Our Weekend Beach Getaway

Taken at night to show you this fantastic glowing beacon which calls to us to run for the beach tonight. I absolutely love the great items here from the Aloha Fair July 28-August 11.

Starting with the great lighting (the reason this picture is taken in the dark), we have these Flamingo Neon lights, which come in 4 different colors, I am showing off the blue and the pink ones here. Created by Boutique 187, they will certainly  light the way with a new twist on the classic flamingo. Exclusive at the Aloha Fair , these are  100% Original mesh and resizeable.

Turning the lights on up, shown in The Kapa'au Salvage Bungalow by Adorably Strange Wares, which is shiny new and can only be found at the Aloha Fair . This is a 2 level building with a back deck and arbor.

Adorably Strange Wares also created another great exclusive. The Mahina Shower is available in White and wood version with animated on/off shower water, 8 single and 6 couple animations. It can only be found at the Aloha Fair 

And yes, another Adorably Strange Wares exclusive is the Pau Hana Hot Tub. This seats 2 avatars, and comes with 8 single and 6 couple animations. It includes animated water, steam and even fire. Found as well only at the Aloha Fair

Boutique 187 also has another exclusive at the Aloha Fair . Some great Surfboard Wall decor which are 100% Original Mesh and come in 4 color choices.

Check out these The Lilikoi Plantation Collection Gacha Items in the following pictures, another exclusive at the Aloha Fair ! Also by Adorably Strange Wares, the collection includes the following prizes to be won:

1. Ceiling Fan- Touch On/ Off Fan Blades, Touch On/ Off Light
2. Chair - Seats One, 12 Single Animations
3.  Hibiscus Planter - Each Plant has Touch Texture change, 5 flower options
4. Light - Touch On/Off Light
5. Palm Planter I - Pot Has Touch Texture Change, 8 options
6. Fruit Table - Touch each fruit to receive edible fruits, 4 fruit options
7. Palm Planter I - Pot Has Touch Texture Change, 8 options
8. Bed - Seats Two, 8 Single Animations, 6 Couples Animations RARE
9. Ice Box - Touch each Iced Bottle to receive wearable/drinkable bottles, 6 Options 
    Touch texture change Ice Box, 8 Color Options RARE

Time is ticking away, so don't miss out on these fantastic finds! 

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Good for you

Good for you

Some goodies from the Gacha Garden, which opened on the 1st and will run till August 31st … check out the shopping guide for more  ❤

pr!tty – Lemon Hair (75L per play) @ The Gacha Garden
pr!tty – Lemon – {Daisy Hair Tie} @ The Gacha Garden
Entice – Good For You Dress – 2 Pink RARE (50L per play) @ The Gacha Garden
Entice – Good for You Cuff – 2 Pink – RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Entice – Good for You Collar – 2 Pink RARE @ The Gacha Garden
((Lovely Alien))Leafy Birds – Hand Sit – Button Thief RARE (55L per play) @ The Gacha Garden
((Lovely Alien))Leafy Birds – Hand Sit – Pastel Pink @ The Gacha Garden
((Lovely Alien))Leafy Birds – Shoulder Sit – White @ The Gacha Garden
((Lovely Alien))Leafy Birds – Shoulder Sit – Pastel Blue @ The Gacha Garden
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {purple} 1prim
-Garden- by anc “spray” wild flower{shabby purple}field 1prim
CATWA – Lona bento mesh head (5,000L)
Bauhaus Movement – Decoded Feedback #12 pose (arms modified to accommodate birdies) (50L)

Click to view slideshow.
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Lucky Strike

Morning is overrated, I don’t have to get up this early anymore but I don’t find time to blog otherwise so I choose to get up before the birds but today, today is a coffee day. I’ve gotten to the point in my blogging career where I take and edit pictures one day and then write the blog another, usually the next day but you know how RL is, sometimes it gets in the way of your best-laid plans.

