Quick updates:

Rewind opened the other day, We Love role-Play and FaMESHed are still open for a few more weeks (don’t wait till the last minute though, February goes by in a blink).

LAQ has a FREEEEE applier out till the 18th and it is adorable!

ALSO!  Kinda exciting news….a well know and much read SL journalist/explorer, Inara Pey, came to visit our region the other day and wrote a lovely article about it.  She and her partner Caitlyn wandered around and took some wonderful photos.  You can read the article here on her blog, Living in a Modem World.   As always, our land is welcome to visitors for relaxation, photography or simply to have a place to open boxes.  We have peeps who join the group and make a particular spot their home so that they have a place to rezz into and hang out or do some light rp…..as was the case yesterday.  We had a gentleman who comes with his mistress and he has gone afk….naked and kneeling.  Darth sent him a nudge to put pants on while we had classy visitors with cameras but we soon figured he was afk …. so Darth put a large rock over him (I soo wish I’d have taken a picture of that!) …. I can’t imagine what he thought when he woke up ❤

Anyway, here’s the LM’s for both adjoining regions if you want to pop by for a visit and/or a look see ❤

Sanctuary by the Sea on Afanasyev

Sanctuary on Rideau

♡Wasabi // Oops Mesh Hair (250L) @ Rewind till March 5th
LAQ – Valentine applier – FREE till the 18th!!
LAQ – NEVE bento motion capture head w/ Neve body and brow shape
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes
♡Zibska – Agafia Circlet (240L for the set) @ We Love Role-Play till Feb. 28th
♡Zibska – Agafia Center and right shoulder @ We Love Role-Play
♡Bliensen + MaiTai – Aina – Earrings – Gold (167L) @ We Love Role-Play
*COCO*_Ruffle Bare Shoulder Top (White) (250L) @ FaMESHed till Feb. 25th

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I love the beginning of the month with all the newness that abounds!  FaMESHed opened the other day and they are killing it…and the new layout is working out really well, pop by and pick up the newest ‘do from monso, Joy ❤

We Love Role-Play also has a new layout….I loooove it.  It’s kinda like Uber…circular…everything on the one inside wall with lots of space to either walk it or cam without someones wings in your way ❤

Ya see those grey doorways that say satellite? Those are (duh) satellite stores, situated conveniently next to that creator where there are more displays set up.

Cool right!?  I love the steam punky look ❤

Now for the rest of the picture! The Liaison Collaborative opens in a few days and Belleza has a new face called Verity.  The gorgeous Verity Catwa applier comes with 5 brow options, matching base skin and is available in all 7 skin tones, I have the fair on.  I am also wearing the Verity shape and eyebrows (shape sold separately).  I took this picture up on my platform using the Black Dragon viewer and the default windlight.  I didn’t use any facelights or any other lighting and did not edit any of it.  Can you believe that is the default!? Click on it and blow it up…look how clean and flawless that face is!  Could be my new favorite ❤

Setting off the beautiful face is Heartsdale Jewellery’s newest set, Ruby Rhapsody, soon to be available at Swank ❤

[monso] My Hair – Joy (245L) @ FaMESHed
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Ruby Rhapsody in Gold Necklace @ Swank (opening Feb. 7th)
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Ruby Rhapsody in Gold Earrings @ Swank
CATWA HEAD Lona v3.0
Belleza – Verity applier for Catwa in fair @ The Liaison Collaborative (opens Feb. 7th at 3pm SLT)
Cellar Door – Celestial Top (comes w/ panties in a set for 150L) @ We Love Role-Play


We have a brand new face for this February round of The Liaison Collaborative.
The gorgeous Verity Catwa applier comes with 5 brow options, matching base skin and is available in all 7 skin tones. Shape sold separately.

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The Mighty Octavia

It’s the beginning of February, time for events to start a new round!  Here’s a couple of previews coming to your SL in the next couple of days ❤

The stunning dress is Octavia by Just Because.  It’s another collaboration between Annie and her daughter ❤

♡Bauhaus Movement – Alyriia Halo / GOLD @ We Love Role-Play (opening tomorrow!)
♡Bauhaus Movement – Alyriia Wings/ Unrigged (GOLD/WHITE) @ We Love Role-Play
Just BECAUSE Octavia Gown – New main store release!
♡[Heartsdale Jewellery] Ruby Rhapsody in Gold Necklace @ Swank (opening Feb. 7th)
♡[Heartsdale Jewellery] Ruby Rhapsody in Gold Earrings @ Swank
{anc} story. /butterfly – cheese 1Li
Del May – Standstill pose (50L)

