cosmopolitan~Thank You ♥

Glases: #Foxy – Lovers Sunnies


Swim Suit: Entice – Surf City – Unicorn/GOG1@ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

On Set/Pose

POSE [La Baguette] Juli&Dina Couple bento pose 4 @ Crystal Heart

Una :Umbrella-Bag- Cream- Towel RARE @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

Una :Beach Ball @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

Una :Towel Blue @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

Una :Umbrella Blue @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

MadPea Kick ‘n Ride – Unicorn Scooter (Merak) Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

MadPea Kick ‘n Ride – Unicorn Helmet(Merak) Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

AsteroidBox. Yeoleum Gacha // Blue Slush @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

AsteroidBox. Yeoleum Gacha // Pink Slush @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

AsteroidBox. Yeoleum Gacha // Sunscreen Fake @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

MadPea 13 Reasons Red Portable Cassette Player RARE @Man Cave

[V/W] RadioCube Blue @ Gacha Guardians~Thank You ♥

Birdy – Little Chi – Sit – Tan

JIAN Chinchilla Beach Bath

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Confetti Tans

This is a little sneak peek of what is to come from Gacha Guardians. This pool set by Velvet Whip is so nice! So many parts that are well textured and gorgeous! I felt they were perfect for the Summerfest items and a super happy clam. Only a day or two before both events open.

Body Pieces


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Skin: amara beautyPowder Pack CATWA JUNE 2017 – Livia

Hair:[RA] Ellie -@ Hair Fair 2017 ~Thank You ♥


Glasses: Noodles – Lizz Sunglasses @ Summerfest ~Thank You ♥


Bikini: Baiastice_Strass Bikini-Cofetti-BONUS PACK @ Summerfest ~Thank You ♥

Foot Jewelry: REIGN.– ARUBA WEDGES/BAREFOOT SANDALS- FATPACK @ Summerfest ~Thank You ♥

On Set

[V/W] Poolside Chaise Longue Black (C) @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Pool Side Table @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Beer Bottles Bucket @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Cocktails Tray II @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] PIneapple Plate @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Seau a Glace @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Drink Cart V2 @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Poolside Bed Simple (C) @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

[V/W] Pretty Pool (C) @Gacha Guardians (Opens 7/1) ~Thank You ♥

=EliBaily= Ivy 03

*AF* Wood Deck – Lit 1

Candy Crunchers – bag – Beach

PILOT – Pool Noodles

PILOT -Sunscreen & Sunglasses

PILOT – Phone w/ Earbuds

PILOT -Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Trompe Loeil – Valiano String Lights 10m scripted

CHEZ MOI-Wall Lights

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