ChicModa released a brand new dress and choker for the anniversary round of Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan has been bringing you amazing items and deals for 5 years running and this round has some unbelievable goodies for you to grab. The dress comes in 15 individual colors and a fatpack with a frill and ribbon color change HUD for each dress, the choker is a free gift and you can see it more clearly in the close-up photo.

Dress (new): ChicModa – Mae Dress and choker – Cosmopolitan Event


I needed the perfect shoes to complete the look of this gorgeous dress and I remembered that Breathe was at the all new round of FaMESHed, available in 18 individual colors for all mesh foot sizes, each shoe comes with a HUD to change the lace, metal and sole or save time and money and grab the fatpack.

Shoes (new): Breathe – Natsumi Heels – FaMESHed


I can’t get enough of the backdrops from Minimal, I own all 3 sets of the Illusions backdrops and this set from the current round of The Epiphany, ending August 5 is just as amazing as the other 2 sets. 9 different backdrops are available for you to win, 8 commons and 1 rare. They are just amazing and help set the tone so quickly and easily for you.

Backdrop (new): Minimal – Illusions 3 *9* – Marketplace

This pose was released by Something New for an all new subscription called Flash Shot. This subscription is different from the rest because it is poses only and is only 500L to pre-order. Pre-orders are available from the 1st to the 14th of every month with the release being on the 15th of each month. After the 15th you can still get past boxes for only 1000L. The bowling ball is NOT a part of the pose and actually comes from one of the bowling games in SL, but it worked out too perfectly not to use it.

Pose: Something New – Miss Congeniality 1


This hair from Stealthic was released for Hair Fair and is now available at the main store location, as always it comes with a style HUD that includes 4 hair styles and you can purchase an alternative tint HUD to color your hair any shade you’d like. It is just absolutely beautiful.

Hair: Stealthic – Genesis Blondes


Lelutka Powder Pack was released on August 1 and the included items are just out of this world. Pumec is back again with a gorgeous skin called Lena in 5 skin tones, it also includes the body HUDs for each tone. Also included in the pack but not shown is a shape, eyebrow shaper and base skins for the body only, there is no face on the base skins.

Skin (new): Pumec – Lena March – Lelutka Powder Pack


Avi-Glam is in this month’s Powder Pack with Lure eyes and lashes, 12 eye colors with a Lelutka and Omega applier as well as a set of mesh eyes and HUD plus 4 amazing eyelash options are included from Avi-Glam.

Eyes (new): Avi-Glam – Lure Eyes – Lelutka Powder Pack

Eyelashes (new): Avi-Glam – Lure Eyelashes – Lelutka Powder Pack


OHeMO is back with an amazing set of brows, also included in the pack from OHeMO but not pictured is Eyeshadows, lashes, lipsticks, and moles. The brows come in 4 colors and only one style.

Brows (new): OHeMO – Powder Pack Brows – Lelutka Powder Pack

I will admit the next item took some doing to get the look I wanted. SlackGirl included a set of eyeshadows and eyeliners and I wanted to wear both. In order to get this to happen since they are both defaulted to the eyeshadow layer of the Lelutka head, I had to go in and turn off the routing on the HUD. Once that was done I was able to route the eyeliner to the blush layer and then the eyeshadow to the eyeshadow layer. This created a super unique look and allowed me to show you both appliers from SlackGirl.

Eyeshadow (new): SlackGirl – Priscila Eyeshadow – Lelutka Powder Pack

Eyeliner (new): SlackGirl – LowLine – Lelutka Powder Pack

SlackGirl Marketplace

Last but not least from this month’s Powder Pack is a beautiful set of lipsticks from The Face, also included from The Face is an all new skin and eyeshadows which are not pictured. There are 12 lipstick options included.