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The elf has left the shelf

What happens when an elf falls in love with a doll and wants to run away to Aruba and live life on a sandy beach drinking pina colada’s?  Santa’s helper, who is an innocent delicate snowflake (*cough*), is shocked at the drama.  The hamster is just confuzeled…she was looking for snackies in the sled when all the commotion started and just wants to get back to her wheel.  The snowman seems to be egging Bad Elf on and Santa is…well…pissed.  That’s his favorite reindeer (it’s a horse with grandiose dreams) being used for the getaway, not to mention the sled full of presents.  He’s going to make an ornament out of the damned elf when he gets his hands on him.  All the while the creepy cats in hats and scarfs are singing Jingle Bells and smirking.  This is probably how grandma really gets run over.  Another jolly day at the North Pole ❤

Thanks to Darth for the set up and letting me hijack his picture!.  His post is here on his blog.  Thanks to Jarath for playing the Bad Elf (not much of a stretch), he took a picture also, here it is on his Flick’r.  Thanks to Rhenu for hanging out all cute and fluffy, she makes an amazing hamster! ❤

Happy Holidays to all ❤

Worn on Roxi:
{moss&mink} All that Glitters – Mistletoe dress RARE @ The Arcade
Les Sucreries De Fairy* Creepy Christmas * Red Hat @ Secret Affair

Worn on Rhenu:
BB Dwarf Hamster
Les Sucreries De Fairy* Creepy Christmas * Pink Hat @ Secret Affair

Worn on Jarath:
Mutresse Naughty Elf @ The Arcade

Worn on Darth:
*Edelweiss* Santa Mens
Les Sucreries De Fairy * Creepy Christmas * Red Hat @ Secret Affair
23 Genesis Lab. – “Warming Memories”- Pipe – Red @ Arcade.

(Milk Motion) snow landscape 128*128 – 4 @ The Arcade
(Milk Motion) snowy bare tree (copy/mod) @ The Arcade
{Your Dreams} Santa’s house @ We Love Role-Play
RO – Santas Workshop – Workshop RARE @ The Arcade
RO – Santas Workshop – Sign @ The Arcade
RO – Santas Workshop – Lamp Post @ The Arcade
RO – Santas Workshop – Frosty @ The Arcade
RO – Santas Workshop – Santas Chair @ The Arcade
RO – Sleigh Bells – Snowflake RARE
RO – Sleigh Bells – Sleigh RARE
RO – Sleigh Bells – Presents RARE
NOMAD // The Kitty Choir (2017 Edition) Group Gift
[Black Bantam] Laying Fawn in Ivy Gift @ The Arcade
!gO! Suitcase Xmas Doll – 5 @ The Arcade
Sway’s Christmas tree (A) snowed

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Jingle Bells

Wasabi is in a brand new shiny main store and to celebrate they’re having a giant sale on all of the older hairs, like one of my favorites that I’m wearing, Veronica!  When you pop into the store you’ll see signs to tp to the sale…then the fun begins…. cause seriously, 65 – 80% off!  The brand is also going by just Wasabi now….kinda like Madonna or Cher….only one name needed ❤

Also, Bauhaus Movement has some goodies out at both Tres Chic and We Love Role Play ❤

/Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair – Rye (50L per color on sale)
Bauhaus Movement – Mjel Christmas Headpiece @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Yeriak Ears / Gold (220L) @ Tres Chic till Jan. 5th
Bauhaus Movement – Yeriak Monocle / Gold (210L) @ Tres Chic
Bauhaus Movement – Yeriak Collar / Black_Gold (220L) @ Tres Chic
Bauhaus Movement – Irene Piercing / GOLD @ We Love Role-Play
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes
Glam Affair – Miriam Winter applier in Europa for Catwa
Catwa – Lona Bento Mesh Head 3.0

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I’ve just closed my eyes again
Climbed aboard the dream weaver train
Driver take away my worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind

Dream Weaver – Gary Wright

Bauhaus Movement – Mind.In.A.Box. / Headphones – SILVER (199L) @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement – Mind.In.A.Box. / Neck – SILVER (199L) @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement – Mind.In.A.Box. / Piercing – SILVER (169L) @ Shiny Shabby
::Axix:: Caged Angel Plate Top ( 250L$ basic colors. 850 L$ Fatpack with extra colors} @ Kinky till Dec. 19th
::Axix:: Caged Angel Corset @ Kinky
::Axix:: Caged Angel Wings @ Kinky
[KROVA] Bridge Brace (75L) @ We Love Role-Play
(Kunglers) Melissa bracelets – Silver (120L) @ We Love Role-Play
!!!Silver Moon Designs!!!  Bento Gloves ( 50L} @ We Love Role-Play
Endless Pain Tattoos – I can feel you white tattoo (50L) @ We Love Role-Play