Lipstick (new): The Face – Sauce Lipstick – Lelutka Powder Pack


Lelutka Powder Pack Marketplace

Shape: West End – Sydney Lelutka Cate Shape



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Take a small step everyday

Take a small step everyday

TGIF everyone and the sun is shining in the UK after a week of rain.   Not much to say today and so much to do lol so I will just wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead and point you to the credits below for the goodies I am showing today from Cosmopolitan.

Happy Friday Everyone ♥



Spargel & Shine Homes @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

Fanny’s Farmhouse

Fanny’s Fireplace (Cosmo 5th Ann. Gift)


Myrrine – Amedee Gacha @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

AMEDEE GACHA –  bird nest

AMEDEE GACHA –  candle holder

AMEDEE GACHA – bottle décor

AMEDEE GACHA – hand light RARE




AMEDEE GACHA – bird/leaf décor

AMEDEE GACHA –  wall lamp


Zen Creations – Farm Fresh Set @ Cosmopolitan (NEW)

Farm Fresh Flower Pitcher

Farm Fresh Corder Door Shelf

Farm Fresh Door Table

Farm Fresh Watering Can

Farm Fresh Old Basket

Farm Fresh Apple Box

Farm Fresh Water Jug

Farm Fresh Candle

Farm Fresh Chair




Zen Creations – Topiary Candle Sticks (Cosmopolitan Anniversary Gift) NEW

Topiary Candle Stick 1

Topiary Candle Stick 2

Topiary Candle Stick 3


Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink)


Exposeur – Luxury Closet Gacha – Mirror


Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London – Newspaper&books


Raindale ~ Birdside teaset C-M


16 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Marble cake


Raindale ~ Landfort tabouret (pastel) @ The Avenue (NEW)


{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


Heart – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace – P1


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Conquer Your Golden Heart

This set from UnKindness is AWESOME! Makes me think of islands in a game. The lovely calm water in the wading pool, the beautiful lights, and the wonderfully sculpted runes and islands make this a must have. I would live on one of these if I could. As always thank you for viewing♥

Body Pieces

Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE 2.7

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Hair: (r)M Hair, No.49’17 ~Thank You ♥

Skin: amara beauty – Powder Pack LeLutka JULY 2017 – Sylvia


Nails/Hand jewelry: Astralia – Skeleton Hand + Add-on + nails (maitreya) @ Fameshed ~Thank You ♥

Orb: (FA) Mage Orb (White) Wear Me! (Tinted Red)

Flame: **CC** – Eternal Flaming Palms (RARE) (Orange) (l. hand)

Tattoo: Birdy – Festival – Tattoo HUD – RARE


Top:Phedora Belladona ~ Amoret Maitreya wine RARE

Cloak:[NC] – Morgana – RARE Red Cloak

On Set

unKindness – Mystic Runes Gacha – Gacha Garden

uk – Mystic Runes Stone Island Lg RARE @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uk – Mystic Runes Ceremonial Stone Fire Light@ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uk – Mystic Runes Ceremonial Stone Earth Light@ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uk – Mystic Runes Ceremonial Stone Air Light @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uk – Mystic Runes Ceremonial Stone Water Light @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uK – Mystic Runes Bulb Lantern Yellow Full @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uK – Mystic Runes Bulb Lantern Yellow Vine @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uK – Mystic Runes Ancient Wading Pond @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uk – Mystic Runes Moss Island Lg RARE @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uK – Mystic Runes Jeweled Lantern Blue Full @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥

uk – Mystic Runes Golden Heart Moon @ Gacha Garden~Thank You ♥


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Take My Hand And Show Me Where We’re Going

Touch my skin and tell me what your thinking
Take my hand and show me where we're going
Lie down next to me, look into my eyes and tell me
Oh, tell me what you're seeing

So sit on top of the world and tell me how you're feeling
What you feel is what I feel for you

Take my hand and if I'm lying to you
I'll always be alone, if I'm lying to you

See my eyes, they carry your reflection
Watch my lips and hear the words I'm telling you
Give your trust to me and look into my heart
And show me, and show me what you're doing

                                       ~~ Take My Hand, Dido


Hair - -Desmonia- 
Messy and Wild
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Outfit - ! Black Swan !
Dark Surrender (Rose)
Bra (Sheer), Top, Mini Skirt, Stockings
Also in White, Black or Blue
Maitreya, Slink(s)
More Store Info:

Rings - (red)Mint
Pared-Down Bow Rings
Maitreya (Bento)
15 Metals, Lots of Customization
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
InWorld Marketplace Website

Gloves - [[ Masoom ]]
Octavia (Bento)
For Maitreya and Vista Female Bento Hands Only
14 colors, Singles w/Metal Hud - 4 options
Fatpack Inc. All Colors for Mix N Match
Materials Enabled
Exclusive  @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017 until August 21st !!
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh & Textures
InWorld Marketplace Website Facebook Flickr

Sneak Peek!
Tattoo - Lush
Bad Dreams
Classic, Multi-Applier, Slink & TMP
Exclusive The Darkness Event starting August 5th !!
 ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Belly Chain - .:KC:. Couture InWorld / Marketplace / Flickr
Previous Release

Eyes - AG. Lure - Lelutka Applier
Eyeshadow - Zibska Sal Lelutka Applier
Blush - Zibska Pala Lelutka Applier
Lips - OHeMO - PP LeLutka August 2017 : Lipsticks
Powder Pack (Lelutka) August 2017 - More Info HERE

.LeLutka. Chloe Bento Head & Rigged Eyes
w/ Glam Affair Milena Applier
Maitreya Lara body/Bento hands/feet

Natural Girl 7
(Previous Release)

Lighting - LUMIPro 2017

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The Bookstore

Decisions, decisions, so many great books to read but I can only read one at a time, right? Do I want to read a fantasy novel, perhaps mystery, or a romance? 

7 Deadly s[K]ins released another skin, this time for our system (classic) ladies. Eilis, is a system classic skin that comes in 12 skin tones (pineapple worn here, along with Eilis shape, Maitreya Body and Slink hands/feet Omega body appliers available at main store) This lovely skin can be found at Designer Circle until August 4 and then look for it in the main store.

The eyes I have on are the lovely Reflections Eyes by Sn@tch. This includes unrigged mesh eyes as well as system eyes in 30 colors with hud and even an omega applier.

The great outfit I am wearing is the Fish 4 This - Love Yourself outfit by Sn@tch. This includes 23 pieces- 6 system tops, 6 mesh skirts, earrings, necklace, makeup (system and Omega applied) and hair +huds. All this can be yours for FREE with just a little bit of time fishing with your 7Seas fishing pole at the store. The fishing poles are also available in the kiosk at the store if you do not already own one.You can even purchase a fishing rod demo version for $1L first to make sure you enjoy it.

 Go Frock Yourself created some more fantastic nails for Slink and Belleza. The Sight Seeing Nail Appliers come with a texture hud of 10 textures with different popular destinations around the world pictured.

Something New created the wonderful prop with poses called the Book Store. This comes with the prop and 4 built in poses. 
The pictures were taken at Something New Photo Land 

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{Blog 258} Gravity

gravityJust floating into space!

What I am wearing & Pose:


Outfit: :::Sn@tch Digital Angel Suit {:::Sn@tch at Indie Teepee (7/21/17-8/6/2017)}

Sunglasses: [ContraptioN] Meltdown Shades {[ContraptioN] at Indie Teepee (7/21/17-8/6/2017)}

Boots: Blueberry – Fire Boots {Blueberry}

Glowsticks: InDTP Glowstick {Indie Teepee Gift at Indie Teepee (7/21/17-8/6/2017)}

Basics Info (Head, Skin, Body & Hairbases-RARELY CHANGED)

Pose: //elephante poses// The Galaxy (1 out of 6 poses & background included)  {//elephante poses// at Indie Teepee (7/21/17-8/6/2017)}

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