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Keep Calm and Autumn On

Couple more things from The Liaison Collaborative and We Love Role-Play ❤

My list is longer than usual today!  Captain Maximus (aka Darth) happened to be standing nearby when I started to set up.  I left the house and trees there and went to edit my previous picture… figuring I’d come back to it.  Darth assumed the nearly blank “canvas” was an invitation to decorate.  Or perhaps he was horrified that I might do the minimal thing…..if his shots have less than 20 assorted items he figures he’s not being creative enough.  I should have known though….and wasn’t truly surprised when I went back to my SL screen and saw all of this.  He does do an amazing job (makes a note to leave other things around) ❤

Raindale – Lauriston Retreat (with lights) (50L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Raindale – Lauriston sofa (light wood) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Little Branch_Giant Cedar{Animated}*Seasons @ The Liaison Collaborative
Little Branch_Wild Grass*1Li{Dry}*Animated @ The Liaison Collaborative
[Kres] Wildfell Spring – PG (299L) @ We Love Role-Play
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch – Moose Antlers (75L per play) @ 6 Republic
The Domineaux Effect – Rustic Well – Mod/Copy
*booN-kura Japanese grandma A/C Unit
ANHELO-F02SR-169GA :: vintage road bike (signal red)
Dutchie wringer bench
28 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Laundry Rack
36 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheelbarrow
09_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheels
8f8 – Driftwood HAMMOCK
21 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Ladder
PILOT – Water Hose
PILOT – Garden Tools
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole
Botanical – Dirt Road Long Curve
*AF* Bake Shoppe Wood Pile
Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Fishing Rod for Decor -copy
Skye Fishing Rod
[Schultz Bros.] Canoe Storage
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Propane Tank
Apt B // Old side of London – Jeep RARE
HPMD* WildGrasses – a
Skye Zingiberaceae
Skye Rocky Outcrops

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Matisse Rhythms

Little something from Liaison Collaborative and a little something from We Love Role-Play, both of which are still open till the end of the month ❤

Also…ever wonder just how much a difference a png pic is from a jpg pic?  I know all the reasons for choosing png over jpg…and the pro’s and con’s of both, but as I was discussing available space on WordPress with Darth the other day…I wondered.  I have about 40% storage space left…and I know I eat a bunch up because my pics are big (and png) and I add vendor pics in my posts whenever possible (ie. how easy they are to find).  So the picture above is png….13.5 mb worth.  The one below is jpg… same size (4923 X 2608), and comes in at 1.42 mb.  If you click on the pictures they blow up to screen size and you can see more detail.  Doooo it!  IS there a discernible difference in quality?

Opale . Malin Hair @ The Liaison Collaborative
:[Plastik]:- Forthe Earrings (199L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
~Nerido~ Margo Top-Flower Pattern 7 @ The Liaison Collaborative
Just BECAUSE~Kaylah Jeans(tight) (199L)
White-Widow – Geostorm black Tattoo (225L) @ We Love Role-Play
Belleza – Piper Fair applier for Catwa (599L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Catwa – Lona Bento Mesh Head (5,000L)
Serenity Style– The Secret Garden Gate – Light
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {goth/black}
Le Poppycock – Matisse Rhythms Pose (50L each) @ The Liaison Collaborative

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Peek a Boo!

{Your Dreams} Enchanted tree house – Autumn (149L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Wing (89L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Head 1 & 2 (149L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Necklace (149L) @ We Love Role-Play
*NAMINOKE*Acorn Fairy Mouth (48L) @ We Love Role-Play
.AiShA. Wood Pixie
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 1B
HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – yGreen b
HPMD* Colored Bush – yellow
{anc} sunbeam/line(hologram)
Del May – Seek Pose (50L)

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Inviting Martina for dinner

We Love Role-Play opened yesterday with goodies galore ❤

Bauhaus Movement – Martina Mask / BLACK SILK / GOLD (239L) @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Martina Neck / BLACK SILK / GOLD @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Cypriss’s Apoc Part.II / Fem. WRAP / BLACK
the crone . Heart bite face tattoo (246L) @ We Love Role-Play
the crone . blood drip @ We Love Role-Play
::GB:: Crow Feather stole / Black (Gabriel)  Thank you for the loan Darth!
.Shi : Batach
Glam Affair – Milu Bad Girl applier in Polar for Catwa
CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12
::Axix:: Baphomet Eye bloody(Bright)
Remarkable Oblivion – Danse Macabre – Ruins Stage RARE
[MF] screaming man statue

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